Flying with a longboard might bring anxiety and uncertainty. If you have no idea whether the board is allowed to travel on the flight or not. Like all other longboarders across the globe, many confusions can arise. The good news is most front-line airlines rules will accept longboards to carry. To take the brief magnetic concept, you should stay with us till the end.

The travelers have to follow either the casual carry-on or checked baggage systems. Although, the carry-on baggage system provides a size limit that may not be suitable for most longboards. There are many airlines allowed to keep the boards on the overhead compartment. This post will clear out your inquiry of “can you bring a longboard on a plane.” Let’s figure it out in-depth.

Bringing The Longboard On The Flight

Looking at significant policies of  U.S. airlines for flying with the longboard, we can see this sporting item considered as not threat. Transportation Security Administration allows carrying longboards on the airlines. You will be able to carry it in the hand baggage. But, the size limit has to be fitted according to the particular airline.

Longboards can be carried in your luggage. However, there are some restrictions on the size of hand baggage. Few domestic airlines will allow you to board it on the plane if the longboard fits under your seat. Policies can differ for various airlines. We will talk about the matter later in this post.

Airlines Allowing Fly With The Longboard

All airlines in the United States will not be allowed to take the longboard on their plane. We pinpoint the details and list many airlines below:

1) Alaska Air: It allows passengers to take the board in the checked baggage. Alaska Air also provides a condition to pack specially designed longboards.

2) Air Canada: Travelers can take the longboard through Air Canada. The airline allows to bring it as the carry-on baggage system.

3) American Airlines: American Airlines will allow you to carry the longboards as the checked baggage. Remember, you need to pay additional charges for this.

4) Allegiant Air: You can bring the longboard when traveling through Allegiant Air. Just put it in a specially designed container or case.

5) Delta Airlines: For carrying the longboard, passengers require to pay extra charges. Delta Airlines grants sporting items as in the checked baggage.

Longboard On A Plane-Helpful Tips:

Firstly, the travelers have to inform about the longboard the airline company while booking. Whether the airline is accepting the boards as a carry-on or check-in. You can easily find the information on the internet. Plus, the passenger needs to be specific about providing them with the longboard dimensions.

Inform the airlines exactly the length, width, and weight of the longboard. Also, you can ask customer support to get some advice on handling your longboard. It will be beneficial in the check-in process. Moreover, the overall boarding process may seem easy. Big longboards can incur additional charges.

Secondly, always try to protect the longboard from any possible damage. Otherwise, the previous board will be found as a damaged condition in the destination. Often, it is not possible to purchase a new one in the touring area. To ensure super safety, you can buy a specifically designed bag for longboards.

However, seasoned travelers will be able to cover their deck of the longboard by applying bubble wrap. Indeed, this can ensure proper protection. The tail and nose of your board are more prone to be scratched. And they can undergo a severe pattern of damage. But, the bubble wrap will allow your board to arrive at the destination unscathed.

Next, you have to determine whether to go with it as checked luggage or carry on. The decision will depend on two factors. One is the baggage policies of the airline. Another one includes fees. Each airline company has its specific guidelines for carry-on as well as checked luggage.

The traveler should have adequate knowledge of these guidelines. If your item is under its size limit, it is stored in the airplane’s overhead compartment. Nevertheless, there might have slightly different policies about carrying sporting equipment. Air company websites or customer hotlines can help you to acquire ideas.

We think you already get enough idea about the question of “can you bring a longboard on a plane.” You must know the correct method to place the board. When you are on the plane, the longboard should be placed grip tape down. This way is applicable for putting the equipment in the overhead bin.

By doing this, there will be massive space for your other backpacks. Also, a similar setup can be done while putting the board beneath your seat. It ensures the board wheels do not elapse from the seat during take-off. Maximum airlines won’t take liability for the damages of your items.

Finally, pack the longboarding essentials. As a longboarder, you know the importance of bringing a microfiber towel on the trip. They get dry quickly and are small to carry inside your backpack. If you want to perform serious racing, bring a longboarding suit and an aerodynamic helmet. You need to carry another little backpack for placing the wheels separately.

Final Thought

We have described shortly about “can you bring a longboard on a plane.” Most airlines allow carrying the longboards on the plane. It is very vital to wrap the board properly to protect it from potential damage. Choosing the smallest longboard will be a wise decision as the item fits in your overhead bin.

In a nutshell, bringing the board on the flight depends on the airline companies. The board size, plane size, and travel location will also affect the journey. We hope you have enjoyed this post. Happy Journey!

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