A longboard is a form of perfect investment for any rider, no matter whether you are a skilled or beginner skater. For this reason, it is extremely important to understand how much does a longboard cost. Presumably, it is difficult to deliver the appropriate answer to the question. Because the price tags are depending on multiple factors.

So, we are here to fulfil your inquiry about the longboard cost. Brand, design and material have a huge impact on the market value. In this post, we will pinpoint various ranges starting from 50 dollars to 300 dollars. If you want to get a better idea briefly about the well-designed and high-quality longboard, let’s start!

Spending Money Efficiently

The price tag is not initial thinking. Sometimes, luxurious items may not deliver the best service to the rider. Instead, know your requirements and figure out the basic information. A suitable product can serve the users with ease and comfort riding. Make a budget based on your financial capability. Whether you have owned a previous one or not should be counted. Lastly, select your style of longboarding. Then, make a purchase accordingly.

Longboard At Roughly $50 Budget

With a budget of 50 dollars, you can find mini cruisers and low-quality longboards. It is not appropriate money for purchasing a good quality longboard. At this range, you will be able to find low-quality products. The entry-level cost allows the manufacturer to provide inexpensive boards.

Oftentimes, poor components are found. They may not enjoy longboarding. However, decent small cruisers are preferable to suffice for younger children to learn skating. With an entry-level budget, the Tony Hawk 34-inch longboard can be the perfect option for the riders. This wonderful item has four pounds weight and a three-inch wheel.

Longboard At Roughly $100 Budget

At the 100 bucks pricing point, you can find longboards with reasonable quality. Usually, many manufacturers employ moderate level quality components. However, they utilize lower-cost vehicles. The wheels and decks are built with good quality in this category. Undoubtedly, the buyers get a  medium-sized cruiser at an affordable price.

Within the price tag of 100 dollars, Yocaher New VW Vibe Beach Series longboards are the best selection. They are built with maple wood. And, the size of the wheel is 2.8 inches. So, you can purchase an acceptable board from the renowned brand Yocaher with the budget. Moreover, there are many nice longboards available in the market. Just go out and find them.

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Longboard At Roughly $150 Budget

When you increase the budget, decent quality boards will be found. Many companies deliberately manufactured good products within 150 dollars. So, you can enjoy a great experience of skating. Mini cruisers, budget dancers and great quality cruisers are available within the range. Atom 39” Woody Longboard is a versatile example of intermediate longboarder demand of choice.

It is an ideal product from the renowned Atom Skating Manufactures. The board is built of maple wood. Plus, it is lightweight too. The overall performance is suitable for beginners and experts. The weight is about 10 pounds. Moreover, you can search for desirable products from Amazon.

Longboard At Roughly $200 Budget

Expanding the budget up to 200 USD, you can acquire something better. With roughly 200 dollars, you will get high-quality dance boards and downhill boards. The build components are above standards like solid wheels and trucks. In the skating market, well-known longboard suppliers bring many attractive items. Rayne Supreme 36-inch longboard would be the best option.

Longboard At Roughly $300 Budget

In this 300 dollars segment, you will get exceptional build materials products. For example, the decks are vertically laminated. They are also constructed of fiberglass and carbon. Therefore, the boards are easier and lighter to transport. But, if you are not a skilled skater, you do not need to purchase a higher-priced one. It is also advisable not to spend money in case of having another longboard.

For example, GAOYY is a popular brand for producing professional skateboards across the globe. Their longboards are fabulously fashionable. Plus, they provide super durability. For getting long term basis regular riding experiences with comfort, you should invest in the product. Spending 300 bucks on this type of board is worthy of supreme longboarding expectation.

What factors determine the price of a longboard?

Firstly, the cost is determined by the quality of the components. If the manufacturer company brings better quality, the overall costs of longboarding will increase. The higher quality can provide greater gliding experiences. Durable materials help to ride more efficiently while minimizing the potential risk of accidents. We are digging into the question of how much does a longboard cost.

Brand Value

Different brands come with different prices. In the commercial longboard marketing world, some brands maintain the integrity of their premium value from the consumers perspective. According to the brand popularity, the expenses of any board depend. Some of the famous ones are Loaded Longboards, Landyachtz Boards and Sector 9.

Apart from these names, Yocaher and Atom are reputable manufacturers. They have sharpened their capability and experience of bringing advanced products to the people. These brands have been in the longboarding field for decades. With years of trust and experience, longboards are available at top price tickets from them.


To be frank, longboard cost is directly dependent on the technology. However, many differences are found between normal longboards and technology-based ones. Generally, technology adds extra features to the product. As a consequence, a rider would love to prefer a technology-based board regardless of the additional costs.

Longboard Size

It is another essential factor in affecting the cost. The bigger size is quite expensive. Because the build materials of making larger boards are comparatively higher than the mini ones. Whereas the small item ranges from 150 to 200 USD. Conversely, any big longboard requires you to carry up to 500 bucks or higher.

The Deck

The deck is a compulsory material for aboard. The quality affects the price. Commonly, longboards are built with either Maple or Bamboo. In a close look, maple made products provide better durability. Heavy-duty users should consider maple wood. Bamboo boards are quite affordable.

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The Truck

Trucks are a vital factor in longboard pricing. They are the components that will allow a user to turn. The pieces have various sizes and different shapes too. The truck’s classification is termed kingpin which is based on the axles turning. It has subtypes like reverse, pivot and standard.

The Wheel

Wheel size is the next factor influencing longboard price. The softer and bigger wheels are expensive than the mini ones. As they allow you to ride smoothly on different kinds of terrain. To demonstrate, you will require to pay less for hardcore wheels. Expensive boards come with high performing wheels. So, they ensure stable and fast riding.

The Bearing

From research, you can find two kinds of bearings materials. They are stainless steel and ceramics. The standard board is built with stainless steel. Although ceramic bearings are designed with precision tuning capacity. They have mesmerizing features too. You can get a flexible ride with them. On the other side, use stainless steel bearings to get more durability.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have already found the answer to how much does a longboard cost. To the new riders in the longboarding world, you should not invest in the very first product. However, passionate users may not have any issue with costs. The high and durable performance will be achievable from the expensive items.

In sum, few vital factors play a great role in the production of a longboard. Brand value is a common theme in the marketing industry. Initially, the size is a basic point of the product. Besides, the bearings and wheels are versatile build materials. In the deck, the longboard is erect. Taking all of them into consideration, let’s pick up your one!