There is one rule in the world of longboarding and skateboarding, keep upgrading your board. Recently, skaters preferred longboard wheels on a skateboard. Why? Because the longboard has bigger wheels than the skateboard. It allows the rider to go for a more enjoyable ride. Also, the wide diameter of longboard wheels makes them more helpful than skateboard wheels.

Bigger wheels are becoming popular, and many longboarders are wondering about putting longboard wheels on a skateboard. First of all, the question is, can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard? If the answer is yes, then how to put longboard wheels on skateboard? What’s the difference between skateboard wheels vs longboard wheels?

Well. We will answer all of your questions, and our step-by-step guide will give you each detail. That’s why keep reading the full article so that you can get an aerial view.

Skateboard Wheels Vs Longboard Wheels

Skaters must know the difference between skateboard and longboard wheels so that they have bull’s-eye on both. Both of these wheels are usually built-in urethane materials. These types of materials are known for their durability and weight loading capacity. Is there a difference between longboard wheels and skateboard wheels? Yeap. The Hardness and the Size.

1stly, skateboard wheels are harder than longboard wheels. In contrast, the longboard has softer wheels that perform well on bumpy roads. This is not the only reason why longboard wheels are famous over skateboard wheels. Larger wheels are easy to control at high speed. Despite that, longboard wheels are bigger than skateboard wheels. That’s why they provide a smooth and faster ride on the rough surface.

Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard?

The answer is, yeah, you can put longboard wheels on a skateboard. But, how? Here is the step-by-step guide on how to put longboard wheels on a skateboard.

How To Put Longboard Wheels On Skateboard?

First of all, you need skate tools to remove old wheels from the skateboard. Then you need riser pads and half bolt. Without risers, the wheels will touch the board and cause wheel bite. Adding riser pads is the best solution to prevent wheel bites from your board. Put the truck out from the skateboard by losing its bolts and add riser pads. Now, you can add the riser pads under the skateboard deck. Take half-inch riser pads and eight 1 ½” bolts to attach them into place. Take into consideration that shorter bolts cannot fit over the trucks and riser pads. Fit the riser pads by screwing the bolts and ensuring the end is pointed downward.

Lastly, mount your longboard wheels on the truck, tighten them to the skateboard deck. Ensure that riser pads are placed between the deck and truck at the time.

Once the new riser is in place, there is a safe distance between the board and the wheels. However, if the bushing is new, then you may not think about replacing it. Now, try turning the board. If the wheels rub with the trucks, then tighten the trucks. If you want to use longboard wheels on a skateboard, you must tighten the trucks. So, here is the step-by-step guide to using longboard wheels on a skateboard.

Tools You Need

There are the proper tools you need for the job

  • One Skate Tool.
  • Two Riser Pads ½’’.
  • One ½” Bolts.

Things To Avoid

The main problem with putting longboard wheels on a skateboard is the wheel bite. This occurs if the wheels are large and touch the board deck while turning.  The result is a sudden stop of the wheels, and the rider loses their balance on the board. It’s terrible as the wheels stop spinning, the rider will fall from the board.

This can cause severe sorts of injury. The way to avoid this problem is simply using smaller longboard wheels on skateboards. Again, adding riser pads will increase space within the wheels and the deck. This will help to reduce the problem of wheel bite.


Can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard? The answer is one word, yes. If you are willing to do this setup within your board, our article has all the information. So, don’t waste time. Just turn your skateboard ready to rock and roll. Happy Riding!

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