Quest is a well-established longboard brand name in the sports industry. Notably, they have a great reputation for the broad array of best longboards. These riding items are particularly designed for experts and novices. Among other quality products, one of the amazing inventions from their manufacturing lineup is the Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard. Yet the board is packed with fine features that you will undeniably love.

To demonstrate the post, we highly recommend you purchase the board. First of all, it is quite affordable. However, Quest Rorshack one might not serve you the same faster speed as the expensive options. But, we mentioned above that you do not need to spend a lot on this. In terms of long basis thinking, this item is budget worthy. Today’s short review is all about the product. Let’s start the Quest Rorshack bamboo longboard skateboard review.

Specification Of Quest Rorshack

Model Quest Rorshack
Length 34 Inches
Deck Width 9 Inches
Deck Material Bamboo and maple wood
Wheels 70mm x 51mm, 80A (Polyurethane)
Trucks 6” aluminum trucks
Bearings ABEC 7 bearing
Age Range 13 and Up
Weight Limit 220 Pounds
Board Weight 7 Pounds
Price Check Latest Price

Key Features Of Quest Rorshack

  • Provide kicktail availability and hybrid deck.
  • Ply hardwood maple and bamboo built deck.
  • Durable wheels and lightweight aluminum trucks.
  • Have hollow risers and precision bearings.
  • Lightweight boards are great for extreme turns.

Quest Rorshack Longboard Skateboard Review At A Glance

Quest Rorshack hybrid longboard will be an option of a high standard for cruising every place. Alternatively, the beginner ridder can start learning very quickly with it. The combination of bamboo and maple was used for building the deck of the board. Indeed, a wise investment of a few bucks will provide an artistic view. Along with the hybrid deck, the builder company put together some standard parts.

For beginners, it is a viable longboard. Although, advanced riders may not find the board appropriate for them. But, the board is comparatively cheaper within a lower price range. The wheels provide riding versatility with greater control and accuracy. Besides, beautifully crafted design and kicktail help in taking a smooth turn. It provides excellent durability due to the sturdy aluminum trucks. Therefore, Quest Rorshack bamboo is a piece of unconventional beauty.

Quest Rorshack Features In Details

Quest Rorshack Deck

Quest Rorshack Deck

To start the Quest Rorshack bamboo longboard skateboard review, we will provide the main basic knowledge regarding it. Firstly, the bamboo deck has a measurement of 34 inches. Additionally, the bamboo is beautifully used with hardwood maple. The unique construction has many attractive benefits. It makes the deck lightweight. So, you can bring this longboard in the bag.

Moreover, they are quite durable with better rolling speed. Another stunning aspect of the Quest Rorshack bamboo longboard is the shape featuring a kicktail. All the board riding lovers like to kick the tails for fun. Surely, you will get magnificent maneuverability while moving the board. Without delay, let’s learn more about the Quest Rorshack bamboo longboard review below.

Quest Rorshack Wheels

Quest Rorshack Wheels

Quest Rorshack Bamboo longboard comes with distinctive wheels. They are also durable like the deck. These polyurethane wheels have a measurement of 65 mm. And, the diameter is quite smaller in comparison with many other board wheels. As a consequence, you can accelerate faster on the quest longboard. Hence, you will have durable wheels with the product.

Quest Rorshack Bearings

Many factors make a strong bearing. The quest longboard comes with bearings that have the measurements of 7 on the standard ABEC scale. Although, some riders may not like them. In this case, you can replace the bearings with some good ones. This will depend upon your personal preference and choice whether you need to change or keep it simple.

Quest Rorshack Busing & Trucks

The wide variety of bushings will be very complicated for you when considering many styles and factors on the market. Chiefly, two factors can determine how to differentiate them. You should mainly focus on the shape and the hardness. Moreover, this longboard features sturdy aluminum trucks. Eventually, bushings and trucks will provide you with a great ride.

The Good

    • Grip tape is very strong which keeps the feet on the board.
    • A good and cheaper option for beginners.
    • It has a hybrid bamboo with maple built deck.
    • Kicktail is available which provides easy manoeuvrability.
    • The users can slow down the riding very precisely.
    • Gives an aesthetic view for graphics deck work.

The Bad

    • The bearings and trucks might require changing.

Why Should You Purchase The Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard?

If you are searching for a cheap option, start with the Quest Rorshack bamboo longboard skateboard. This suitable one will provide the best features with a tight budget. The decks are built with ply hardwood maple and bamboo. The

aluminum trucks are quite strong and lightweight. Also, durable wheels and bearings can fulfil the immense pleasure of riding. So, pick up your one.

Is Quest a good longboard brand?

Quest longboards are very popular due to their inexpensive rate. You will get an extraordinary performance and stylish look. On Amazon, out of 5, most of their products have a marked 4.5-star rating. The shapes, features and style of the deck will provide great adventure on longboard riding.

Are bamboo longboards good?

The construction materials play the main vital role in providing accurate performance. In this sense, bamboo is a good construction material. Like the maple, it is less durable and more flexible. Also, bamboo is lighter. It grows all over the world in tropical areas. Longboards are swifter and more agile due to the use of bamboo.


In sum, this Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Review is an attempt to inform you about the unknown points of the product. We truly believe you have already decided to check out the availability. Click here to enjoy an inescapable deal for this. Thus, purchasing the hybrid board can bring you endless joy and happiness.

In general, it is a perfect product for beginner riders without the burden of spending on a pricey deck. Besides, intermediate riders must find it a fabulous choice. The board is specially designed so that you can cruise around. But, the Quest Rorshack bamboo longboard is equally impressive for tricking. With no hesitation, let’s grab the board and enjoy!

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