Longboards are a type of skateboard that are designed for a more stable and comfortable ride. They are typically longer and wider than traditional skateboards, and are suitable for a variety of purposes such as cruising, commuting, and long-distance riding. There are many different types of longboards available, each with its own unique features and intended use.

Some common types of longboards include cruiser longboards, downhill longboards, freeride longboards, and dance longboards. Cruiser longboards are designed for leisurely riding and commuting, and have a relaxed, upright riding position.

Downhill longboards are built for high-speed riding on steep terrain, and have a low, crouched riding position for added stability. Freeride longboards are versatile boards that can be used for both tricks and downhill riding. Dance longboards, also known as carving longboards, are designed for graceful, flowing movements and are often used in longboard dancing.

Just imagine that you have this tremendous deep burning passion in you. You are pretty sure that this hobby is one of the main activities that can make a dull day count. It can do away with a bulk of stress and much more to keep your body healthy, fit and lively. You are well aware of the activity that will be perfect for the leisure time and much more to be your professional. Over sudden, here comes a blinding block; you are not aware of the sound equipment to purchase. Such a predicament is enough to put off the fire burning in you. Is that not deadly? Sure it is. Perfect! That is what brings this article into the light.

Are you a skater or planning to join skating? Are you wondering about the best longboard to purchase? If so, here is the perfect guideline. This article comes after intensive research. It discusses the factors that you should consider when purchasing different types of longboards. More so, it highlights different types of longboards and their uses.  It is a comprehensive manual that will enable you to get the perfect longboard according to the nature of the terrain, you are like and the level of your expertise. Keep reading to take your hobby and professional in riding or cruising to a whole new level.

Factors That You Consider When Purchasing A Longboard

There are several factors that you should put in c0nsideration when purchasing a longboard. It includes durability, cost, level of expertise and much more. However, this section outlays the common factors that you should consider when purchasing a longboard

  • The shape of the longboard: The shape of the longboard is an excellent determinant of the longboard features. Some shapes such as blunt shape are not fit for fast riding while the twin shape is fit for fast riding.
  • Topography: It is an essential factor to put into consideration when purchasing a longboard. Some of the longboards are professionally-fashioned to negotiate sharp corners, ride down a hill or ride up a mountain.
  • Level of expertise: For beginners, they should consider purchasing the safest longboards. Such longboards should have a lower base for stability. Also, the nose and the tail should be broad. Nevertheless, professionals should consider their desire to get the best longboards.

Types Of Longboard And Their Uses

Different Types Of Longboards
Boy with Different Types Of Longboards

What are the different types of longboards? That is a question that has earned the cruisers, raisers and travelers sleepless nights. Unfortunately, this question has been left unanswered for decades. If you were almost losing hope, consider this has a solution to soaring high in skating. This section highlights the different types of longboards and their uses. It gives all the vital details that will help you when choosing the right longboard.

Why do I say the right longboard? Do wrong longboards do exist? Definitely, wrong longboards do not exist. However, if you choose a longboard without considering the above factors, it may be a deadly longboard. Hence ensure that you have a virtual image of the longboard that you require before making a purchase. The virtual image should consist of all the vital features incorporated in a very professional way. Best of luck as you get the tool that will pave a way in your talent.

1. Carving Longboards

Do you yearn to learn the act of carving using a longboard? If your answer is yes, carving longboards will enable you to have a great mastery of this skill. Carving longboards are skillful-fashioned to offer a smooth riding experience.

2. Cruising Longboards

This type of longboard is perfect for crowded areas or urban riding. Their construction has a great mastery to ensure that you can easily maneuver among the crowds without causing any chaos. Cruising longboards are also perfect for kids for they offer maximum balance.

3. Bamboo Longboards

Bamboo longboards are super light hence very fine for camping or picnics. Their construction is very elegant; therefore, they do not only ensure your balance but also very exquisite.

4. Downhill Longboards

These longboards are made of the finest materials to survive harshest conditions. Hence these longboards are very fit for riding down the hill. Their construction enables them to maneuver at fast speeds safely. Among the many different types of longboards, downhill longboards are more stable and very secure.

