In general, longboarding is more popular among the masses of people. They are supremely stable with more durability. Also, you will get additional traction due to the bigger wheel and lower durometers. But, getting into a deeper analysis of longboarding is quite hard for any beginners. Even selecting top mount or drop through longboard is considerably confusing for the riders.

Top mount longboard trucks are bolted below the deck. On the contrary, drop through longboards have their trucks mounted through their deck. Also, cutout holes are accommodating the board trucks. To remove the dilemma and hesitation of truck style, today we will bring this amazing article. Lets have an insider look into top mount vs drop through longboard trucks.

Top Mount Longboard Trucks

As we said, the top mount has their trucks mounted below the board in the direct position. Hence, the longboards are more responsive and manoeuvrable for inputting the riding. Moreover, the mounting position puts maximum body weight on the board trucks. Therefore, they turn smoothly and sharply. Apart from this, you will get a good grip on the longboard wheel.

These fabulous features make the top mounts perfect for racing boards. You will be able to use them where they require a lot of turning. Additionally, they can work like cruiser boards. Top mount trucks will give you a soft surfy feeling on the movements. However, the riding height of top mounts has few drawbacks.

They are less stable at the shape with high speeds. As a consequence, the boards tend to wheel bite. For a beginner, our recommendation is to grab the trucks for cruising. Although downhill longboarding is an advanced stage. Of course, the riders may avoid performing it. Nevertheless, the setup is most grippy while maximum response gets from the trucks.


A top mount has a design in which the trucks are bolted underneath the deck. In effect, you can put your weight and foot directly over the front side of the truck. This provides you additional leverage over top mount trucks. Henceforth, it results in greater and faster responsiveness and tighter turns. They were taken apart quite faster compared to the drop through longboard trucks.


The trucks are hooked below the deck. Riders find longboarding less stable.

Drop Through Longboard Trucks

The drop-through longboards are having the cut out in where their baseplate is situated on the board top. Whereas the rest portion of the trucks is fitted through underneath. Eventually, this will reduce the gravity centre. Therefore, you can feel the drop through the longboard easier and stable to footbrake and push.

However, the board trucks will not react much to their input. Furthermore, these longboards are great for carving and cruising. Indeed, drop through trucks are extremely useful for making slides. Especially beginners find themselves on a high standard comfort level to drive the trucks. Most amazingly, decks have cutouts to ensure limitless wheel clearance.

Ultimately, there will be no chances of wheel bite. However, they might feel quite drifty. In like manner, the trucks don’t carve efficiently. We will recommend the longboard to beginners. Because they can perfectly learn how to perform sliding. These comfortable cruisers are super stable at high speed. But remember, drop through boards are closer to the surface.


Trucks of drop through are mounted directly through the board deck. The baseplate is situated above. Also, the hanger is located below it. Apart from this, decks are lower to the surface. In effect, the trucks are supremely stable at higher speeds. Plus, fluctuation is not an issue for beginners. They are extremely easy to push. Besides, the trucks provide maximum stability at foot braking.


On the drop-through, feet are not seated steadily over the trucks. It gives less leverage.

Top Mount Vs Drop Through Longboard Trucks

Top Mount Vs Drop Through For Cruising

Some riders are preferring to use the top mount trucks to get greater responsiveness. Also, faster turning is possibly achievable for cruising. The most exciting fact is about the features. The board is particularly turnable in the tighter spaces. Even crowded sidewalks are also helpful.

On the other side, we have the drop through longboard trucks. With this, many riders like to perform slow cruising. Because they provide easy pushing and comfortable rides. The deck is sitting adjacent to the surface. As a result, this will enhance the overall stability.

Top Mount Vs Drop Through For Commuting

All of the riders are concerned about the facilities of longboarding. To do distance pushing and commuting, top mount trucks might not be suitable. If you push for hours, you will get tired rapidly. Because your foot needs to reach much faster towards the lower portion of the ground.

In contrast, drop through trucks are very light to push for having the low ride. Without excessive effort, long distance commuting can be done precisely. Often, they are bulkier than the top mounts. Therefore, you can use the longboard to commute daily.

Top Mount Vs Drop Through For Freeriding

Both trucks work nicely for freeriding. Although, your selection depends on your personal preferences and style. For instance, some free-riders consider top mount ones more satisfying. As they deliver high responsiveness to turn and lean. They find sliding is smoother by placing the weight directly on the trucks.

Reversely, other riders prefer the drop through trucks for freeriding due to stability at top speed. Usually, they come with a longer wheelbase. The bigger wheel cutouts also give great clearance for any tight carves. Thus, the trucks are good for controlling descent riding.

Top Mount Vs Drop Through For Downhilling

Downhill longboarders prefer the top mount longboards because the trucks turn better. Mostly, you have to stand directly on them. Of course, it impacts your movements by allowing a responsive feeling. Top mount boards have flared wheels. This is the main reason for great downhill riding.

Similarly, the top mount board trucks have a perfect design to allow them to be quite unstable at the speed of downhill. On the flip side, drop through longboard trucks are very useful for many kinds of riding. Most downhill riders agree that the drop throughs are not preferable for downhill.

Wrapping Up

Top mount vs drop through longboard trucks-it is an endless discussion. But, we have already described much enough and provided brief information. Picking up one is not an easy task. Confusion is a very normal thing to appear. Nevertheless, we are recommending you select the right trucks intellectually. Beginners should pick up the top mount trucks initially.

As time goes and you gain enough experience and sufficient skill, the next option would be to drop through longboard trucks. We hope you have a great time with the post. Happy riding!

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