Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard
Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard
Best Overall
Quest QT-LEC41C California Skateboard
Quest Skateboards California Native Spirit Longboard
Best Budget
Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard
Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard
Premium Pick

Best Longboards For PumpingPumping is a skateboard trick that involves using your body weight and momentum to propel yourself forward without pushing off with your feet. This technique is popular among longboarders and is a great way to build endurance and improve your skating skills.

If you’re interested in learning how to pump or want to improve your pumping skills, it’s important to have a longboard that is suitable for this purpose.

In this article, we will introduce some of the best longboards for pumping and provide an overview of the key features to consider when selecting a longboard for this purpose.

From deck shape and size to trucks and wheels, there are various factors that can impact a longboard’s pumping performance. By understanding these factors and choosing a high-quality longboard, you can improve your pumping skills and have a more enjoyable skating experience.

At A Glance Longboard For Pumping

Product Features
Loaded Boards Icarus Longboard Best Overall Loaded Boards Icarus Longboard (Editor Ratings: 4.9/5)
  • Length: 38.4 Inches
  • Width: 8.6 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Board Weight: 7.3 Pounds
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Quest California Native Spirit Longboard Best Budget Quest California Native Spirit Longboard (Editor Ratings: 4.8/5)
  • Length: 41 Inches
  • Width: 10 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 280 Pounds
  • Board Weight: 8 Pounds
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Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Longboard Premium Board Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Longboard (Editor Ratings: 4.7/5)
  • Length: 42.8 Inches
  • Width: 9 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Board Weight: 6.9 Pounds
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Black Longboard Skateboard Complete Best Value Black Longboard Skateboard Complete (Editor Ratings: 4.7/5)
  • Length: 38 Inches
  • Width: 9.75 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Board Weight: 8 Pounds
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PHOEROS Longboard Skateboard Best Present PHOEROS Longboard Skateboard (Editor Ratings: 4.6/5)
  • Length: 41 Inches
  • Width: 9.5 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 330 Pounds
  • Board Weight: 8 Pounds
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Top 5 Best Longboard For Pumping Reviews 2024

1. Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard – Our Top Pick

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo is the top pick on our pumping longboard review. Why did we recommend this as the best overall pumping longboard?

1st of all, it’s a high-quality longboard that comes for pumping activity. Although it’s expensive but has excellent quality features. Importantly, it has a 38-inch by 8-inch drop through deck. This drop-through deck is built from bamboo-fiberglass materials. These types of materials make it durable as well as lightweight.

Besides, the Orangatang 75mm wheels are ready for pumping. Paris 180mm trucks deliver turning responses for all types of riding. So, you can go for carving, freeride along with the pumping.

Key Features

  • Drop-through design durable deck.
  • Designed for pumping, carving, etc.
  • Paris 180mm trucks for riding.
  • High-performance Orangatang wheel.

    • Lightweight yet durable.
    • Multiple flex options.
    • Powerful riding experience.


    • Quite pricey. But, it’s worth the quality.

Verdict: If you are searching for the best longboard for pumping, then Icarus Bamboo must be an option for you.

2. Quest Skateboards California Native Spirit Longboard

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo is too expensive for you? Don’t worry. We have budget options in our pumping longboard review. Quest California Native Spirit is one of the cheapest longboards and pumping well.

At first glance, its deck is made of 7-ply cold climate hardwood maple. Besides, its drop down deck delivers balance while riding. Sizing of the deck is 41-inch by 10-inch, which is another plus point.

Since it’s affordable and lightweight, this longboard is the best beginner longboard. The design with geometric patterns makes it attractive. Additionally, 7-inch durable reverse kingpin aluminum trucks are ready for all purposes. Quest California also has an open-wheel design that ensures no ‘wheel bite’ at speed. Another plus point of the longboard is its ABEC-7 bearings. Since it is customizable, you can replace parts as preferred. Afterward, it’ll turn into your dream longboard.

