We love to take a ride on the street with our favourite longboards. In today’s era of boarding, the performance level of a rider depends on many factors. Using the right truck is mandatory for an amusing journey. When you have a desire to improve your longboarding skills, only a qualitiful truck will work efficiently. It provides manoeuvrability with smooth turning.

To show impressive skills, longboard trucks need to function correctly. If not, it will ruin the entire riding experience. Overtimes, your longboard trucks may not act to perform in the same way. For this reason, you need to learn about longboard truck placement. But, before digging deeper into it, we should understand a few basic points of longboard trucks. Let’s start.

Types Of Longboard Trucks

Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks

The location of the kingpin is on the reverse side of the axle. Therefore, this board is named reverse kingpin trucks. The structures allow easy turning and smooth carving. Also, freestyle boarding can be performed precisely with it. The trucks allow you to cruise wherever you want. Moreover, they have a very strong base to provide sufficient stability.

Traditional Kingpin Longboard Trucks

Like the reverse one, they also have vital parts like bushing, axle and hanger. The notable difference belongs on the axles which never face toward the reverse side. Even, the position of the truck varies. They are quite taller if we compare them with another type. For any beginner rider in the longboarding fields, these trucks are very safe to use.

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Longboard Truck Placement

Top Mounting Of The Trucks

If the deck is jolted newly, you may want to try poking it by a screwdriver into the deck holes of the bottom. Remember to do it very carefully so that you won’t hurt yourself. While doing the process, you can work with the drop-through deck. In this case, scrolling down will maintain the truck assembly.

Any dropping through the decks can be mounted on the top. When you set up this, insert all screws from the upper portions into the deck holes. In addition, turn over your board from the bottom side to the upwards. Furthermore, sliding the trucks into the baseplate over the screws.

On the condition that you have to work with the ordinary kingpin trucks, the trucks need to be mounted effectively. So that each kingpin of the truck, as well as bushings, face towards the centre of the deck. While using the reverse kingpin trucks, the trucks need to be mounted reversely.

Henceforth, the kingpin of the truck and bushings should face outward and towards the tail and tip of the deck. Then, a crisscross pattern can be applied for tightening the screws. You can use a proper skate tool for keeping the nuts in the correct place. An equitable distribution will ensure the balance.

Dropping Through Mounting Of The Trucks

First, loosen the kingpin nut. Afterward, remove it with the bushing washer, kingpin hanger and top bushing. For dropping through the mount of your trucks, jiggling of the hanger may require. It helps to evacuate top bushing out of the seat of the bushing. Then, the pivot can be removed from the hanger cup.

Likewise, place the plate of the base on top of the deck. In effect, the kingpin would be pointed through the hole of mounting by the drop. How to mountain regular kingpin and reverse kingpin trucks, we have outlined above. Firmly fasten the screws using the wrench or tool.

Secondly, never lose the bottom bushing and the washer when you add them with the baseplates. The most appropriate technique for reattaching the hanger is shafting it into the cup. Make lowering the hanger in the best place. Assure the fitting of bushings into the seat while reassembling the vehicles.

Finally, tighten the nut of the kingpin until the hanger does not have any vertical movement. But, over-tightening reduces the output of the bushings. Also, leaving the kingpin nut very loose will make an unstable look. So, you have placed the drop of your trucks on the deck.


After placing the longboard truck, you should keep your eyes closed. The main focus is keeping the materials away from damage. The replacement will give matchless benefits. You can explore the adventure with a feeling of fun. While selecting the longboard trucks, you should consider the brand reputation.

Final Words

Undeniably, longboard truck placement is vitally essential in tuning the harmony of riding. Along with truck features, deck style and shape will determine the mount hole forms and patterns. Indeed, they will affect the placement choices. While other factors like truck kingpin direction and style and wheel clearance play a major role in the overall placement of your trucks. We genuinely hope you are having a great time with today’s interesting post. Happy longboarding!

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