As longboard riding is an art and getting popular day by day, the demand for knowing this cart is increasing. Very often riders question each other whether they can do tricks on a longboard or not. As a result, they always remain confused. Plus, they also try to know the tricks for the longboard.

That’s why we have come in front of you along with some tricks. As a rider, you should understand in-depth about. Therefore, we are going to come to discuss with you the answer to the question “can you do tricks on a longboard“. If you want to know more about the tricks, you are requested to keep an eye on this article.

The Tricks You Can Do on a Longboard

Longboard riding has become the top hobby or the attraction point of all young boys and girls as well as middle-aged men. If you look into the phenomenon then you will be able to find out some tricks. To be honest, these tricks are the main alluring features at the time of riding.

Some of the tricks are Footbrake, Dancing, Slalom, Pivot, Shove It, Drop-in, Backside Kickturn, Frontside Kickturn, Strawberry Milkshake, and so on. However, in this article, we are going to discuss the tricks in detail. For having the ideas, please glance over the whole article very carefully.


Among all tricks that can be performed on a longboard, the easiest trick is Footbraking. Because it is the very trick by which you can stop a running longboard and can avoid any danger easily. It is the most pivotal trick of all and without knowing it, you are unable to ride a longboard.

To stop the longboard, you must bend your body and transfer the pressure on your feet. And by doing this act, mainly all the weight of the body remains in feet and the longboard will stop slowly. This unique act is another key way to keep the speed under control.


If we tell the truth then we have to say that dancing is another genre of footbrake. Of course, the main rules of this type of trick depend on your feet. And like foot braking, dancing is another trick to control the speed of a longboard.

For mastering that, first of all, you have to distribute the speed to each wheel as needed. Because without controlling the speed you are wasting your valuable time, nothing else. Moreover, this dancing track requires a lot of practice and arm posturing, and so on.

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If you like skiing then this trick is the main one to do. Because slalom is one kind of skiing. To perform this act, you have to perform curving turns to ignore the dangerous situation, and manage the speeds at the time of riding from downhill. So, this trick requires great practice.

In addition, this skill greatly depends on your arms because while performing it, you must stretch your hands to control the speed. Without these, your hands require you to move by following your feet to manipulate the longboard and regulate the speed. But the main thing is practicing.


If you can rotate a longboard very well, there is another skill. By performing this skill, you can get the attraction of the spectaculars as a pro and skilled longboard rider. This is nothing but the pivot. But in this case, if you cannot rotate the board well then you had better avoid this skill. Because it can harm you greatly if you face an uneven situation.

First of all, by pressuring, a rider should rotate the longboard. Moreover, to do this skill greatly, all body and its pressure, feet, etc. need to be manipulated. With your hindfoot, you have to rotate the longboard 180 degrees. But you won’t have too much pressure. If you do so, you may have to face great injury.

Shove It

To tell the truth, the shove is the modern version of pivoting a longboard. Of course, it is a genre of the pivot and looks the same as it. In fact, in shove it, you will certainly be able to find out all the basics of pivoting a longboard.

But the main difference is that a rider has to jump to perform this skill. For mastering this skill, the main requirement is that this skill needs a stable and durable longboard with strong and perfect wheels. The jumping will be moderate. That means you don’t have to perform long jumps.


Another fearful skill is drop-in. Because many of us don’t want to perform it. The first thing that you have to do is to concentrate on speed and balance. After that, you need to stand on one side of the longboard and hold the front side of that with another foot.

After standing on the board, you have to slowly release pressure on the front side. By doing this act, you along with your longboard are sure to move forward. But be very cautious! If you do something wrong then you may have to face a hard situation.

Backside Kickturn

Backside kickturn is another pro skill of longboarding. In general, those who want to advance his/her skill have to perform it. Also, this is the very skill by which you can elicit the attraction of the spectaculars in greater numbers. To perform this skill, you must have control of speeds.

Also, for the gravity of the board, the body of the rider is very essential. Because the body and its pressure help for turning, rotating and moving forward largely. This is why, to be a master on the backside kickturn, you have to have a good performance with the skills that we have given above.

Frontside Kickturn And Strawberry Milkshake

Frontside kickturn is very tough to master. Because of this, a rider has to reach the ramp accurately. Plus, he has to rotate the board with the exact movement of the body to know the answer to the question: can you do tricks on a longboard? This process needs great practice and control over the board.

The final complex skill is Strawberry Milkshake. This is because many of us don’t want to master it. If they want then it takes too much time. To perform this skill, you must have a good position and control of your right leg. Then speed up the board and spin quickly.


Question: Can I do an ollie on my longboard?

Answer: Of course, you can. But to master this you have to do a lot of practice. First of all, practice standing on the board. After that, take the front side of the board by using your right foot right next to the nose. Then lift your longboard and do movement by using the foot.

Question: Can I use my longboard at a skatepark?

Answer: Yes, you can longboard at a skatepark. Many of us ride the longboard to speed up and perform our skills by using body, feet, pressure, and so on. That is to say, you can longboard at a skatepark if you excel in it. Plus, the skating parks will be a good option to ride smoothly.

Final Verdict

The main point that we must suggest to you as the answer to the question “can you do tricks on a longboard” is practice. As riding on a longboard is becoming enriched with some alluring skills, you have to perform them. Today, in this article, we have given you all the skills of longboarding and depicted how to master them. But the only one is to practice the skills in greater numbers. And consider wearing the safety measures. At the time of practicing the safety measures ensure protection from great injury.

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