Key Features

  • Cold climate hardwood maple deck.
  • Reverse KingPin Aluminium trucks.
  • High-quality ABEC-7 steel bearings.
  • Open wheels prevent wheel bites.

    • Compact, lightweight, flexible.
    • Cost-effective price.
    • Customizable to choice.


    • Trucks need to tighten.

Verdict: Quest California is the best budget longboard out there and does pumping purpose well. You can also customize the board as your choice.

3. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

When you have enough budget for pumping longboards, then the Dervish Sama by Loaded Boards is for you. Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboards are the best option for pumping.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material famous for flexibility and durability. Its deck is a built-in vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass combination. Designed as a pumping longboard, the Dervish Sama is easy for both beginners and expert riders. The drop-through deck is for pumping, carving, commuting, freeride, and freestyle.

Most importantly, All Loaded Boards have Orangatang wheels and Paris trucks. Paris 180mm reverse kingpin trucks give a great turning response.

Furthermore, the Orangatang 75mm wheels are the rider’s favorite wheels. What’s more, the longboard has different flex options. So, you can choose the flex as your riding style. Above all makes a functional board for a fantastic experience.

Key Features

  • High durable drop-through deck.
  • High rebound Orangatang wheels.
  • Paris 180mm reverse-kingpin trucks.
  • Perfect for pumping, carving, freeride.

    • Lightweight, durable, flexible.
    • Multiple flex options.
    • Stable at super speeds.


    • Pricey. But it’s a premium longboard so worthy of quality.

Verdict: whenever you’re looking for the best premium longboard for pumping, then the Dervish Sama is for you.

4. Black Longboard Skateboard Complete

Black Longboards is known for being the best longboard without breaking the bank for the customers. Samurai is one of the best values that come from this brand.

The drop-down drop-through deck is made of 9-ply maple wood. Sizing of the deck is 38 inch by 10 inch, which is a plus point. Black makes a board with exotic wood by local artists. Just by looking at the design, you can tell it’s built with craftsmanship. In addition, these longboards have a different style as Samurai, Dagger, Trident, Phoenix.

Besides, the drop-down design allows for maneuverability. It makes the board flexible and prevents wheel bite. Moreover, it has 7-inch aluminum trucks with high rebound bushings. It gives great rebounds and fast responsiveness for making turns. It also makes the pumping longboard very easy to handle. Another notable feature of the Black Longboards is its 70mm Hooligan wheels. These big wheels are specially designed for pumping use.

Plus, durable and fast ABEC-9 bearings will roll effortlessly. Above all, Black Longboards are the best value pumping longboard for practice every day.

Key Features

  • Maple-made drop-down deck.
  • Rugged 7-inch aluminum trucks.
  • Has big Hooligan 70mm wheels
  • Fast and durable ABEC-9 bearings.

    • Multiple color options.
    • High rebounds and rapid response.
    • Craftsmanship by local artists.


    • Smaller than expected.

Verdict: Black Longboards are one of the best value pumping longboards for practice every day.

5. PHOEROS Longboard Skateboard

Longboarding is a perfect option for fans of geometric designs. You can also enjoy stable flawless rides with these pumping longboards. Sizing 41 inches by 9.5 inches, the deck is enabled for more stability.

Besides, Its 8-layered maple material can hold 330lbs of weight. The overall quality of the deck will ensure that this board will last a long time. Also has waterproof emery sandpaper for the safety of the riders.

Moreover, the 70mm x 51mm PU wheels are high rebound. These soft wheels are suited for longboard pumping. What’s more, it’s lightweight which makes your pumping stand out from the others. The phoeros also show aluminum alloy trucks which strengthen the stability of the longboard. Again, ABEC-11 rated bearings are built for a smooth turn and safe ride overall. Lastly, PHOEROS Longboard is available in four different designs- Color diamond or Green diamond, PP, and Power grid. Good present for your girlfriends or kids.

