Cleanliness is the most crucial part of our life. Of course, you won’t favour a messy thing. That’s why everybody wants to learn how to clean. Similarly, a longboard doesn’t stay out of the cycle of neatness. Cleaning a longboard is also a pivotal part of your longboard riding life.

According to the experts, you have to clean the longboard after 50 hours. But many of us don’t know how to clean a longboard. This is because we are in front of you with the cleaning processes. From this content, maybe you are going to have the best information that you have ever known.

Let’s start the discussion!

1. Gathering Supplies Or Tools

Well, every proceeding requires some tools or supplies to launch. In that case, longboard cleaning is not an exceptional phenomenon. To say frankly, this cleaning process also demands some supplies or tools. We are giving the list below.

  • Clean water
  • Dish soap or detergent
  • Mineral spirits or Kerosene
  • Nylon brush
  • Socket wrench
  • Sponge
  • Towel

If you have them then you are ready for forwarding the next phase.

2. How To Clean Your Longboard Deck

First of all, having the deck in your hand, unscrew and split the longboard trucks. After that, you must bleach your deck in a round motion through the grip tape to cleanse any excess grime. In that case, you can utilize a Nylon or Hard British Brush and warm Soapy water.

After ensuring the primary steps, now it is time to rinse the soap and clean off the board and lightly turn the deck down by using a sponge. But, if you think that the deck is filthy yet, revolve the elementary phase. Go on this phase until your deck is properly clear.

In addition, make the underside of the board lucid. This time, you can use a sponge and clean water. But you have to be more careful at the time of wiping the board down. Because the place where the trucks are attached to your board is very sensitive. So, wipe your board vigilantly.

Having washed each part perfectly, they require drying. Therefore, in this phase, you have to dry each part from top to bottom. The drying process should take a couple of hours. Finally, it comes to reattaching the parts. If you can terminate these steps properly then you have conquered half the battle.

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3. How to Clean Your Longboard Wheels

Correct guess! Wheels are another significant part of a longboard. That’s why they also demand cleanliness. In this phase, flip over the board and pop off the wheels. But you have to be very vigilant. Otherwise, you may lose a part. Take a box or pot to ensure your board parts’ safety.

After that, collect a washcloth for removing rocks and gravel stuck. Moreover, keep an eye on the wheels’ inside carefully. Because at the time of riding, many things, especially gravel stuck, convert into the wheels. So, make sure that you have clear the inside perfectly. Certainly, you can also use fresh or mineral water.

If you have terminated the previous step then take a bowl and put some dish soap or detergent. Have a conglomeration and put the wheels in that bowl for 10-15 minutes. Using a brush or cloth, do sanctify these wheels. But you must bear in your mind one thing that there is nothing to hustle.

After having the wheels washed, dry your wheels off for 20-25 minutes. Before it, you can also use a dry rag or paper towels. Then it comes to adjust the parts. Carefully join them as if they were in the past. Thus, the cleaning process of your longboard’s wheels will be done.

4. How To Clean Your Longboard Bearings

Of course, cleaning the bearings is the most important part of cleaning a longboard. First of all, take aside the rubber shield which covers the bearings. But with too much pressure, the bearings may get damaged. That is why pay careful attention in any case while removing the rubber shield.

Using a special bearing cleaning solution may be a hard nut to crack to you. So, Mineral spirits or Kerosene is the best answer as an alternative to that. But by hooks or by crocs, ensure that you have cleansed both the bearings surface and each ball with a vigilant mind.

Then let your bearings dry completely. To dry, a compressed air machine can be used to speed up the cleaning process. After that, be frank to use bearing lubricant according to the instructions from the manufacturing company. If you comb for a bearing lubricant you may find many. Choose one and apply.

At last, you have terminated the whole process of cleaning everything on your longboard. Now, it is time to readjust all parts. After all, reinstall the bearings into the wheels or the plastic jacket and adjust to the board. Thus, by maintaining all the formulas, you can finish the cleaning processes of your longboard.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Question: Is it a bad act to get your longboard wet all the time?

Answer: Well, try not to wet your longboard wet. Because water can harm the longboard’s deck, wheels, bearings, and others. Tarnishes may attack the bearings which is the worst situation for a longboard. So, ensure the longboard’s dryness as soon as possible.

Question: How do I make my longboard wheels clear again?

Answer: To clear a longboard’s wheels again, firstly, take a bowl and water. And make a conglomeration of water and detergent or dish soap. Then, let the wheels in that mixture for 10-15 minutes. Finally, dry them for 25-30 minutes. However, you may use an air compressor to lessen the time.

Final Verdict

As a rider, experienced, or beginner, you may have thought about the importance of the cleanliness of your longboard. This is the reason that we have informed you about the cleaning processes of a longboard’s Deck, Wheels, and Bearings in an easy way. By following this article, you can sanctify a longboard easily. Moreover, this discussion will give a transparent conception of which materials a rider needs to operate these processes given above. We are quite sure that you don’t have any confusion about how to clean a longboard yet.

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