Classification Of Longboards According To The Shapes

1. Speed Board Longboards

Speed board longboards are thoughtfully-designed for professionals. It is a perfect choice for the faster riders. This type of longboard is professionally-crafted to offer optimum stability. Hence they are secure from any possible accidents that are a result of fast riding. If you consider riding at a higher speed, then speed board skateboards will be perfect for you.

2. Dropdown Longboards

Construction of drop-down longboards mainly centers on the stability of the rider. Therefore they have a lower deck that aims at lowering the center of gravity. Hence, these longboards offer the maximum perfect balance. Are you still asking which the ideal types of skateboard longboard for beginners? If yes, drop-down longboard will do you much good due to their enhanced stability.

3. Twin Longboards

Are you a fun of freestyle riding? Are you wondering about the longboard types that will allow you to learn a new style? If there was a nod in the recent past, then consider purchasing the twin longboards. The invention of this longboard was after a significant problem to the freestyle cruisers. This type of longboards has an extensive base for stability. They also allow multi-directional longboarding hence a very versatile longboard.

4. Blunt Longboard

Recent research shows that the amateurs in longboarding have a rough time. That has left a lot of people with the fear of using the longboards. The invention of the blunt longboards was as a result of such problems. It has a blunt nose and tails that increases its stability. Thus, beginners get sufficient time to learn the basics of a longboard. However, these longboards do not have sufficient clearance hence not suitable for sharp corners. If you were wondering about the longboard types that will give you ample learning time, a blunt longboard is at your disposal.

5. Mini Cruiser Longboard

Mini cruiser longboard is designed for professionals in longboarding. They have a narrow nose and tail to negotiate the sharp corners safely. Also, this type of longboards incorporates a high level of stability hence very secure for fast riding. Mini cruiser.

6. Cut Out Longboard

This type of longboard is the best for freestyle riding, downhill, and also fast riding. They have skillful crafting with a lower design to increase stability. They have the most maximum clearance hence recommendable for bi-directional longboarding. They have the drop-through trucks thus fit for fast speed and negotiating the sharp corners.

7. Pintail Longboard

Pintail longboards are the most common types of longboards. They have a sharp nose to negotiate the sharp corners. Also, they are fit for both slow and fast riding. The wheels are carved out. Hence they are not at risk of wheel biting. Consequently, their wheels last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, there are highlights of the frequently asked questions. Moreover, step further, well-detailed answers to these questions are available. Read on to learn more.

  • What type of longboard is best for downhill

Cruising or riding down a hill is very risky; hence you should consider several precautions. One of them is choosing the right longboard. While going down the hill purchase the downhill longboard. It is a type of longboard that has a lower base and very narrow nose and tail. Also, the speed board longboard is expert-constructed to facilitate fast speeds; hence can be the right choice for downhill riding. Read on types of longboards and their uses to get more longboards for downhill.

  • What type of longboard is best for beginners

If you are a beginner, you should purchase a longboard that will give you ample time to learn the longboard basics. Among the endless list that you can choose from is a blunt longboard. Blunt longboard has a wide nose and tail to ride at a medium speed. There are several other l0ngboards that you can purchase, but ensure that you consult the seller before making the purchase.

  • Which longboards are best for cruising

I can’t count how many times I tried to learn to cruise but failed terribly. Why was it so? The answer is simple. I was using the wrong longboard. Thus I understand the essence of this question. Cruising longboards are very fine for learning to cruise. Nevertheless, you are not limited to this choice. You can consider other longboards that allow fast speed.


Choosing the perfect longboard comes after learning the different types of skateboards longboards.  Construction of longboards aims at meeting specific user requirements. The user requirements regarding the longboards include fast speed riders, beginners, professionals, and many more. Thus, you should be clear on the type of longboard that you need. Out of the significant number of people who have been asking “what are different types of longboard,” this article comes in. It discusses the various longboards that are available in the market. Also, it clears out on the critical factors that you should put into consideration to get the ideal skateboard.

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