Longboarding is a special sporting activity that is continuously reinventing day by day. Younger generations love to perform something new. They want to bring positive energy and ingenuity. Indeed, skating is a reflection of creativity. In effect, the design is modified constantly by the manufacturers. One of the pioneers in the boarding industry is the Yocaher brand.

To demonstrate more about the renowned company, today we picked up the drop-down board. This product is a complete package of a unique design with high-speed performance. It has many fabulous features to make

carving and downhill riding. Besides, the longboard is supremely stylish while providing magnificent maneuverability. Let’s begin the Yocaher drop down longboard review.

Specification Yocaher Drop Down:

Model Yocaher Drop Down
Length 41.25 Inches
Deck Width 10 Inches
Deck Material Maple
Deck Style Drop Down Design
Ride Style Downhill/Free Ride
Wheels Q-Ball 70x52mm Wheels
Wheelbase 33 inches
Trucks 9.675 HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks, 180mm Hanger
Bearings Abec 7 Chrome Bearings
Durometer Hardness 78A
Weight Limit 275 Pounds
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Key Features

  • Maple made deck is great for speed.
  • 78A durometer hardness with concavity.
  • Lightweight trucks are built of aluminium alloy.
  • 70 mm wheel size provides smooth riding.
  • Higher weight loading capacity of 275lbs.
The Good

    • Sturdy and hard deck.
    • Stable and safe rides.
    • Great for downhill skating.
    • Ensure good load capacity.
    • Available in multiple designs.
    • Have aesthetically beautiful graphics.

The Bad

    • Does not have ceramic bearings.

Yocaher Drop Down Longboard Brief Review

In today’s Yocaher drop down longboard review, we will provide you with adequate information about the product. Although, surfboards and skateboards have their own space in the sports markets. Undeniably, we can not ignore their rising popularity. But, longboarding is a masterpiece sport in the skating world. Mainly, it is enjoyed by all groups of people, particularly from younger generations. While making a ride, the longboard is a safer and relaxed one.

So, longboarding brings unmatched levels of ingenuity and energy. Therefore, you may be eager to understand more about the sport. Yet which longboard will offer reliable performance with wicked speed and smart design? In the search for finding user- friendly features, this article will cover everything you need. Let’s study more details for getting an electrifying ride with Yocaher drop down longboard.

Features In Details

Yocaher Drop Down Trucks

Yocaher Drop Down Trucks

Adrenaline junkies are paying attention to the longboard trucks. After all, the riders have the desire to ride at top speeds. The trucks will play a vital role in the way of riding performance. The overall feeling is changed based on what kind of truck you are using on the board.

Fortunately, the Yocaher drop down longboard comes with the best trucks for you. They are ideally attached with the metal in a T-shaped pattern of the wheels. These top-mounted trucks ensure perfect and smooth turning. The built materials are made with strong aluminium. Therefore, durable trucks will be able to prevent friction and avoid unwanted situations.

Yocaher Drop Down Decks

Yocaher Drop Down Deck

The longboard deck dictates important aspects like user comfort, balance and stability. Yocaher longboard manufacturers will never disappoint you with the design of their deck.9 layers of high-quality maple wood deck are 41-inches in length. Also, the width is 10 inches. You are going to get sufficient stability and reliable space for the feet.

Now we will focus on the curvature design and low flex of the longboard deck. Yocaher drop down one provides a brilliant feature for allowing better control during sliding at high speed. The entire board is carefully designed to create pace quickly. The manufacturer deliberately constructed the deck to enhance your steadiness and safety.

Yocaher Drop Down Wheels

Yocaher Drop Down Wheels

To commute smoothly and quickly, longboard wheels are one of the most exciting components. Bigger ones are preferable. Wheel diameter affects the acceleration and turning of the skating. Generally, longboards need softer and larger wheels than shortboards. Smaller wheels give a slower ride. Whereas the wheels are unique in the Yocaher drop down longboard.

We all know that compromised wheels will bring unwanted hazards to your riding. The Yocaher wheels have a measurement of 70×52 mm in size. This gives a proportional look to your board. Additionally, the deck is 41-inch which supports secure cruising downhill. With the 78A hardness, you can perform fantastic flip tricks.

Yocaher Drop Down Bearings

Bearings are also another essential part of your longboard. They allow board wheels to rotate on a firmed truck axle. Having a first-class bearing will make a distinctive difference in your riding experience and comfort. Moreover, professional riders require heavy bearings. Although, Yocaher drop down longboard bearings may not perform well in intense skating.

Nevertheless, these bearings are comparatively perfect at 9.7 inches in size. The scale level is ABEC 7 which is built with an aluminium alloy. They are very decent. Interestingly, the price tag is affordable for the beginner. In addition, the speed and performance are great. Therefore, you will not have to worry about load capacity and surface tolerance.


Which Style Does Yocaher Drop Down Longboard Follow?

Yocaher longboard comes with a length of 41 inches truck length featuring the drop-through design. They enhance entire riding safety, balance and stability. The board is not too heavy or too lightweight. Due to this reason, it allows the rider to skate at a rapid pace without compromising control.

What Are The Riding Level Yocaher Drop Down Longboard Supports?

Most people are concerned about the question of whether the Yocaher longboard is suitable for beginners or professionals. First of all, it will offer incredible enjoyment regardless of the skill and experience levels of the users. Experienced riders find the thrills of skating. On the contrary, beginners enjoy enhanced safety and stability while learning new tricks.

Who Should You Buy The Yocaher Drop Down Longboard?

Yocaher Drop Down longboard is a masterpiece for all kinds of riders. This all-rounder product can bring immense pleasure to the riding experience. The combination of drop-through design, budget-friendly price and quality components make the board an irreplaceable one. The longboard excels at sliding and carving downhills. We truly hope, Yocaher brand will value your preference.


In sum, we hope today’s Yocaher drop down longboard review provided enough information about the product. The deck shape eliminates the wheel bite sharp carving or turning the downhills. The drop-through design will give additional stability and control. The deck length ensures to keep the feet accurate for performing the tricks. Moreover, the wheels and bearings absorb shock to allow gain more speed. Without a doubt, the drop down longboard will boost your riding confidence!

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