Several components take part to erect a longboard. Among them, wood is one of the most pivotal build materials that ensures a perfect longboard. Because of the remaining diversity of wood, choosing the best one for your longboard is not a child’s play. So, many of us remain in darkness at the time of sorting it.

However, in this article, we will provide you with information on the best wood for longboard. As a rider, you won’t prefer to embezzle money. That’s why today we are here to help you in that case. So, before choosing a longboard, glance over this content and inform yourself of the best wood-made board.

Best Wood For Longboard

A perfect survey shows that mainly 3 types of woods are being used to forge longboards. These are the Maple, Birch, and Bamboo. Though many of us don’t see bamboo as a plank of wood in this article, we are taking this as a block of wood for study purposes.

Maple Wood

Maple Wood

For those who are downhill riders, maple wood is the perfect selection. Because this type of wood ensures top speed quickly in a short time. Generally, the ranges of this wood are 5 plies up to 10 plies. At present, only the maple is the popular wood for a longboard to the riders.

The main reason for prolonging the zenith of the popularity of maple wood-made longboards is its durability. Correct you are! This wood ensures your longboard to be stronger than other boards. In other words, manufacturers use maple wood regarding the style, fast riding purposes, looking, stability, quality, and what’s not.

If you want to be a fast longboard rider or racer then we would like to suggest you choose the longboard that has been made of Maple Wood. To be honest, no wood can speed up a longboard than maple. But this type of wood also has some cons and concerns.

For example, the Maple is very heavy. Therefore, if you want to carry your board then it may seem a little bit difficult to you. But this is not a big fact in front of your demand for durability, speeding up, and so on. That is why the maple wood-made longboard is very worthy of purchasing.

Birch Wood

Brich Wood

Another excellent and popular wood for making longboards is Birchwood. Its ranges are from 9-ply to 12-ply. Above all, this birch wood is not as strong as maple wood. But using more ply can make it more strong like maple wood. To clarify, its flexibility is slightly superior to bamboo-made wood.

An interesting point runs in this case. And the point is that it is more affordable than any wood even after maple. Moreover, this type of wood has the qualities of both maple and bamboo. To clarify, you may find the proliferation space, or these birch trees grow in Europe, Asia, and North America’s wild forests.

In repetition, we can define birch wood in shorts that is sturdy than maple but stronger than bamboo. Also, it is a conglomeration or combination of both maple and bamboo. In addition, the other reason for which it is gaining too much popularity is that birch wood is very suitable for several types of wheels & trucks.

To tell you the truth, birch-made longboards are the first choice of kids and adult beginners. Again, manufacturing birch wood is a very easy method. While collecting maple and bamboo wood is very tough and risky. Besides, birch is a very kind and user-friendly wood. You can ride in different styles by using this wood.

Bamboo Wood

Bamboo Wood

First of all, we have to say that many people don’t think of it as a plank of wood. But we are regarding it as wood for your ease. The last of the three-longboard wood is the bamboo. Though it is not superior to maple and birch, it is another quality and perfect as well as the best wood for longboard.

However, the topical areas and climates are where bamboo is growing. The manufacturing process of bamboo to make bamboo wood for making longboards is too tough. Because of its unique features, it is touching the pinnacle of a profitable situation. Above all, this type of wood is very easy to carry.

That’s why a rider can bring a bamboo wood-made longboard simply. Surely, the ranges of this bamboo wood are 5 to 9. But a common phenomenon may arise in your mind that bamboo wood won’t be durable as it is very weightless. Although it is very light, it is very durable.

Finally, the suitability of bamboo wood is beyond question. For example, easy-to-carry material, kid-friendly products, durable, and easy sliding are some key features of this type of wood. Also, it has the flexibility of supporting carving, cruising, and freeride. If you are looking for these features then we would like to suggest you collect this type of wood.


Question: What will be the best wood for a longboard?

Answer: Well, researchers say, manufacturers use plywood for forging longboards. And, there are many planks of wood from which designers can make plywood. But the best three are Maple, Birch, and Bamboo. Every wood has some unique features. That’s why they are now in the form of popularity.

Question: Are bamboo longboards better?

Answer: Of course, bamboo is more flexible than Maple and Birch. Moreover, it is an easy-to-carry product. The best advantages of bamboo are that you can find it in tropical areas and manufacturing of this type of wood is very easy. Undoubtedly, bamboo is one of the top three planks of wood.

Final Verdict

Finally, we can conclude that selecting the best wood for a longboard depends on you. In this case, you can consider buying Maple, Birch and Bamboo wood-made longboards. These three are equally pivotal in their qualities and features. Besides, you will not let your money go to the dogs by purchasing normal wood-made longboards. That’s why we have depicted the top woods and their pros and cons in detail. If you want to have the best longboard then you are requested to keep an eye on this content before going to buy one.

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