In any longboard rider’s mind, a question must come up as to why longboards are so expensive. At present, it is a very common question. As every question has a remedy, this one has too. And to wise you up, we have taken the zeal to launch a discussion on why are longboard so expensive.

Above all, the price depends on a longboard’s body, deck, color, quality, accessories, and what’s not. According to the researchers, the popularity of longboards is increasing.

The demands and decorations are the other reasons for getting the longboard expensive. To clarify, this article will show you why the price of the longboard is increasing.

Build Materials Of Longboard


We have already recognized that the deck is the most pivotal and compulsory material for a longboard. And we also learned that the price and quality of a deck and its wood are not the same. Above all, this is the main reason for increasing the rate of a longboard.

There are some components to erect decks. Bamboo, Maple, and Carbon Fiber are the main ingredients. The Carbon Fiber deck is more expensive than Maple and Bamboo. Again, the Maple is cheaper and popular than bamboo. So, we can say that decks play a crucial role in raising the rate of a longboard.

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Another vital part of a longboard is the wheels. Yes, you are right! Because if your wheels are with problems or less quality one then you are going to have many problems in the near future at the time of riding. That’s why many riders want to purchase better wheels than others.

Above all, in the past, makers had to forge the wheels with UHMWPE plastic, rubber, clay, and sometimes metal. But now, they are erecting the wheels with a petrochemical called polyurethane with great fibers and cool colours. This is because the wheels are a reason for accruing the price.


If you go through research, you will find out two types of bearings materials. One is Stainless Steel and the other is ceramics. To be frank, a standard longboard is made of stainless-steel bearings. But designers build high-quality longboards with precisely tuned ceramic bearings with some mesmerizing features and components.

The ceramic bearings provide a longboard rider with a smooth and flexible ride. In this case, it is more durable and preferable to stainless steel bearings. In other words, ceramic-made is more powerful and stronger with high-temperature consistency than others. Hence, it is also a measurement for the longboard prices rising.

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To be honest, the cost of a longboard is directly dependent upon its technology. Moreover, there are many differences between a technology-based longboard and a normal longboard. In general, technology adds more features aboard. And a rider always wants to buy a technology-based longboard even if it requires more money.

As the manufacturers are not able to mold a carbon fiber board manually. As a result, this process requires technology. Certainly, we know that forwarding the manufacturing process with technology pays us many advantages and also takes more cost. That is why you have to be an uneconomical person to have the best longboard.


The quality of a longboard is another key feature for its incrementing price. You will find nobody who wants to buy a low-quality product. Because purchasing a low-quality product is nothing but wasting money. In other words, a low-quality board may be the first reason for having an injury or accident.

Above all, a quality longboard will ensure the safety measurement fast. The deck, wheels, trucks, bearings of this product are quite strong and perfect as well as costly. According to this opinion, we can conclude that quality directly impacts the rate of a longboard. It is the main reason why longboards are so expensive.


If you are longboarding for a long time then you must have seen that the brands affect the price tremendously. The good brand’s product has a good demand in the markets. Further, the riders also try to have a well-branded product. That is why the best brand can reach the attention of longboard riders.

While choosing the best longboard, make sure that you are going to have a well branded product. In the markets, there remain some brands. For example, Madrid, Sector 9, Comet, Landyachtz, Arbor Collective are some of them. Certainly, you can choose one of them. And each brand signs each rate. So, you will find great diversity because of the diversity of brands.


Every man wants to be stylish one. As a result, they try to make themselves smart by doing stylish work. That is to say, they are finding riding a longboard is a stylish and interesting one. This is a very good reason for getting a longboard. Again, there is a proverb that more demand makes a product more expensive.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How much should I pay for a longboard?

Answer: Well, the price mainly depends on quality. That’s why for buying a good quality longboard, you should have to pay 150 to 450 dollars. This is for the first-class rider or the experts. On the other hand, if you are a beginner then you can purchase a longboard for 60 to 250 dollars.

Question: Is a longboard more expensive than a skateboard?

Answer: If you think about a quality product then certainly a longboard is more expensive than a skateboard. To sum up, a quality longboard will cost 150 to 250 dollars. You will get a first-class deck, wheels, bearings, and so on. And a skateboard will cost 90 to 150 dollars.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we can say that the price of a longboard directly or indirectly depends on quality, brands, wheels, bearings, trends, and so on. That is why talking about the exact price of a board is too hard.

Today, in this article, we have discussed the measurements along with the reasons why are longboard so expensive. In addition, we have depicted the provable price and trends with quality for your ease. In this case, we conclude that this phenomenon will not let you feel confused about the price.

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