Riding on the plain street with a longboard is fun. In the world of boarding, a rider’s performance level will depend on some equipment. Grabbing the correct truck is vital for a smooth ride. When you want to improve your skills with a longboard, undoubtedly the best truck can work for you. It increases your maneuverability. Besides, you can make smooth turns. All of these things would be possible if you have a good longboard truck.

For showing great skills on the riding, you need to know about types of longboard trucks. Mainly, there are two kinds of trucks available on the market. While selecting between them, firstly you should think about the budget for longboarding. In case you are confused about which truck would be best for your board, then today’s post will tell the answer. Let’s start.

Main Types Of Longboard Trucks

There are two types of longboard trucks available.

  • Reverse Kingpin Longboard Truck
  • Traditional Kingpin Longboard Truck

1. Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks

In this type, the kingpin is situated on the reverse portion of the axle. For the opposite side of the location, it is called the reverse kingpin truck. Because of the structure, they allow easy carving and turning. Besides, you can previously do freestyle longboarding with it. Reverse kingpin trucks also allow cruising around anywhere.

However, free-riding reverse kingpins trucks have a strong base. You will find sufficient stability. More amazingly, facilities like diverse skating would be found on the board. You will have absolute fun riding.

2. Traditional Kingpin Longboard Trucks

Apart from the kingpin, traditional trucks have many parts like axle, bushing and hanger. But the key difference is about the axles. They do not face toward the opposite side. A careful look can tell more details about the truck position. They are taller in comparison with the reverse trucks. Traditional boards used for skateboarding.

Over time, modifications occur and they are fitted into longboards. You can perform tech or park sliding with them. The trucks are safe for newbies.

Benefits Of The Trucks

  • Flexibility: While riding, properly adjusted and installed longboard trucks will provide the rider with an additional range of flexibility. As the longboard moves easily from your left side to the right, it increases the  entire maneuverability,
  • Vibration Absorption: Good quality longboard trucks allow the rider to disseminate the vibrations from the surface. When the wheels take a turn, trucks can take away the vibrations. Thus, they will provide a smoother ride.
  • Control: Since the trucks are easily adjustable, they provide the board rider a greater ability to cruise and steer with fewer problems. Tighter trucks are perfect for making tighter turns with precise control.
  • Wheel Stability: The truck portion which connects with the wheels plays a unique role in the overall riding. Loose wheels may bring risks on the ride. Moreover, tightly affixed wheels provide a smoother experience.
  • Customization: Regardless, what type of longboard truck a rider wants, it will allow them to contour the structure of the wheel. With some additions, you will be able to equip the board for a long cruise in any riding direction.

Price Of The Trucks

  • Under 30 Bucks: Certainly, you can get some longboard trucks with this price range. For selecting quality boards, you should be cautious. Otherwise, you might buy a cheaper but non-effective one. Buy Longboard Trucks Under $30
  • 30 Bucks And Up: You should know that most longboard trucks are available within this category. Mostly, the price tag belongs to around 50 bucks for a pair of longboard trucks along with installation hardware. Buy From Amazon

Key Features Of The Trucks

longboard trucks

  • BUSHINGS: Bushing is the component that represents the two parts of polymer for the doughnut-like structure at the kingpin center. It goes through the middle of the truck. The polyurethane hardness dictates how your board rides. Besides, you can tighten or loosen the bushing. This feature is very essential. Since the bushing determines the truck riding.
  • AXLE: The axle is a portion of your truck which is attached to the wheels. Approximately, this component should be the same width as your longboard. Moreover, it must belong within the range. Also, prominent axles add stability. They require additional angular force for turning smoothly. Besides, smaller axles limit the stability while increasing responsiveness.
  • BASEPLATE: The baseplate sits at the board angle which connects your deck with the truck. And, it consists of a  flat metal piece. This part is anchored to the longboard through some screws. While depending on the baseplate angle, the board trucks can work efficiently for making sharp turns. Even, it makes the cruising velocities rapidly. Angle accuracy provides better truck absorbing force.
  • HANGER: It is the most prominent portion of longboard trucks. And, the axle rod is going directly into it. You can simply spot the hanger by looking at the T-style like structure that is connected with the axle. In terms of the quality measurements of the board, the hanger is a vital component. Some manufacturers measure it in millimeters. Indeed, the hanger maintains the structural integrity of your trucks.

Other Considerations Of The Trucks

Size: Apart from the features of the essential truck, you should consider finding other specifications. Look at the width measurement of your longboard’s deck. This can give you an approximate idea of the size you want. While experienced riders prefer the narrow trucks. However, this newer activity can be benefited from the wider axles.

Material: If we talk about the build materials, firstly the types are noticeable. While some materials parts may be standardized such as polyurethane bushings. But, others have various options. The basic idea is balancing the lightweight trucks. Aluminum alloy is a very good metal. It provides resistance to rust. Plus, the metal is lightweight. So, this type of metal is ideal for avoiding damage.

Weight Threshold: Your longboard trucks have to support the entire body weight. Some riders plan to do board jumps. For avoiding structural damage, you should consider the truck’s weight threshold seriously. Certainly, good build materials enhance the overall board quality. With a wide selection of the best model, you can ensure the longboard truck’s longevity. Surviving the force of a rough landing is very sensitive.

Maintenance: Every sport item requires some kind of maintenance. But, the trucks will not take too much time to be maintained correctly. The main aim is to take care of the materials which tend to rust. So that, you can limit the chances of wear and tear. Well-designed boards may not function effectively from intensive use. Additionally, you need to adjust and wash the trucks.

Bottom Line

Types of longboard trucks and other points are outlined in this informative article. Mainly, two types of trucks are available for you. Reverse kingpins may not be an easy board to handle. Gradually, you will be able to master the craft through regular practice. However, reverse kingpin longboard trucks are hard to control. But, traditional kingpin boards are ideal for controlling. To keep them stable, you have to struggle a lot. Anyway, let’s have an amazing ride!

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