Key Features

  • Multiple maple-made decks.
  • Made to last aluminum alloy trucks.
  • High rebound polyurethane wheels.
  • High-rated ABEC-11 bearings.

    • Multiple color options.
    • Smooth and stable ride.
    • The geometric pattern design.


    • Some shipments complain.

Verdict: PHOEROS Longboard is a good looking pumping longboard, cool color and light up wheels.

What Is Longboard Pumping?

Longboard pumping can be explained as the latest sub-type of skating itself. On the traditional longboarding, the rider had to lift his feet. But, on a longboard pumping uses the weight to propel the longboard onwards or backward. The rider needs to keep balance using his weight by shifting his body from left to right. This way, one will be able to accelerate his speed and will be able to keep the momentum allowing the rider to pass zig-zag paths. The longboard pumping will offer a balance and swiftness as the board will remain on the ground.

Longboard Pumping Technique

The Pumping Movement: We can describe the pumping movement as the S turn motion. It is from the chest and your core. Then, the longboard’s lower body, truck, and lastly the wheels. It’s an exhausting performance. You require more experience to do it. Besides, balance is equally important. Nevertheless, exhaustion and fatigue can arise from longer riding time.

Upper Body and Middle Section: During the pumping, power is generated from the midsection. Specifically, it comes from the muscle beneath your abs. The process is backing the back motions. And, the hip rolling helps to speed up. Yet, more momentum can be added to the ride.

Legs and Feet: The legs and feet need to catch up with the midsection while keeping the lower body following the upper side. For generating more energy, keep the front foot behind your truck.

Weighting and Unweighting: This pattern of effective pumping is also called compression as well as decompression. Although, the weighting needs to put extra weight on the longboard. It’s more than the actual weight by pushing and getting low.

Unweighting indicates that you are required to catch yourself. In addition, push your back upwards.

How does weighting/unweighting when pumping speed you up?

If you want to get the desired speed, you have to push the board towards it. Then, unpush the longboard from the surface. Your grippy wheels will generate a reverse force.

Distance Pumping: It requires your hips and upper body to make narrow and subtle movements.

However, this should be effective so that the rider can control the effort. Energy will be saved easily. To exploit the distance pumping with success, riders should alternate the pumping turns. Diversify the longboard on wide, narrow, or intense riding. In a way, you can avoid injuries due to frequent movement repetition.

Longboard For Pumping Buying Guide

Well, before getting started with longboard pumping, you need to make your longboard prepared well. So how do you choose a board based on those criteria? For this purpose, some points are needed to take into consideration.


The deck is one of the most important parts of a board; the longer the deck is, the wider the turn becomes. Therefore, if you are still green about pumping, it would be better to choose a short deck for practice. On the other hand, if you want to have a trickier and more impressive performance with narrow turns, a longer one would satisfy your desire.

Deck Flex

Well, flex is used for generating power at the time of the pumping session of a longboard. On a longboard pumping higher flex can damage the deck bend and may be the cause of power loss.

As higher flex may damage the board, we highly recommend you settle for a fiberglass or bamboo flex to get better balance and control. Moreover, these materials can ensure you an endurable longboard, and be a big help to your pumping.


Well, no doubt that longboard trucks are one of the most important parts. So, considering some key factors will be helpful to you. The trucks that have a higher front turning angle and a bit loose wiring are suitable for handling. On the other hand, the trucks that have solid connections will demand more sweating.

Like the traditional longboards, the pumping longboard trucks are tenuous and TKP.  For easy maneuverability, soft bushings are helpful. But, if you are fond of speed, then hard bushings will be a smart pick. We will talk about bushings later though. The rear track with good stability has better pumping ability.


Having soft bushings is an advantage. Because the soft bushings allow your truck to fully lean and have a turn. You will be able to change direction easily.

However, the super high rebound bushings will help you to conserve energy and also to bounce out of turns. Lastly, it is better to have a softer bushing set up in the front truck. It will assist keep the turning focused on the front truck.


