Since their founding in 2005, Atom Longboards have managed to come a long way and make a name for themselves. Providing the customer with the best longboards that they can buy is the company’s main goal. They claim to build their products using raw materials with top quality.

Drop Through line is one of their famous longboard lines. Atom has once again accomplished a great mixture of features with their 41-inch Drop-Through longboard. The Atom Drop-Through longboard is designed to give you stability and speed. This is an ultra-low riding board, meaning that you will be much closer to the ground than normal. This line of longboards is mostly renowned for their riding downhill or casually around the area. And the closeness between the board and the ground allow you to push easily and constantly.

Most riders who are just starting longboarding will find this board to be one of the best options around because it is pretty straightforward, easy to carry as well as easy to skate, and much importantly, very affordable.

In our atom drop through longboard review, you will find out why it’s an excellent choice for carving downhill and cruising.

Specification Of Atom Drop-Through

Model Atom Drop Through
Length 40 Inches
Deck Width 9 Inches
Material Maple
Color Multi
Durometer Hardness 78A
Wheel Size 70mm X 51mm
Trucks 180mm
Bearing ABEC 9
Grip Coarse 46 grit
Weight Limit 260 Pounds
Weight 7.9 Pounds
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Features of Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Reliable Deck

When you are longboarding, the deck can be the difference between an unsettling, struggling experience and enjoyable, super easy going ride.

The deck of this board is pretty unique, with something that is not common in many boards, a Drop-Through Deck. If you are unfamiliar with the Drop-Through deck, it is basically a deck usually used for cruiser boards because it approves this style of riding effortlessly. Drop-Through decks are not structurally strong but they are usually much more flexible than most other decks. That’s why they are not suitable for high-speed riding. And since the deck is Drop-Through, you will be much nearer to the surface than usual which will allow you to push the board much more frequently.

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard has a very sturdy, stable and comfortable deck, and that’s something not be overlooked. The deck is made of full maple laminate, this is a robust material and won’t come apart after you hit a few bumps on the road. The deck is also pretty wide and long, giving people an enjoyable deck to ride on. With its 41-inch size, it provides stability and comfort even to the inexperienced skaters.


If we haven’t already emphasized enough about its stability, this longboard has excellent stability. Drop-Through boards are a common choice for manufacturers and are preferred by many skaters, as they provide numerous benefits for the rider. With these kinds of boards, the hardware is located on top of the board rather than their usual place, the bottom, allowing you to be closer to the ground. You can show off your insane skills easily without being worried about your safety.

When you are looking for stability, this can be very useful especially in urban settings or when the aim is to attain insane, yet safe and sound downhill speeds.

As it is lower to the ground, it minimizes the chance of you getting stumble over small rocks and falling over. You can go downhill without the fear of losing control or falling off your board despite the growing acceleration.

Maneuverability and Wheels


Wheels are the means of support to all transportation, and low-quality wheels could really ruin a board. Fortunately, the Atom-Drop-Through Longboard with wheels that are great for Cruising. These rounded wheels will give you a smooth riding experience and a super high rebound.

The Atom-Drop-Through Longboard comes with the Reverse Kingpin Trucks (RKP) sporting 242mm axles and that is a feature you don’t want to disregard. This ensures that you can maneuvers the board flawlessly while riding downhill or cruising around. You can easily ride and make intense, sharp turns around trees, rocks and whatever without even fazing.

The wheels allow a super smooth ride with ultra-low rolling resistance providing the rider with an all-around excellent wheel.

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The Atom Drop-Through Longboard comes with very high quality bearings and high-speed lubricant to help you get a fast yet stable cruise.

The Atom Longboard features ABEC-9 bearings which are very high-quality bearings. As a result, you can enjoy safe riding while you are smoothly cruising around downhill or the town. But despite this, compared to other bearings available on the market, these bearings are not the top quality available. So even though it’s not necessary but you can enjoy a better ride by replacing the bearings on the board.

Perfect for both beginners and experts

In simple words, for every beginner, the Atom Drop Through Longboard is a perfect option to start with. The board has everything that is needed and much more to make it perfect for someone who is considering to start longboarding. Stability is a huge deal for beginners and this longboard has proven itself as one of the best in that aspect. The board could outdo itself even at high speeds. That being said, experts can also reap the pleasure from this amazingly affordable longboard.


    • Excellent for beginners
    • The price is very affordable
    • Top-notch quality grit grip tape
    • Maple laminate deck is well constructed
    • Comfortable for traveling long-distance


    • You can’t make rapid turns
    • No kick tails
    • Truck’s bushings are not standard quality

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Question: Do I need to replace anything out of the box?

Answer: No. You should be completely okay with the out of the box configuration. If you are an advanced user then you can think of replacing atom drop through longboard’s parts.

Question: Will riding it be easy on level areas?

Answer: The board can do exceptionally well on the areas that are leveled.

Question: Is it hard to push this longboard?

Answer: The board skates around easily and it is perfect for riding downhill.

Question: Is it a good choice for beginners?

Answer: This longboard is one of the best choices for beginners.


In our in-depth Atom 41 Drop Through Longboard review we have found out that it really does live up to its “Drop-Through” name because the board is quite low to the surface, which is actually advantageous for the reason that it allows you to push your board more frequently and faster when cruising. Moreover, the price of this board is hard to beat. Especially when you compare it with other options. Considering the cost, the Atom Drop Through Longboard is offering you a great value. This is a great option for the first timer as it is perfect to teach with and learn on.

It is really excellent as a full board. It is equipped almost with everything you can wish to have on a longboard. Despite having some drawbacks, this board worth the money. We hope our atom drop through longboard review has included all the information to help you with your purchase. Happy riding.

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