If it is your first time to purchase a bike, the experience might be challenging. Buying high quality is not a walk in the park. To start with you should be aware of the type of bike that you require to avoid wastage of time. Also, being clear with the bike you require prevents you from any exploitation from the seller. But how will you know the bike that you need if you are not aware of the high-quality bikes that are in the market? That question might be a real thorn in the flesh. Consequently, this article comes to provide all the information that you require when purchasing a bike.

It consists of the swagtron swagcycle EB-5 review which is a good example of what professional-construction means when it comes to bikes. Also, if you are wondering about the factors that you should consider when purchasing a bike, then all your troubles will be sorted. It includes clear and precise details on the key aspects that you should regard when looking for a bike. Nevertheless, it provides answers to the frequently asked questions.

Specifications Of Swagcycle EB-5 Pro:

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Swagcycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight And Aluminum Folding Ebike

Electronically powered bikes are very recommendable due to their effortless operations. Also, most of the electronically powered bikes have very expert crafting that makes them very exceptional. If you have been looking for such a bike that will meet all your needs, the swagcycle EB-5 Pro lightweight and aluminum folding Ebike are already in the market. Let us briefly go through its outstanding features.

Autoguard Technology

A machine that uses the latest technology is a guarantee that all its operations will be very simple and safe. This bike from the swagtron brand incorporates auto guard technology; hence you can bring the bike to alt easily. This feature makes the motor disengage immediately after applying the brakes hence stopping the motion. In case of an obstacle on your way, while holding the throttle the motor disengages immediately to avoid causing terrible accidents. Therefore, it is a bike that keenly observes the safety of the rider.

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Cargo Rack For Transport

Cargo rack is very crucial, especially when riding in the urban. This bike has a foldable cargo rack that will be very handy when transporting your load. Also, it has a compact design. Thus, this bike is foldable to ensure that it takes less of your space while storing it. The pedals fold effortlessly while the stem bends its frame to reduce its surface area. It is an outstanding tool that is super stress-free while handling and operating.

Note: It is an electronically powered machine that incorporates auto guard technology. Consequently, the motor disengages immediately after you apply the brakes. It has a desk to place your cargo for transportation. Also, with the compact design, you will not face any problems while storing it.

Other Features

  • It has the height adjusting mechanism on the bicycle seat
  • The tires are air-filled to quickly disconnect the power lines
  • The bike frame is foldable
  • Very short charging time of approximately 4-5hrs
  • Pre-assembled bike

  • You do not face the complicated assembling of the bike
  • The motor disengages quickly for the safety of the riders
  • The stem bends into the frame to reduce the surface area while storing
  • It is a super-light machine for effortless handling
  • The weight adjusting mechanism makes it a versatile tool for every family member
  • It has enhanced tractions and very simple tire maintenance
  • The charging time is very short

  • The pedal is flimsy

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Bike (Buyers Guide)

Like any other item, there are key aspects that you cannot afford to overlook when purchasing a bike. Observing that will always ensure that you get a worth item with your hard-earned cash. The factors that you should regard while purchasing a bike are;


Bikes are known to be very expensive. However, with good research, you will get an affordable bike. Also, know that you will get what you are ready to pay. That means a very low price can be an indicator of a troublesome bike. Nevertheless, an expensive bike is not a full indicator of the perfect functionality of the bike. To be on the safe side, you should incorporate the quality of the bike when considering its price.

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The overall design if the bike is very important. With an inappropriate design, you might face a challenge when looking for a healthy sitting posture.  Ensure that the size of the bike is comfortable according to the size of the ride. Also, the design of the handlebars should help to reduce strains on the neck and shoulders.


If you are a long-distance rider, it is good to keep your wheels in good condition always. Nevertheless, even if you are a short distance rider, you cannot overlook the need for high-quality wheels. Thus any time when purchasing a bike ensures that the wheel tires are very strong.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What Is A Mountain Bike?

It is a common type of bike currently. The mountain bikes have knobby tires to rude in narrow dirt trails. They are highly rugged machines with very flat and wide handlebars to promote a healthy posture. They are common in urban areas.

  • What Is The Difference Between Road Bikes And The E-Bikes?

The road bikes have drop bars and very narrow tires to ride on the pavements. Commonly, this type of bikes is very lightweight.  While the e-bikes are electronically powered bikes with an electronic motor to help the rider. They have very simple operations and very safe.

  • What Can I Do To Avoid The Neck And The Shoulder Strains While I Am Riding?

Neck and shoulder strains are very common when it comes to bicycles. To prevent this, some manufacturers fit their bicycles with drop bar design. This design ensures a healthy posture while riding which consequently reduces the strains. Also, it is your duty as a rider to ensure that you have the right sitting position while riding. With that, you will be able to maintain the balance on the front and rear wheel and minimize the body strains.

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Final Verdict

In a nutshell, with this article, you will get the ultimate bike that meets all your expectations. The Swagcycle EB-5 pro lightweight and aluminum folding is a high-quality bike that has very thoughtful construction. It has a compact design that makes the storage quite easy. Also, it is a super light bike ensuring that the rider has full control over it. The crafting of this bike well describes durability. All its constructing materials are very strong to withstand all the tears and the wears.

Also, when purchasing a bike, there are several factors that you should put into consideration. A bike should have very handy brakes that are very timely and also precise in their functioning. Moreover, the design of the handlebars should be very convenient. They should promote a healthy riding posture by reducing strains on the neck and the shoulders. Also, correct answers are available for the frequently asked questions. Go through this article to know everything about bikes.