While riding, you must have feared by thinking one term how dangerous is longboarding. Especially those who are fast riders and downhill riders, have to face dangerous situations very often. No matter if he or she is an expert or a beginner. So, you cannot let the fears go away about the dangerous situations of longboarding.

First of all, ignoring the accurate safety measures can cause those types of situations. Today, in this article, you are going to have a transparent conception about these types of circumstances with some dues. Therefore, stay with us and clear the vague conception and fear of the awkward situations of longboarding.

Riding On Longboards

Riding on anything can be dangerous. Riding a longboard is not an exception. If you research carefully, you will find out that even an expert rider has the fear of accidents. The first and foremost reason for it is nothing but ignoring the proper safety measures. Riding without wearing them can bring a great tremendous phenomenon to your life.

Moreover, the very brakes are your feet and hands. That is why if you have a prolonged runup or if the longboard is at a fast speed, then you can’t shut easily. And this will cause an accident. In this case, you have to bear the fact that you are in a longboard, not in a car.

Longboard Cruising

If you are gliding on a longboard that means you are cruising. To be honest, cruising is one kind of riding. Further, it means meandering. Of course, it is the most dangerous one if you are not a mentor in this case. Many of the riders face an awkward situation at the time of cruising.

Again, you have to be fit and alert to do cruising at the time of riding aboard. So, without having them, you will lose your balance on boards and this may cause a great injury. Hence, to avoid this situation, experts have said that wearing the safety measures is only one and smart idea.

Dancing On Longboards

Dancing is nothing but an art. But dancing on a longboard at the time of riding is too tough to practice. To say frankly, those who had already tried and finally mastered had to face a hard situation and were injured. Though it is an art, it takes effort and patience.

The dancing processes require the riders legs with great movement and flip kicks and many hard techniques. As a result, dancing is in the queue of the dangerous list. That is why those who want to master dancing with a longboard then have to be more careful with safety measures.

Long Distance Riding

Firstly, many of us mix it with cruising. But long-distance riding is different from cruising. When a rider uses his or her longboard for going to school, home, and so on, it means that he or she is doing long-distance riding. Though it is not as risky as cruising, it is not beyond risks.

Yes, you are right. Because there are no fixed risks in this case. But we know that there are no traffic rules for longboard riding, especially distance longboard riding. As a result, when it counters traffic and others then the risky matters come. Because where there are no rules, there are problems.

Downhill Longboarding

We are quite sure that you have seen a thing falling from above to ground. And while it is on the way to falling, it takes too much speed. To clarify, this thing is the same as downhill riding. From the top of a hill, riding a longboard towards the ground is called downhill riding. Of course, in this case, a board has too much speed to stop.

Therefore, downhill riding is a very risky matter. Also, it can cause a tremendous injury to a rider. In that case, a small error can harm you greatly. Again, because of having no emergency braking system, experts have found it a dangerous phenomenon. So, a rider should be very careful while downhill longboarding.


Above all, there is another challenging act named freeriding. Certainly, among the longboard risky acts, it is one of them with the high potentiality of risks. Though it looks like dancing, a rider has to do it with much drifting and turning at high speeds for this. However, freeride longboarding is comparatively less risky than downhill longboarding but not a term of avoiding.

That is to say, the freeriding process may cause a great injury such as losing equilibrium and tumbling off. In other words, it is suitable for experts and middle-level longboard riders. As this process requires a lot of practicing, for the new riders, we think it is risky enough.

The Injuries While Longboarding

Every procedure has some advantages and disadvantages. Even a longboard is not the exception in this case. Which is why it can cause many injuries. For example, fractures, head injuries, bleeding within the skull, lesions, and many other things. The injuries that occur from longboarding, skateboard riding, and biking are very serious often.

A survey has shown that almost 57.5% of the injuries occurring from longboarding and skateboarding are very serious. That is why we can easily say that longboarding is dangerous if you receive no safety measurements and alertness in your mind. Because cautiousness and these measures can save us from serious injuries.

Make Your Longboarding Safe

Well, all of the riders want to know this point quickly.  As longboarding is not safe enough with some risks, in this section, we are going to give you the solutions besides discussing how dangerous is longboarding. Firstly, ensure your safety measures and cautiousness. Also, learn how to manipulate the speed.

Then ensure your longboard safety gears such as helmet, elbow and knee pads, wrist, padded shorts, and others. Secondly, carefully look and manipulate the speed and double-check before longboarding. Finally, at the time of riding, keep an eye forward about holes, bricks, and uneven surfaces. Select a proper longboarding place where there will be no traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How safe is a longboard?

Answer: To say clearly, longboarding is safer than others but you can’t say that it is beyond any accidents or uneven situations. The safety is depending on you. Because if you carefully ride a longboard then it will bring no harm to you. On the other hand, if you ride incautiously then it will be the riskiest one.

Question: Why do pro longboard riders not wear helmets? 

Answer: The main reason for which a pro longboard rider doesn’t wear a helmet is he/she feels no comfort to wear it. Again, they think of themselves as the master of longboarding. But every rider, no matter if he/she is a pro or beginner, should take a helmet along with others. Because danger takes no time.

Final Verdict

Finally, you have known about the article about how dangerous is longboarding. To sum up, you have to bear in your mind one thing that longboarding is not beyond risks. Rather, it may cause serious injuries like head injury, leg and knee fractures, and so on. Moreover, you have also known that by maintaining some instructions with some safety measures, the uneven occurrences can be avoidable. The most important phenomenon is that you must have cautiousness and a perfect lookout at the time of longboarding.