If you have been looking for a cruising scooter for your kids, you have probably seen a multitude of models with different shapes, sizes, and colors. How do you know which one to choose? Picking a scooter isn’t that difficult, but it has some delicacies. To help you with choosing a scooter for your kids, we have prepared Razor A5 Lux scooter review.

This highly-rated scooter is suitable for not only kids but adults as well. Apart from examining its features and pros & cons, we have prepared a little guide to help you visualize your perfect cruising kick scooter. Let’s get started with razor a5 lux review!

Specification Of Razor A5 Scooter

Model Razor A5
Color 4 Color Options
Handlebar Type Adjustable
Handle Height 33” Inches
Number Of Wheels 2
Wheels Material Polyurethane
Wheel Size 8 Inches (200 mm)
Frame Material Aluminum
Folding Mechanism Yes
Brake Style Rear Braking
Age Range 7+ Years
Weight Limit 220 lbs (100kg)
Deck Length 20.6”
Weight 8.38 lbs
Price Check Latest Price

Features Of Razor A5 Scooter:

Large Wheels

  • Razor A5 Lux comes with extra-large 200mm urethane wheels. Bigger wheels work better with bumps, cracks, and unevenness of the road, making A5 Lux quite good for cruising around. However, bigger wheels may take a little bit more effort to start rotating, meaning that A5 Lux doesn’t accelerate as quickly as models with small wheels.
  • You may think that the big wheels raise the deck quite a bit, but it is, in fact, positioned quite close to the ground, so you won’t waste any more energy kicking the ground than with other kick scooters. On the other hand, you probably won’t be able to install small wheels on this model.

Sturdy Frame

  • The frame of Razor A5 Lux is made from aluminum. It is sturdy enough to support up to 220lbs riders, so teens and some adults shouldn’t have any issues with riding this kick scooter.

Foldable design

  • A remarkable feature of Razor A5 Lux is its patented foldable design. Basically, you are able to easily fold A5 Lux in half for convenient storage and easy transport. Folding A5 Lux takes only a couple of seconds!

Retractable Kickstand

  • If you want to have a quick stop by a shop to get a drink or to just rest, you could simply use the retractable kickstand. Sometimes, engaging the kickstand is much quicker and more convenient than folding the whole scooter.

Adjustable Handlebars

  • Another nice feature making A5 Lux greatly suitable for both kids and adults is the adjustable handlebars. The handles feature foam grips for supreme comfort during your trips. Just set the handlebars to the required height, and you will be ready to go.

Rear Fender Brake

  • Razor A5 Lux has a patented rear fender brake system. The large surface of the brake makes it quite efficient, though we can’t say that rear foot-operated brakes are the most convenient units in the world.

Razor A5 Lux comes in three color schemes: red, pink, and blue. Razor A5 Lux scooter red isn’t exactly aggressive: only the wheels and the grip foams are actually red while the rest is silver. With Razor A5 Lux scooter pink and blue, some elements like the handlebar and the brake are silver while the rest is painted in the respective color. Each of the versions will be ideal for girls while for boys, the best choice would be either the red or the blue model.

The Plus Side

    • Big wheels for easy and comfortable cruising.
    • The lowly positioned deck makes kicking quite convenient.
    • The sturdy aluminum frame supports up to 220lbs.
    • Easy to store and carry thanks to the foldable design.
    • Retractable kickstand for shortstops.
    • Adjustable handlebar.
    • Easy to use rear fender brake with the large contact surface.
    • Comes in three color schemes.
    • The Minus Side
    • Not very suitable for adults.

The Minus Side

Who should buy Razor A5 Lux Scooter?

  • Razor A5 Lux is a cruising scooter for kids, though some adults could also easily ride around on it. A5 Lux would be ideal for those who are looking for a scooter for their 8+ years old children.
  • You should be mindful that A5 Lux is designed for cruising, not tricks. This is evident from a number of design choices like foldability, big wheels, and adjustable handlebars.
  • So if you want a stunt kick scooter for your kid, you should look for something else. Otherwise, A5 Lux will be a good choice for a cruising kick scooter. Also, check out the Razor A3 Scooter Clear.

Razor A5 Scooter Review: [Buying Guide]

  • For each type of kick scooter, you would have to look for varying sets of features. You can’t just read a buying guide on a stunt scooter and assume that it would apply to other types of kick scooters as well. There are some sophisticated as well as more general features that we are now going to introduce you to.

Big and soft wheelsrazor a5 lux scooter wheel

  • The wheel choice is maybe the most important thing you need to do. While some kick scooters come with the right set of wheels out of the box, you may need to look for other wheels in some cases.
  • For cruising kick scooters, the best choice would be to get bigger and softer wheels, though you probably shouldn’t go for the biggest and softest ones. The thing is that bigger wheels aren’t as affected by the bumps and the unevenness of the surface as small wheels.
  • On the other hand, big wheels accelerate slower, but they are faster once they get to the speed. As for the hardness, softer wheels work better with rough surfaces. Soft wheels offer better traction with the ground and also somewhat neutralize the impacts with bumps and other obstructions.
  • During prolonged cruising, this will be exceptionally important because uneasy ride could fatigue you quite significantly.

Height & Width of the Handlebarsrazor a5 lux scooter handelbar

  • Not all cruising kick scooters come with adjustable handlebars, though the majority of the scooters will have them. If you like a scooter that doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar height, you should check out its height to make sure that it suits you.
  • Another important characteristic of the handlebars is their width. You should go for the most balanced size that fits you perfectly. Neither too wide or overly narrow handlebars will do good for you.
  • Unfortunately, not all the manufacturers indicate the height and width of the handlebars in their product descriptions, including Razor in some cases. You will probably have to do some digging yourself to find out the exact numbers.

Deck Width & Lengthrazor a5 lux scooter deck

  • Another important feature of scooters is the length and width of the scooter’s deck. The right size will mainly depend on your shoe size, but you shouldn’t pick a scooter with a deck that precisely fits your shoe size. Instead, look for a scooter which’s deck has some room for your feet.
  • In this case, switching legs and controlling the scooter, in general, will be much easier: you won’t have to do aerial tricks to perform those actions. As with the handlebars, not all the manufacturers indicate the deck specifications on their product pages.

Adjustable handlebars

  • While not everyone will need to readjust the height of the handlebar, for some people, this feature may be crucial. Adjustable handlebars will be an absolute must-have if the scooter will be used by different people. Finding a cruising scooter with adjustable handlebars shouldn’t be difficult because most of them have such handlebars.


  • Virtually any modern scooter comes with some kind of brake mechanism. Manufacturers produce brakes in different shapes and sizes and from different materials. You probably shouldn’t dive much into them, but we advise you to avoid spring-operated brakes because the springs wear out sooner or later, making braking quite inconvenient and inefficient.


As our Razor A5 Lux scooter review showed, A5 Lux is a great model with no major downsides. It has some remarkable features making it particularly great for cruising, but it also is a nice kick scooter overall. If you found that A5 Lux isn’t for you, you could use the knowledge we provided you wish to look for the perfect cruising kick scooter. Just make sure to understand your needs, and you will surely find the scooter you are looking for!

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