Are you thinking about buying a bicycle? Or do you regularly ride your bicycle? Whatever may be the case, you should know the benefits and disadvantages of cycling.

Luckily, the benefits of cycling far more than its disadvantages. Cyclist worldwide and scientists also comment that riding a bicycle regularly brings a lot of social and health benefits to the riders. But as nothing in the world is free from drawbacks, so is cycling.

But what are the cycling benefits and disadvantages? Do you want to know these? Then you need to continue to read the rest of this article.

A Brief Overview and History of Cycling

Before we move on to see the benefits and disadvantages of cycling, it might be a good time to see how cycling first evolved as a sport and came into being in today’s condition.

Gian Giacomo Caprotti first designed a bicycle way back in 1493. This is thought to be 1st traced back official design of a bicycle. But cycling wasn’t prevalent during the medieval period. However, cycling got popular among general people during the early and mid 18th century.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, on May 31, 1968, the 1st official cycling competition happened near Paris in  Saint-Cloud Park. Later, Tour De France, the most popular cycling sports competition, was introduced in 1903.

Since then, cycling has become one of the most popular sports event and day to day commuters among general people. And it’s mainly because of its immense health and social benefits.

Wish to know these benefits? If yes, then go through the next section.

Benefits of Cycling:

When we talk about the advantages of cycling regularly, we mainly focus on two types of benefits. These are-

  • Individual and social usefulness of cycling;
  • Health benefits of cycling

Now, let me describe these benefits in-brief.

Individual and Social Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is less expensive than any other form of commute. A cycle is much cheaper than a car and also a one-time investment. Once you buy a bicycle, it needs deficient maintenance. So, cycling is an excellent way to save money.

Besides, as you join any bicycling community, you become a part of the larger social groups. Thus, cycling also helps people to socialize and meet new people. This brings extensive facilities in many stages of life.

Health Benefits of Cycling

cycling benefits
All Family Members Together Cycling

Besides these social advantages, regular cycling helps people to remain fit and healthy. There’re numerous health advantages of cycling daily. Some of these well-known benefits are-

Improves Hear Condition

Cycling needs the regular movement of limbs. Also, it requires energy. The requirement of energy supply compels the heart to pump more blood, which forces the heart to work more. As the heart works efficiently, its health condition improves.

Also, the regular pumping of the heart increases blood circulation, which develops our cardiovascular system significantly. As a result, chances of heart failure and attack reduces drastically.

Weight Control

Consumption of too many carbohydrates is harmful to our body. Since cycling needs a regular supply of energy, our muscles burn a calorie to get that desired energy. As carbs get burnt, your body shape and weight remain in an optimal state.

According to Bikes Terra, an average man can burn 120-200 KJ calories with around 15 kilometers of cycling. So, it’s a great way to remain fit.

Strengthening Muscle Power

Scientists apprehend that when a man tries to achieve speed for any works, his motor muscles become more active. Consequently, these muscles get strengthened that further helps people to become stronger.

Reduces Depression

These days, humans feel depressed with growing anxiety and tension. Various studies show that regular cycling brings fun and enjoyment in life. Also, due to frequent cycling, our body becomes tired, which helps us to have a sound sleep.

And we all know that sound sleep keeps everyone free from anxious and so, cycling assists us in living a depression free life.

Disadvantages of Cycling

Of course, there’s n denial that cycling is immensely beneficial for our social life and health. Even after that, you should not indulge yourself too much in cycling. Extensive cycling may turn harmful for you.

  1. Cycling exposes the riders to weather directly. So, if you are driving a bicycle, you will most probably encounter the scorching heat, freezing winter or monsoon toles, all on your body. Sometimes, you may fall sick due to these exposures.
  2. Cycling is much more exposed than car driving, which brings the potential chances of accidents. Hence, we recommend you to use protective gear while cycling to avoid any mishaps.
  3. The cycle is not ideal if you are planning to go on a long or mid-distance tour. These are slow commutes and ideal for short distance 0nly.


Cycling is popular among people of all ages. And why shouldn’t it be? You can get your daily exercise as well as enjoy the fresh air on a cycle while you listen to your favorite radio program on cycling earbuds. It is also fun as well as safe riding on a bicycle. But there’re some disadvantages as well.

However, as we conclude, we must admit that the benefits of cycling (health and social) is far greater than the minimal disadvantages it brings. So, you should choose cycling because it is also eco-friendly as it doesn’t emit carbons.

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