For longboard pumping, you don’t need a bearing that is super fast or too expensive. The bearings can spin for a few minutes on end, you can go for it. You just need to take care of your bearings. The friction is the biggest enemy of longboard pumping, fewer things will make you slow down than the dirty bearings. No matter how expensive your bearings are, remember to keep them cleaned and lubed, and they are sure to meet your needs. Friction and dirty bearings will cause you trouble, though. As long as your wheels spin freely, you will be able to have a better ride with these bearings.


While choosing the wheels for longboard pumping, go for the wheels that have more gripping power. The softer wheels offer maximum grip than the harder wheels. Besides, the wheels that are too soft are not the best choice. These wheels are supposed to have more friction than the harder wheels. That’s why the softer wheels will make you slow as well as you won’t be able to keep momentum. Therefore, it is better to go for the harder wheels instead of going for the softer wheels. The wheels’ size depends on the size of your deck; however, wheels with around 60 mm patches are suggested.

Stability is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in pumping; therefore, these 60 mm patches are soft, grippy, and provide a wide contact to give you enough balance in each move.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is pumping on a longboard, and why is it important?

    • Pumping on a longboard refers to the technique of generating forward momentum by shifting your body weight and making rhythmic movements on the board. It’s essential for maintaining speed without pushing, especially on flat terrain. Learn about the importance of pumping and how it enhances the longboarding experience.
  2. What features should I look for in a longboard designed for pumping?

    • Explore the key features that make a longboard suitable for pumping, such as deck flexibility, wheelbase, concave design, and the type of trucks. Understanding these elements will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best longboard for pumping.
  3. Can any longboard be used for pumping, or are there specific models designed for it?

    • While many longboards can be used for pumping to some extent, certain models are explicitly designed to optimize pumping performance. Discover the characteristics that distinguish pumping-specific longboards and how they contribute to a better pumping experience.
  4. Are there different pumping techniques, and does the choice of longboard affect my pumping style?

    • Learn about various pumping techniques, such as the “C-stroke” and “S-stroke,” and understand how the design of a longboard can influence your preferred pumping style. Some boards may be better suited for specific techniques, and finding the right match can enhance your overall riding experience.
  5. How does deck flex impact pumping, and what flex level should I choose?

    • Deck flexibility plays a crucial role in pumping as it influences how energy is stored and released during each pump. Explore the relationship between deck flex and pumping performance, and get insights into choosing the appropriate flex level based on your riding preferences and weight.
  6. Can beginners benefit from a longboard designed for pumping, or is it more suitable for experienced riders?

    • Understand whether longboards optimized for pumping are suitable for beginners. Discover the learning curve associated with pumping and whether beginners can benefit from the features of these specialized longboards, or if it’s recommended to gain some basic longboarding skills first.
  7. Can You Put Longboard Trucks on a Regular Skateboard?

    • In short, yes, you can put longboard trucks on a regular skateboard, but it might not be ideal. Longboard trucks are typically wider and more stable, designed for larger decks. While they can fit on a skateboard, it may affect the performance and maneuverability, and the aesthetics might not be optimal. It’s generally recommended to use trucks that match the deck size for the best riding experience.

Final Thought

In conclusion, our exploration of the top five best longboards for pumping has provided valuable insights into the diverse options available for riders seeking an enhanced pumping experience. Each of these longboards comes with unique features tailored to different styles, preferences, and budgets. Whether you prioritize deck flexibility, wheelbase, or concave design, there’s a suitable option for everyone.

Ultimately, the choice among these top-rated longboards boils down to your individual riding style, specific needs, and financial considerations. It’s crucial to carefully assess the features of each board and align them with your preferences to ensure an optimal and enjoyable pumping experience. Whether you are a seasoned rider looking for a specialized board or a beginner eager to explore the world of pumping, this review serves as a helpful guide to making an informed decision. Embrace the diversity of options available and find the perfect longboard that resonates with your unique combination of style, needs, and budget. Happy riding!