Razor Power Rider 360 is an electric tricycle designed for kids aged around 8.

  • We will dig through the features and benefits of this sleek and stylish tricycle in this Razor Power Rider 360 Reviews article.
  • You will not fall in love at the first sight of this electric scooter because there is no chance for you. Rather you will resent your earlier birth as you must have missed such scooter in your childhood that could have put you in a blast far ahead of time.
  • Yes, the design, look, and composure of Razor Power Rider 360 are all new and innovative enough to fall prey to the temptation of presenting your kid on the next convenient occasion – Birthday or Christmas.

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Razor Power Rider 360 Specification:

Model Power Rider 360
Material Aluminum
Max Speed 9 mph (13 kmp)
Battery Life Up To 30 Min
Ages 8 And Up
Weight Limit 120 Pounds
Motor High-Torque, Chain-Driven
Throttle Push Button
Brake Front, Hand Operated
Frame Welded Steel
Handlebars MX-Style double crown design
Grips Soft Rubber
Front Wheel Hi-Impact pneumatic wheel
Real Wheels Dual Inclined caster wheel
Foot Pegs Folding
Battery 12V Sealed lead acid
Includes Battery Charger and flag
Weight 34.4 Pounds
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Razor Power Rider 360 Degree Electric Tricycle

Features and Benefits of Razor Power Rider 360:

Let us go in-depth about the features and the benefits thereof. A briefing on the main features and the upgraded designs will take you closer to this razor power scooter. Here you go on with a feature by feature analysis of this toy scooter.

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  • There will always be a clash between the break-neck speed your kids want to rush with and the safe pace you want the scooter provides. This is just the case with Razor Power Rider speed.
  • It runs at a max speed of 9mph. That much air-breaking speed will certainly give your young rider the exhilaration he wants to go through and you too can keep assured of the safety.
  • This is an in-between speed especially for kids of 8 years of age group.

Charge Time and Duration

  • The kids can run up to 40 minutes at the speed of 9 miles per hour means that they can make a round of the neighborhood at this meager period. And for running that duration, you have to charge the unit for 12 hours.
  • It is clear that there is no further racing a day and this is a decent duration and distance for any kid. But if your kid is on the upper end of the mentioned age group and cannot keep satisfied with the given runtime, there is no reason for a resentment.
  • You can opt for an additional power support to upgrade your battery to let your kid cruise around longer.


Sturdy Front Wheel

  • Razor Power Rider features a sturdy and high-impact pneumatic front wheel and two 360 degrees swivel rear wheels. Wheels on the ends serve their intended purposes.
  • A kid tricycle or scooter must have a sturdy and bigger diameter front wheel as it should remain ever-ready to run into stuff.
  • An overjoyed and exuberant kid will certainly be prone to head into bits and pieces that may cause the wheels decay and deformation.
  • Therefore, to withstand those types of abuse and overuse, the headwheel must be stronger and well protected.  Razor power scooter front wheel comes guarded by a premium grade plastic compartment to fight sudden stuff that the kids will put their adventure transport into.

360 Degree Rear Casters for Drifting and Spinning Fun

The rear wheels are the product of an intelligent engineering and experienced commercial approach to address the reported issues by the customers. Kids ride on a tricycle, kick-off electric scooter not to commute through rather it is a riding adventure to them.

So if they can drift or spin incredibly like a professional rider, their joys will know no bound. That is what Razor does by introducing 360-degree swivel wheels to the back part of their moto-style power tricycle. With those casters, they flip, spin, and drift safely and successfully. To ensure safety, the manufacturer has designed the back wheels smaller and lower to the ground for enhanced stability.

You can enjoy watching this short video to go through the fun drifting and spinning can give you lad.

Right-Hand throttle and Left Hand Brake

Press one of your right fingers on the throttle button and you are off. The great convenience offered by any electric tricycle is the automatic and intuitive control for the kids. Unlike a kickstart tricycle, it comes with a push button throttle to push start the razor electric scooter with just a press of a right-hand finger. Thus the starting has become easier and the hassle of breaking part is no more – toy instrument mostly feature fragile body parts.

The brakes rest with the left-hand handle that can be activated as per the speed level you kid riding on in the given time. The braking mechanism is an innovative one to halt your kid effectively and efficiently when needed. And it is featured with a v-indent clamping as the brakes form a v-shape clutch at the pushing of the handle. This will significantly decrease the breakage and will not grow less grippy over time.

Foldable Pegs acts as the Foot Pedal

Razor Power Tricycle bears foldable pegs on the front barf for your kids’ feet to rest on them. These are foldable pegs to unfold and rest your foot on when you’re mounting the tricycle and fold when you are not. Yes, they act as the foot pedals but without any pedaling activities.

Safety-reinforced Wheel Feature and Moto-style Design

The wheels and moto-style design are the safety features and they are designed to ensure the safety of the juvenile riders and the vehicle. The high-impact pneumatic front wheel, surrounded by a tough plastic compartment, offers safety both for the vehicle and the rider.

And the rear wheels add to the safety of the riders as they are attached to a moto-style double crown fork design lowering the rear wheels closer to the ground. The closer to the ground; the more stable and safer.


    • Able to drift and spin beside cycling
    • Welded steel frame adds to the durability
    • Moto-style dual crown fork design for stable riding
    • High-impact and high-power pneumatic front wheel
    • Double inclined rear casters for drifting and spinning fun
    • Hand control braking system
    • Chain driven motor
    • Folding pegs for resting the foot
    • Rubber Grips
    • 120 lbs of weight capacity
    • Push button throttle to go off instantly
    • Quick assembling


    • Twp pieces seat connected and this connecting point fails over time
    • Shorter run time of 40 minutes
    • Longer charge time of 12 hours

Best Razor Power Rider 360 Reviews: FAQ’s

  • What about the weight capacity, age group, and battery power?

Razor Power Rider is fit for the 8+ age group children and can move with 120 lbs of weight with ease. It features a sealed lead acid battery of 12V.

  • How long does the assembling take?

The assembling takes no longer than 20 minutes. So you can enjoy quick and easy assembling.

  • How good are Razor Electric Tricycles?

They are pretty good and they enjoy the greatest and widest support from the customer base primarily for their customer support and warranty statement. On top of that, they really manufacture and market the quality and high-performance scooters in the industry. And this Razor Power Rider Review is a witness to this claim.


The kids just love the Razor power Rider 360 as it is something more than merely an electric tricycle. They love it crazily for the drifting and spinning fun they can derive from riding on it. The 360-degree swivel casters should not scare the parents as you have already been aware of the fun-assuring side of it and the children cannot flip the scooter now.

To sum up, razor power rider 360 is a go-to electric tricycle for the kids craving to derive gliding fun. Moreover, the stylish and sleek look has added to its juvenile attraction.

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