Everyone who has been longboarding for a long time must face some problems. One of the major problems of longboarding is how to carry a longboard. When we go on a ride with a longboard, sometimes we need to carry our longboard instead of riding on it. Because of longboard size and weight and also for particular situations wherein it is hard to carry. However, we still need to carry our longboard sometimes. In this article, we will write about how to carry a longboard which may be helpful for you.

Why We Need To Carry A Longboard?

This is a common question asked by people why people carry their longboards. There are some particular situations when we should carry our longboards in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Uphill Climb – longboards are not very suitable for uphill riding. They are basically built for downhill cruising and carving. So while climbing uphill you need to carry your longboard.

Moving Around – while moving around with your longboard, you may reach places wherein longboarding is prohibited. We need to carry our longboard while going through such places.

Going to a Far Location – when you are going for a long-distance trip, you should carry or store your longboard.

Commuting – in public places like school and market, in the elevator or bathroom, climb up stairs wherein longboarding is off-limits, we should carry our longboards.

Different Ways To Carry A Longboard

There are many ways to carry a longboard according to the uses and places. Some processes of carrying a longboard are given below.

  • Carry longboard by hand
  • Carry longboard by using a shoulder strap
  • Carry longboard by using a backpack
  • Carry longboard by using a longboard bag
  • Carry longboard by using a travel bag

1. Carry Longboard By Hand

It is the most obvious method of carrying a longboard. If your longboards deck is not too long (less than 35 inches) and you need to carry it for a short time and distance, you can grab it in your hands and walk around. If your deck is big, you can tuck it under your arm.

2. Carry Longboard By Using A Shoulder Strap

This method of carrying a longboard is better than your hand. Using a shoulder strap is a cheap option and also keeps your hands free. But if your longboard weight is heavy, you may feel uncomfortable while carrying it as your shoulder and neck may get sore. This process of carrying may make your clothes dirty, even can ruin your clothes as there is no protection around the board. You can switch your shoulder if you do not want to make your shoulder and neck sore.

3. Carry Longboard By Using A Backpack

Using a backpack is the most classic method of carrying a longboard. Besides carrying a longboard you can carry your helmet, safety pads, and gloves, extra trucks and wheels, water bottle while going for a long distance trip. However, this backpack method is suitable for short and little boards only. This method is not so suitable for longboards for their huge size which may hit your back of the legs while walking. It is also heavier and costlier than a shoulder strap or shoulder bag.

4. Carry Longboard By Using A Longboard Bag

This method is quite similar to shoulder straps and backpacks. But using a longboard bag for carrying a longboard is far better than those methods though it is a little costly because these longboard bags are specifically made for carrying longboards. It is also more convenient and more comfortable to use a longboard bag when going to a far location than others as it provides more protection. It will also protect your longboard from scratches and rain.

5. Carry Longboard By Using A Travel Bag

It is the modern age and air travel is the most complicated way of getting anywhere. Most airlines prohibit hand carries longboard. In this case, you can use a travel bag to carry your precious longboard while traveling by plane. It is the most elegant way of carrying your longboard. Longboard travel bags are more expensive than the above options. These bags are also much heavier than the others mentioned above. But I think it is the best way that you can follow. So we can say, using a travel bag is an elegant way but expensive.

Wrapping Up

There is a variety of ways that you can carry your longboard. In this article, we have focused on some ways for you about how you can carry your longboard. We have written about carrying longboards by hand, by shoulder straps, by longboard bag, by backpack, and by travel bag. We have shown the advantages and disadvantages of each method. We hope this writing will be benign for you and you can carry your longboard freely with you wherever you go. Also, always remember to wear protective equipment so that you can avoid injuries.

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