Skateboarding is the most exciting sporting activity. As a skateboard lover, how happy you will be if you have the best review? Of course, you have come on the right platform. Nowadays, skateboard riding has become one of the greatest hobbies and entertainments. That’s why the demand for this product is increasing day by day.

Before purchasing a new one, you should get a crystal clear idea on the point. So, today, we are going to give you the best WhiteFang complete skateboards review. Moreover, you will know about its special features, pros, and cons. In short, you will get all the information that you need to buy or enrich your knowledge about it. Are you ready to have the best review? Let’s start.

Specifications Of WhiteFang Skateboard

Model WhiteFang Skateboard
Length 31.75 Inches
Deck Width 7.8 Inches
Deck Material Aluminum, Maple
Wheels 52mm Polyurethane Wheels, 95A
Trucks 5″ Magnesium Alloy Truck
Bearings ABEC-9 Bearing
Weight Limit 330 Pounds
Board Weight 4.5 Pounds
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Key Features

  • 7-layer Canadian maple-built deck.
  • 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks.
  • Super smooth and rebound PU wheels.
  • ABEC-9 precision of bearings and 95A bushing.
  • Have the thermal transfer printing process.

    • Greater print durability.
    • Time-saving skateboard.
    • Fit for commuting with quick response.
    • Smart design and attractiveness.
    • Removes the hassle of assembling.
    • Design for beginners and skilled.


    • The wood quality needs an improvement

Review At A Glance

First of all, the 31 x 7.88- and 7-Layer Canadian Maple double kick concave standard WhiteFang skateboard is very suitable for kids and beginners. If you are in a confusion with its material then you have a solution. Yes, this WhiteFang skateboard gives you an Aluminum and Maple body structure.

Also, this durable product ensures to load a maximum of 330 pounds with 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks. It has a super plane and high-rebound wheels as well as ABEC-9 precision bearings. These features, especially the wheel, will give you a quick response from the ground. To clarify, mastering new tricks, and mesmerizing graphic design have made it an all in all skateboard.

Review In Details


WhiteFang Skateboard bearings

The WhiteFang skateboard contains ABEC-9 precision bearings. Above all, it is one of the best features of this skateboard. Therefore, former riders have found some cons with pros. Though they found some negative sides, these are not as much as the positive sides. If you compare this product with our cost then this type of bearing is the best for you.


To clarify, we probably know that a good brand depicts a good product. In the life of skateboarding, the WhiteFang brand provides us with the best and quality product. In that case, this charming product will ensure your satisfaction. Those who want to have a quality and alluring skateboard then make sure that you have chosen this WhiteFang product.


WhiteFang Skateboard Deck

In short, this skateboard can bear 330 pounds. Again, it has a 7-layer and a Canadian maple deck. The length and width of this product are 31.75″×7.88″. Moreover, manufacturers have equipped it with 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks. Most importantly, riding, carrying the weight, and many things directly or indirectly depend on a skateboard’s deck. Thus, you will have a clear conception of a deck.


WhiteFang Skateboard Deck

Above all, for the graphic designs, this skateboard has reached the peak of popularity. So, the quality of its designs remains beyond dispute. Designers have decorated it with minimalist black & white graphic design. And, this product will ensure better printing stability. Because designers have used the thermal transfer printing process. Other boards don’t have such an eye-catching design like it.

Size And Weight

In a nutshell, it has the capacity of 330 pounds to load. And this feature is more mesmerizing than others. Finally, the medium dimension of it is 31.75″ (Length) X 7.88″ (Width). For its size and weight, anybody can ride it. And it doesn’t matter whether he/she is old enough or not. Truly, for children or adult starters, this is the only solution.


Are you a beginner? Or want to give your kids? Certainly, you are on the right platform. It is a bitter truth that an unsuitable skateboard can cause accidents. To be safe, you must find out its suitability. As the WhiteFang skateboard has a good capacity of weight, it can easily bear you or anything. So, this product has great suitability.


WhiteFang Skateboard Trucks

It is a very easy-to-operate and easy-to-start product because it has 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks. Though many users have complained that it comes with loose trucks, you can easily tighten these trucks. At the time of purchasing a skateboard, you should notify the trucks of it. Because trucks are the only measurement that helps to be reliable for fresher and Skilled.


Because of having a pivotal part of a board, the wheels of it should be impressive. Wholly, designers have given it 52mm, 95A high rebound PU wheels. And these wheels ensure you a smooth and quiet run. Also, by reading this WhiteFang complete skateboards review, you have known its suitability. For commuting, pooling, skate parking, and ramping, these types of wheels will give you the best services.

Why should you buy the WhiteFang Skateboard?

WhiteFang Skateboard

Are you looking for a budget-friendly skateboard? If you are searching for such a skateboard then this is the only product that you must buy. Also, for children, you can purchase it. Exclusive graphic designs, durability, and loading capacity are the notable features that make this product worthy of buying.

Furthermore, it will help you greatly to remove the hassle of assembling. Again, fit for the community, quick response, and especially the time-saving forms are some of the special features.

If you buy this product then you won’t fall into a dilemma. Certainly, after having this, you will say that you have got a fancy of this product.


At present, many people including boys and girls, children and adults like to ride on a skateboard. As it is becoming a famous one, people are showing their interest to buy it. As a result, the demand for this product is amplifying. But to buy the best skateboard by knowing its ABEC rating scale is not a simple phenomenon. That’s why we have given you the WhiteFang Complete Skateboards Review with some tricks. Besides, you will be able to know the advantages and disadvantages along with key features in this article.

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