Nepal is an awesome place to visit. From the scenic passage from Bandipur to Kathmandu, you will have a whole lot of awesome activities to keep your mind engaged. You could take lots of photos, dropping for drinks, and more importantly take a tour of the famous motorcycle or scooter rides.

The last time I was down here, I had intended to take some time at the fun-filled Tandem Paragliding in Pokhara. Even so, my mind wasn’t quite for a scooter riding experience. However, after one of the longest treks on the Annapurna Range, we suddenly noticed a motorcycling camp that offered to ride lessons and also scooters for hire.

With the zeal of adventure kicking once again, we had to try our hand on the scooter rides. It’s a good thing I have ridden the scooter for the better part of my life.

So I prepared a simple guide. Here is exactly what you have to know first before going scooter riding in Nepal.

Before You Begin

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First and foremost you’ll require a valid driver’s license. Don’t worry though. It doesn’t have to be an international license or even a motorcycle license. Even with your regular license, you will be good to go.

The reason for this is simple. For starters, the law requires you to have a license when riding a scooter. Next police checkpoints are rampant and in case they get you without a license they will have you fined.

More importantly, just like having no motor insurance, riding a scooter without a license in Nepal will put you in so much trouble with legal lawsuits in case you get involved in a road accident any day.


If you are a tourist, before you also jump in for a ride, it will be very important to have travel insurance in place. Make sure your insurance covers emergency medical needs in case it occurs that get involved in a road accident too.

Safety Gear

The law also prohibits anyone to ride on a scooter without the necessary safety gear. High-quality safety gears especially helmets are hard to get around here. So it will be very important that you get one early if you plan on riding.

A riding jacket will also be a cool option. The good news is, quite a number of companies that train people on or hire out scooters down here will also provide well-fitting high-quality riding gears for you. But you can never be sure.

How To Get A Scooter In Nepal

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I believe that if I told you how I Pick My Scooters you might just get lost along the way. So I will keep you on the simple path for now.

Bring One with You

In case you are coming from another country to spend a vacation or visit a loved one in Nepal, you could bring your scooter with you.

I have often met guys who brought their scooters from India in the many times that I have been there. It is quite a common practice really and many people often buy their bikes in India and take a ride through to Nepal and sell it.

If you plan on following this channel, it is important to get in touch with the department concerned and get the requirements. Some of these requirements include keeping the scooter in Nepal for up to 3 months and paying a “road tax” fee upfront for the duration that you’ll have your scooter around.

Buy One in Nepal

You can buy your scooter in Nepal. However, it is quite expensive than buying it in India and thus you’ll have to contend with the high prices due to the importation tax. But here is the best part, if you buy in Nepal you can get a legal registration and thus you can take your scooter back with you.

Rent – Easiest Way

Personally, whenever I Pick My Scooter in Nepal, I am always renting really! My favorite renter gives me a good discount. Scooter and bike rental shops are a common sight in Nepal and more specifically around the lakeside areas of Pokhara.

It will be very important that you take your time to find a reliable and ideally quite a trustworthy rental shop to go with too. I have often heard stories of people who were forced to pay hefty fees for minor damages on the scooter and I wouldn’t want you to be the next victim. So here I what you must do:-

  • Inspect your bike thoroughly before renting
  • Highlight every pre-existing damages on the scooter
  • Take a picture of the scooter you are renting if possible
  • Get into a legal contract as you will leave your passport as the deposit

Where Scooters Are Famous

There are quite a number of places in Nepal where scooter rides are famous. They include the following:-

  • Annapurna Range
  • Kathmandu
  • Bandipur
  • Durme
  • Pokhara

NOTE: Going around Pokhara right from Bandipur will take lesser time of about three hours. It also has fewer stops. The scenic beauty is unmatched and there are quite a number of routes that you can use too.

My favorite route was Bandipur to Durme, and then back to Pokhara. However, if you expect to be flocked by villagers and children who want to meet a new face, going through Damauli or Ramkot will be cool.

Must Visit Places in Nepal

There are quite a number of places that you may want to visit once you arrive in Nepal such as these:-

  • Tandem Paragliding in Pokhara
  • One day valley sightseeing Tour in Kathmandu
  • Trek from Pokhara to Poon Hill (8-day adventure).
  • Birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini

NOTE: Buddha’s birthplace is a huge tourist attraction. To get there you can start from Tansen, and make your way to Butwal where you will contend with another 36 kilometers to Lumbini. Once here you can head to the Maya Devi Temple. This is where Buddha was born and you can see the Ashoka Pillar and also the Holy Pond. It is an easy route; so don’t worry, you won’t get lost.


The type of scooter that you pick in Nepal is absolutely up to you, your needs, and your budget. However, if you plan on visiting only the surrounding places that you will be spending time in a small 100 to 180 cc scooter will be ideal.

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