To get the coolest longboarding experience, the right size is the most important factor. Whether you are a seasoned longboarder or beginner, many things are affecting the entire ride. Like the deck shape or wheel bearings, undoubtedly size does matter. We all know that longboards have different construction, features or shapes. Therefore, you should understand the point clearly.

Usually, longer boards are quite heavier and stable. They provide comfortness to beginners. While shorter boards are lighter. Advanced skaters find them suitable to ride. On the other side, wider boards are more sturdy. However, narrower ones are suggestable for the children. So, today we are here to answer the question of “what size longboard should I get“.

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Different Longboard Sizes

Long Longboards

Usually, longboards mean a larger board to ride with. They measure around 42 inches to 50 inches. Sometimes, the length is more than that. For people who want relatively relaxed and enjoy longer rides, longboards are a preferable option. In general, they can be used for travelling, downhill racing or cruising. Mostly, the long longboards are geared for taller people.

Midsize Longboards

Typically, they are about 40 inches lengthy. Midsize longboards are regarded as perfect for any kind of riding style. However, cruising is the most common activity. Being moderate-sized, the longboard offers the proper balance between manoeuvrability and stability. Measuring around 34 inches, these boards come at an affordable price.

Short Longboards

These longboards are providing less stability in the riding. Whereas short ones are easier in manoeuvrability. Longboarder will be able to turn corners smoothly. So, they are appealing for street performance and carving. Additionally, short longboards are super suited for executing kickflips than larger longboards. Some come with snappy trucks and harder wheels.

Narrow Longboards

Boards which measure about inches are called narrow longboards. Often, people choose them for getting desirable exercise. Plus, quick flips and sharp-edged turns are also achievable. If you want to get into flatland boarding or skating on the streets, go for the narrow longboards. Most amazingly, they are lighter.

Wide Longboards

They have come with a width of 8.5 inches measurement or above. Greater width ensures the longboard to perform jumps from the stairs as well as over long gaps. Besides, they are wonderful for supporting high weights. Longboarders with a large physique can pick up the wider board. They make commuting and transportation easier.

Longboard Size Chart
Type Height Recommended Size
  • Up to 6.3 FT
  • 6.3 FT+
  • 32-34 inches
  • 38 inches+
  • Up to 6.3 FT
  • 6.3 FT+
  • 35-43 inches
  • 37 inches+
Freestyle and Freeride
  • Up to 6.3 FT
  • 6.3 FT+
  • 38-42 inches

Main Factors Affecting The Longboard Size

Height And Rider Age

Many people never consider height and age as factors that would play a vital role in selecting the board size. For the best skating experience, you must think about height. A taller person has a higher mass centre than someone shorter. It indicates balancing for taller people might be more difficult.

Generally, longboarding is a fun and relaxing sport. However, it may seemingly be harder and potentially dangerous for the children. We never want a child having 4-feet-6 with the age of 10 struggling on a 45 inches longboard. Another point is the correlation between height and age with the feet size.

Whereas older but taller longboarders have bigger feet compared with the younger and smaller people. Hence, the riding will be more comfortable on wider and longer boards. On the contrary, narrower and shorter boards are suitable for smaller foot longboarders. They offer superior control. Ultimately, you will be able to turn, steer and stop quickly.

However, smaller riders can ride on anything according to their desire. But, longer boards may bring difficulty for them. Although, they are neglectable and effortless to overcome. And, heavier riders should select for plexiglass or wider nylon decks and boards. Keeping this in mind, let’s delve deeper into today’s point on what size longboard should I get with size chart.

Preferred Riding Style


Steadiness and comfort are required for long commutes by the boards. Everybody wants to ride with less effort. Cruising longboard aids in carving the slopes of the streets. On average 28 to 46 inches length of the board will work nicely just fine. Shorter ones are preferable for making quick turns. They are ideal for beginner riders. Conversely, longer boards are great for long-distance travel. They will provide greater stability and speed.


Downhill activity is a competitive longboarding genre aspect. Usually, riders will be able to reach speeds of 50 miles an hour. However, the right boards are required for getting a desirable performance. Specifically, 35 inches or above one can perform well at super speeds. Plus,drop-through deck,square-lip or w-concave wheels will increase the entire speed. But, a beginner should consider a longer board like 42-inch.


It involves riding downhill at moderate speeds with additional curbs and slides. To execute this, you will require relative comfort and some skills with travelling at desirable velocity. Freeride style is not about the higher speed. It emphasizes power slides and control. This needs stable steer boards. Therefore, you should pick up the longboard from 38 to 42 inches. Any board under or above the outlined range can be unstable or difficult to manoeuvre.

Check Some Freeride Longboards


This special style of longboarding is supremely stylish. Both professionals and beginners will be able to perform it. You can pick up the midsize board. Because it provides a balance between stability and manoeuvrability. You can perform with creativity by freestyle longboarding. Always have to follow some basic rules. Moreover, never be afraid of doing anything for experimental purposes. Try out various longboard sizes to find out which one will work best for your choice.

How much should you spend on a longboard?

Generally, good quality ones cost between 150 to 450 USD for a full package longboard. To a beginner in the sport, it is advisable to purchase a board around the range of 70 to 250 USD. However, the price tag depends upon the brand name and other factors.

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How often should I clean my longboard?

Longboards can be cleaned once every 2 to 3 months apart depending on the skating environment. In the case of riding on rough surfaces, you have to clean more often. So, the frequency of cleaning your board is a relative question.


Choosing the right and the best size of your longboard is a challenging and frustrating process. Nevertheless, we have outlined your inquiry of what size longboard should I get with size chart. From today’s informative post, you will get adequate knowledge regarding the matter. Different riders have distinctive preferences and opinions.

In sum, you have to pick up one perfect-sized longboard according to your choice. Undeniably, the board size may vary from user to user. Just a careful selection will bring the amusement of riding. Choose accordingly!

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