Do you love skating? If yes, then this article is for you. Sometimes skating costs, right? Then why don’t you make your own longboards? This article will show you 10 DIY Longboard Plans. After finishing this lesson, you will be able to make a longboard at home. It is time to show your talent to others and prove your creativity to yourself.

What Do You Need?

Firstly, motivation; to create something new! A little bit creative that you have; basically, everyone has—some basic knowledge: the ability of wood chopping, to operate woodworking tools.

Here are our 10 DIY Longboard Plans

diy longboard

1. Homemade Cardboard Longboard

Homemade Cardboard Longboard
Image From yankodesign

To make a homemade Cardboard Longboard is not an easy job. It takes your time if you are an amateur. But keep patience; everyone needs practice. Follow the instructions:

  • Take a few finished and thick cardboards
  • Fit them together with glue and make a solid structure
  • -Cut them with your design
  • Make sure the structure can carry your weight.
  • Now install trucks and set wheels.
  • You can apply acrylic in the lower part for a gorgeous look.

You made it, right? If you are not happy with its perfection, try once more. Practice will make you a pro one day.

2. Longboard From Scraps

Longboard From Scraps
Image From YouTube

We are here not to teach you how to DIY longboard plans. We encourage you to be curious to learn some new skills. It is not rocket science. People make longboards even from scraps these days! If you can make this, you can use it for fun, can gift it to your friends.

Even you can make it available for the kids who can’t afford it! Just follow the tips properly. Grab some wood scraps, cut them in a customized shape. Color it with your dream paints; you can apply acrylic if you want though it will cost you few pennies.

Now install trucks and wheels. Bravo! You made something new.

3. DIY Your Dream Longboard

DIY Your Dream Longboard
Image From YouTube

If you are passionate about skating and are not satisfied with the longboards available, don’t get disappointed. We suggest you DIY longboard plans yourself.

Creating something new is always fun, right? And this creation can add extra ordeal to your name. Friends and neighbors will seek help from you. It can even be a way to earn extra money. Here are the tips. Just put long-sized wood under the jigsaw, cut it properly, then design it with your loving colors or design.

Install trucks and wheels. Now go for several test runs to make it hard. You’ve just made yourself proud!

4. Electric Longboard

Electric Longboard
Image From YouTube

Sometimes you have to show excellence to prove yourself. If you are well-known in your locality for DIYing longboards, then take the chance to suppress your talent and impress your fans. Try to make an electric longboard at home.

Before starting, watch tutorials on YouTube several times and get tips from a professional if necessary. Be careful enough as you will have to deal with sharp tools. Our tips for you:

  • use a flex drill
  • to remove its pin,
  • set it with the longboard
  • step it with the wheels of a longboard. It will move your board like an automobile.
  • Use its handle for control.

It is not simple, but not impossible either. If you want to be faster in skating, an electric longboard is a solution.

5. Homemade Longboard

Homemade Longboard
Image From instructables

Homemade longboards are unique in their design and style as the makers share the making process only and not their ideas.

That’s why homemade longboards are eye-captivating also. To make a longboard at home, first chalk out a design template, cut the wood piece according to the size, and design it now.

Apply color of your choice. To make it shiny, apply acrylic here. Install trucks and wheels properly. As a newbie, so everything grammatically and board will work. When you are skilled, then improvise the style.

6. Build A Longboard

Build A Longboard
Image From buzznick

In this section, learn how to build or how to DIY longboard plans step by step. If you are an amateur, then you should invest your time and passion in accomplishing the job. To build a longboard is not a technical issue; it is a fine art also. So, you have to be creative here. Follow the tips carefully.

  • Choose birch plywood
  • Take 4 of them, and the size should be 10″x 40″.
  • Put all the woods one after another
  • Pile them with waterproof glue.
  • Laminate the board
  • Using a template cut out the board according to your design.
  • Burnish it and color it primarily
  • You can apply acrylic to the shiny longboard.
  • Add more design using stencils
  • Install trucks and wheels.

Your job is done, and your longboard is ready for skating.

7. Make A Skeleton Longboard

Make A Skeleton Longboard
Image From YouTube

You can find numerous designed longboards around you. Skeleton design is pretty popular now. You can make more unique with your talent and creativity. If you want to make this ultra-fashioned longboard at home, you should follow the steps given here.

  • Use birch plates at the top and bottom part
  • Use poplar in the core
  • Glue them part by part
  • Tie them with clamps
  • Add a bend
  • Cut them out using your favorite template.
  • Apply color, then oil burnish
  • Use acrylic for extra shine
  • Install trucks and wheels

Your skeleton longboard is ready. Just take them and go out; happy skating!

8. Flat Style Longboard

Flat Style Longboard
Image From YouTube

This feature is easier than others to make. You just need ABC of wood cutting technique here. But flat style longboards are very useful for the new skaters.

  • Select your design
  • Taka a Baltic birch
  • Cut the wood piece using design
  • Design more words and letters on it using pencils
  • Grit the edges well
  • Sand it smoothly
  • Apply color
  • Install trucks and wheels.

Your lovely and unique flat-style longboard is ready to go.

9. Wooden Penny Board

Wooden Penny Board
Image From YouTube

You are learning DIY longboard plans tips here, and it is free for you. Here comes a wooden penny board you can make at home. Follow the tips:

  • Collect ideal size wood pieces
  • Put together the layers
  • Laminate them
  • Press and bend them using clamps
  • Leave them overnight
  • The next day, remove the clam.
  • Select a design and cut it for bent plywood.
  • Burnish and color it
  • Install trucks and wheels.

Your penny board is ready to go.

10. Wooden Fiberglass Longboard

Wooden Fiberglass Longboard
Image From YouTube

You will get a proper guide to make a wooden fiberglass longboard in this session. Follow here:

  • Take a plywood
  • Stick the fiberglass to it using transparent glue
  • Draw your favorite logos or monograms.
  • Use spray paint to adorn the board
  • Install trucks and wheels.

The ease-made, wooden fiberglass longboard is ready.


  • Boards can break in half. Ensure several trials to avoid this.
  • Be careful in riding outside.
  • If you do stunts, remember to wear sliding gloves.
  • While making a longboard, be extra careful using sharp tools.
  • If you are not a pro, try to use protections like- helmets, knee pads, and wrist guards.


If you go through this article properly, you have learned to DIY longboard plans properly. It is very fun to learn new things, an opportunity to be a multitasker, cost-effective.

Moreover, building a longboard by yourself will be cheaper than buying a new one.

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