Nowadays, we can see many people using hoverboards and electric scooters around the places in big cities. They are not toys for teenagers and kids anymore. Additionally, these vehicles can be used as urban transportation. Because they can properly support the body weight of an adult. As both of them provide various ways of facilities, hoverboards and electric scooters are a great topic.

However, it is really hard for many of us to choose which one to buy. Understanding the similarities and dissimilarities between them may seem confusing initially. Let’s have a good look into the discussion of hoverboard vs electric scooter.



Hoverboards are using the sensors to reach you to your destination. For functioning properly of these sensors, the rider requires to move weight slightly from one body part to the opposite directions. As the weight moves, sensors are alerted to change direction. You can store the hoverboards easily and conveniently like the underneath of any desk. If you want to go to the workplace using it, this will save your travel expenses. You don’t have to worry about finding a store place. The hoverboard performance is better than a scooter, in the comparative analysis.

Although we can bring a scooter to the rough areas, it will not be a preferable choice. For gravel and dirt roads or even grassy places, we will always recommend a hoverboard. Electric scooter might not be a better choice due to the possibility of failure. However, a hoverboard has some disadvantages too. It is costly equipment. Some hoverboards cost more than a thousand dollars. Moreover, it may depend on how many whistles and bells the user is searching for. Besides, another reason is producibility. Electric scooters can be produced on a large scale. Therefore, the price tag is reasonable. The mass production system is not applicable for the hoverboard.

Electric Scooters

electric scooter

Like the hoverboard, electric scooters are featured with two wheels. These wheels can smoothly approach the ground surface while maintaining much better balance than any hoverboard. All of this can happen because the equipment has handlebars that help in balance and steering.

In today’s article, we will figure out the similarities and dissimilarities between hoverboard vs electric scooter. An electric scooter has a greater speed compared with the hoverboard. To illustrate, a manual scooter with two wheels can reach around 20 KPH. Whereas, the hoverboard will go faster. Although, some manufacturers claim their electric scooter may go up to 40 KPH.

Nevertheless, this information can be true. Because the scooter features a handle. So, the users can choose the directions. Before purchasing, you should always check the claimed brand speeds. Generally, electric scooters can cover more distances than any hoverboards. Battery life and the stamina of a rider are the factors behind this. You require more energy for focusing on the balance of a hoverboard. On the other side, a scooter doesn’t require more energy. Also, some specific hoverboards are made for all kinds of terrain. It means they will be able to cover further ground than any scooter. If you want to perform stunts and tricks, a hoverboard will be perfect to buy. But, an electric scooter has a powerful engine to serve you in other ways.

Hoverboards & Electric Scooters:

  • Price: Hoverboards were expensive before 2015. But, the price was reduced quickly. And, there are different kinds of self-balancing electric scooters starting from 6.5inch, 8 to 8.5inch and also 10inch. You require around 150usd to 300usd for buying a quality hoverboard. On the opposite side, an. An electric scooter is more costly than a hoverboard. Generally, you have to spend almost 300usd or more to purchase a basic brand new model. Whereas, some brands may cost you more than thousands of USD.
  • Easy To Learn: For beginners to ride the hoverboard, you will always need some help to learn. Hoverboard sensor receives the human gravity’s change, you can maintain balancing perfectly. Besides, you will be able to change the direction at the time of body movements. On the other side, an electric scooter is safer to glide. Scooter is more stable than a hoverboard due to the front handle. Withholding it, you can easily learn how to drive the scooter efficiently.
  • Speed: Hoverboards have a maximum speed of 12km per hour. And, electric scooters reach about 25km per hour. If these gadgets are fully charged, a hoverboard can be able to accelerate faster than an electric scooter. Otherwise, the scooter is foldable for keeping a great balance. When a hoverboard exceeds the maximum speed, it starts beeping. Also, the step pad pushes the foot back. You should always consider it as a safety function for warning the riders about the high speed.
  • Portability: A hoverboard of 6.5inch can reach a weight of 12kgs. And, 10inch one weighs 14kgs. All brand new hoverboards have a carry bag at the time of purchasing it. Although, we may not bring it with us during the ride. Conversely, most electric scooters weigh about 15kg. They are portable gadgets available in the market. However, the weight is slightly heavier for the riders. With folding, you can hold the scooter at ease.
  • Flexibility: With sensor technology of balance and smaller size, you can get more amusement playing a hoverboard. For this device, it will be preferable to ride in a private area and park. You can chat with your friends when riding as it is mainly controlled by the foot. On the reverse side, an electric scooter requires driving with the whole body. You can never do anything except focus on the ride.

Final Thoughts

As for summing up, today’s post was all about hoverboard vs electric scooter, a brief but informative discussion. So, you can easily select the appropriate one for your travel companion. An electric scooter has a faster speed than the hoverboard. Besides, you can buy great scooters with an affordable budget.

In terms of comfortability and safety, an electric scooter is the best option. Although, a hoverboard is a preferable choice for dirt roads or grassy places. If you have enough budget, go for a hoverboard. Let’s choose accordingly!

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