Mini skateboards are hugely popular among young riders. Many children have developed an extreme passion for skateboarding. Certainly, buying the best one is a very difficult task for all.

If you want to get a perfect board for your younger children in a budget-friendly way, the Rimable brand will be an obvious option.

Today, we are here to declare everything literally about a fabulous product. Rimable skateboard is a small plastic cruiser. It is specially designed for enhancing comfort for young riders. Nevertheless, they can get the traditional skating style ride. Besides, the design is very eye-catching. Let us have an insider check into the features in this Rimable skateboard review.

Specifications Of Rimable Skateboard

Model Rimable Complete 22”
Length 22 Inches
Deck Width 6 Inches
Deck Material Plastic
Wheels 59mm Polyurethane Wheels, 78A
Trucks 3″ Aluminum
Bearings ABEC-7 Bearing
Weight Limit 198 Pounds (90kg)
Board Weight 3.95 Pounds
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Key Features

  • Fully assembled mini plastic cruiser skateboard.
  • 22″ x 6″ deck is built with fresh material.
  • Super smooth wheel with top speed bearing.
  • The trucks are made of thick aluminum.
  • ABEC 7 scale rated sturdy bearings.
The Good

    • The skateboard provides a smooth and flexible ride.
    • Good board for cruising and commuting.
    • Ensure an adventurous ride for teenagers and kids.
    • The textured and plastic deck gives good traction.
    • The polyurethane wheels are designed to maintain balance.

The Bad

    • Not perfect for learning skating tricks.

Review In Brief Rimable Skateboard:

The buyers get the coolest specifications and features of the rimable skateboard. One of the interesting points of the board is the plastic made deck. It is very lightweight. However, the deck has the strength to withstand almost 90 kg. Therefore, this mini skating masterpiece works quite nicely for kids of any weight.

The deck length is about 22 inches. Whereas, the width is 6 inches. It is built with a hundred per cent top quality material. Moreover, the mini-board initiates the fast speed from the wheels. They are 59mm and 78A polyurethane made for providing greater control. Apart from this, the bearings are ABEC 7 scale rated.

For accentuating the perfect ride, this skateboard is equipped with three-inch aluminium trucks. They are pretty durable. The board is assembled by using fast class bolts, nuts and screws. The flexible and smooth ride is intensified by the deck. Rimable skateboards are fashionable too. It has a kicktail facility.

For beginners and cruisers, it ensures excellency to make turns, slides and tricks. However, you may not find the wheels more strong. Besides, it may not be suitable for stony road riding. These are a few demerits. We will study more about the Rimable complete 22 skateboard reviews. Let’s have a great reading with us!

Review In Details

High-Grade Plastic Deck

rimable skateboard deck

Likewise the Rimable penny board, Rimable skateboard is a mini-cruiser. It is made of durable and hard wearing plastic. Along with performance, they will provide a great range of flex.

Although the experienced or professional skater is used to riding the bamboo or wood boards. In the case of this product, plastic is used for constructing these boards.

Therefore, without any doubt, the decks are tremendously tough and rigidly reliable. The manufacturer says the above layer provides good grips while sliding. Additionally, barefoot riding is possible with the board.

Lastly, this high-grade deck has been designed with a kicktail facility. Henceforth, a Rimable skateboard is easily turnable. In effect, you can perform tricks. These are some exciting reasons to purchase the product.

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Right-Sized Wheels

rimable skateboard wheels

From different types, hard ones are best for skating on the street and in parks. Soft wheels are great for transporting, cruising and longboarding. Now we will look at our skateboard.

The rimable skateboard comes with comparatively compact size. So, the wheels are 59mm to give beautiful balance. Plus, they provide smooth manoeuvrability. Furthermore, the durometer of the wheels is exactly 78A.

Notably, the wheels of rimable skateboards are utterly soft. They are capable of absorbing the shock. In addition, wheels will help to reduce the vibration. Thus, the item is a versatile skateboard.

Nevertheless, you may think about the hardness. Most amazingly, this Rimable one has the accuracy in the hardness for rolling over any obstacles on the rough surfaces.

ABEC-7 Rated Bearings

Skateboard bearings have many functions. They are mini circular devices which allow the wheels in the rolling process. And, the bearings determine smooth and fast rotation.

Top-quality bearings ensure a rapid riding experience. However, you should think about your riding style and experience level. We will understand more about the product in this Rimable skateboard review.

Surely, you will be able to move the Rimable skateboard without tedious pushing force. And, skateboard bearings have an ABEC scale rating. They indicate the level of durability and precision.

The rimable complete 22 skateboard has the bearings of ABEC-7 rated. They provide the rapid rotating action which is required to roll the wheels faster.

Lightweight Durable Trucks

rimable skateboard trucks

One of the most vital parts of skateboarding is the trucks. They have an impressive impact on the entire skating performance. Also, the trucks are usually long-lasting.

Glad to see that ‎the Rimable brand brings everything with fast class technology. The manufacturer allows various effects of the deck firmness. Eventually, the fabulous trucks provide sufficient stability.

Generally, size has effects on maintaining the riding balance. Without better trucks, your deck never gives the desired service of skateboarding. And, we do measure them on an inches scale.

The truck has a measurement of three inches. They are lightweight but provide strong support. Sturdy built holds the skateboard in the proper place for providing the required balance.

Why Should You Buy Rimable Skateboard?

Rimable skateboarding is good for children of all skill levels and ages. On a positive note, it is quite affordable. The skateboard is very durable. You can select one from many cool designs. The boards are built with heavy durable plastic. The deck is a textured deck to provide good traction.

Similarly, it is a versatile gift for starter riders. Rimable skateboard weight loading capacity is about 198 lbs. The solid components ensure sufficient stability and support. It is very lightweight to transport. Undoubtedly, this board has wonderful value for your money. Therefore, you should buy this.

Final Thoughts

This is all for now about the Rimable skateboard review. A small skateboard is suitable for children. Today’s one is available in different designs and colors. You will be able to purchase it with a good graphic design. Children have specific preferences and wishes. According to their choice, you can pick up the skateboard.

A Rimable 22-inch skateboard can save transportation expenses. Despite the small size and plastic deck, it is extremely strong. Henceforth, the skateboard delivers premium performance slightly similar to the Rimable penny board. Happy skateboarding!

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