There are consumers in the personal transport market who are always looking for more speed, more power and more extreme. The Swagtron T6 is a promising product for those who want more.

Ever since the T6 was announced at CES 2017, it’s been creating a fuss. Followers and fans worldwide fell into its craze since this self-balancing cutting-edge board hit the streets. And for once again Swagtron didn’t fail to live up to its legacy. It comes with a range of new functionalities, features, and killer-tech under the hood.

But what makes T6 different from the T1, T3, and T4 is that you can ride this animal in all-terrain. It’s an all-terrain board we are talking about, meaning that the Swagtron T6 comes with can go anywhere feature while its siblings can only handle the smooth stuff. This off-road hoverboard is designed to handle hiking paths, dirt trails or beaches.

Today in our Swagtron T6 Review we will put light on the facts that can help you decide if this one is for you.

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Specification Of Swagtron T6 Hoverboard

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Swagtron T6 off-road Hoverboard Review


swagtron t6 hoverboard reviews

The T6 is made with ABS plastic and aluminum crate that provide a durable casing for its internal components. In addition to this reliable protection, Swagtron T6 comes with non-slippery paddles for secure grip. These paddles will provide you confident grip and comfort while you are off-road.

Safe Riding

Most boards of today are UL 2272-certified. This industry-standard test is required for the safety of the hoverboards. Boards with UL 2272-certificate pass and meet various electrical and safety tests, ensuring rider safety. Any board short of a UL 2272-certificate should not be ridden, as the boards without this certificate could explode and the battery can catch fire.

Since quality manufacturers are greatly producing UL 2272-certified boards, Swagtron, in their manufacturing and design for the total and complete safety of every rider, took a step further with their safety measures. From the Swagtron’s own website, they confirmed that they also meet several requirements like FCC, DOT, and ROhS. (Although personally, I don’t know what this means, it sure sounds impressive.)

Speaking of impressive, T6 is rated IPX4, meaning its dustproof and watersplash proof. (“watersplash-proof” does not, in any way mean its waterproof.) So you can cruise through puddles of dust and water safely, without hassles.

The Swagtron T6 also has Sentry Shield multi-layered battery protection which is becoming a safety standard. So for the peace of mind, this model comes with much safety.


Swagtron T6 feature that really separates it from other boards is its tire size. It has gigantic 10” inflatable rubber tires which are mounted on aluminum rims. These dual tubeless, nylon-infused, and air-filled tires provide stability and absorption for added comfort irrespective of how uneven the terrain is. The rugged thread pattern of these tires also offers incomparable traction so you can always have the control. With these tires, be at ease even when you ride over rocks, hills, and other obstacles along the path.


At the time of its release, it came with dual 300W motors, in total 600W. It was one of the few hoverboards that came with such motors size, which gave the Swagtron the amount of power that any hoverboard fan would like to have. However, since then it has become almost the industry standard to have 300W sized motors.


That said, this board is right up there with the speedy boards on the market with its 12mph speed limit. It is fast enough compared to most. And with a single full charge, you can ride it about 12 miles, depending on the way you handle it along the road.

Swagtron App

There is no denying how sleek and smooth this model looks. The price tag might seem surprising to you when you hear that this device comes equipped with Bluetooth. And you can control various features with the app.

As for the app, all you need to do is download the the Swagtron app on the App or Google Play Store and you are all set to go. With the app, you can turn your mobile phone into a fully-functional travel computer, which makes the Swagtron T6 an even more enjoyable experience.

From the app you can monitor the power level of the battery, the speed of the board, and how much distance you have traveled so far.

LED lighting

Initially, a great number of people of the hoverboard world worried about the visibility of hoverboard riders at night. Most manufacturers addressed this night’s visibility concern by installing LED lights on their devices. The Swagtron T6 also comes equipped with flashing LED lights that can emit light up to 6.5 feet in both ways. Which is amazing by comparison because not every board comes with lights at both sides.

Weight Capacity

The Swagtron T6 carrying capability is another thing to be amazed about. While most boards carry 220lbs, the T6 has the capability to carry double that weight. This model has an impressive weight capability of up to 420lbs, which is way more than any of its closest rivals.

Built-in carrying handle

It also has a built-in carrying handle strap. So you can easily carry it while not riding unless carrying 32 pounds is tough for you. On the plus side, if you carry it, you can have a small amount of workout done. And who doesn’t like to have better-looking muscles, right?

Speaking of heavy things, the price of Swagtron T6 might seem heavy. Its price is considerably high compared to other self-balancing scooters.

But by being an off-road, all-terrain board, this board really pays off its high price. This means you can ride it over uneven surfaces like your backyard or a grassy uneven field and also through environmental debris such as pebble, sand, and dirt, and even up little grassy hills as long as the road is not steeper than 30 degrees.

Pros of Swagtron T6

  • Its capabilities make the riding very comfortable
  • Impressive carrying capacity of up to 400lbs
  • Better top speed than most of its competitors
  • Suitable for riders of all sizes and shape
  • Sturdy construction
  • High-quality performance
  • Admirable 12-mile range
  • Notable performance across all terrains
  • Swift recharge time
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Adjustable setting depending on the experience of the rider
Cons of Swagtron T6

  • Not totally waterproof
  • A bit pricey compared to other models.

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Even though the T6 asks for a premium price, it comes with both quality construction and materials. Once you step on it you will feel the price paying off. The Swagtron T6 10-inch tires really take it into a league of its own. But the fact that it’s not fully waterproof is a shame.

All in all, even with some tiny faults, the Swagtron T6 lives up to its expectations. We hope you find all the answers for your purchase of this excellent device in our Swagtron t6 hoverboard review.

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