As a longboard rider, a question must have arisen in your mind how much weight can a longboard hold. Maybe this is the only and most crucial question that you have ever wanted to know about longboards. Of course, we agree with you because every rider should know it while purchasing a longboard.

This is because we have confronted you with the answer to that question. Certainly, all riders show a great circumstance about the weight capacity of a longboard for a fast move and control it. Because if a longboard can hold enough weight and easily ride then it is a long-lasting product. So, this article will inform you about the weight capacity.

Longboard’s Weight Capacity

To be honest, the actual capacity for taking the weight of a longboard is between 200 to 250 lbs. In general, the capacity is for the 8-ply longboards. Though this weight capacity makes a rider feel comfortable while riding, you will find 300+ lbs. longboards in the markets very often.

In other words, choosing one of the two types of boards depends on the rider. However, if you want to have a longboard that can bear about 300 lbs. weight then consider purchasing the 9-ply one. Yes, you are right. It is a matter of getting comfortable at the time of longboarding.

Weight Limitation Of Some Kinds Board

While you are choosing the best longboard and its features in the markets, you will find differences among some kinds of boards. This is the reason that we are going to inform you about a lucid chart/table. By glancing over it, you can find out the differences and easily make a purchasing decision.

No             Kinds of Boards Length of Deck Weight Limitation (In lbs. & kg) 
1. Longboard 32 inches to 58 inches 260 to 300 lbs. (~120 to 130 kgs)
2. Skateboard 28 inches to 33 inches 220 lbs. (~100 kgs)
3. Penny board 22 inches to 27 inches 180 lbs. (~80 kgs)
4. Electric Skateboard All about 38 inches 200 to 300 lbs. (~90-130 kgs)

Affecting Factors Of Weight Capacity Of A Longboard

Above all, some factors directly or indirectly affect the weight capacity of a longboard. Therefore, the more quality of the factors is, the more weight can carry the longboard. This is why before buying a board; one should have to keep an eye on these factors. Let’s talk about it.

Carbon Fiber

Among the materials, carbon fiber is more acceptable and durable than others. For optimizing bearings capacity, in the long run, designers often submerge this material with fibers or layers from bamboo. This is the main reason that carbon fiber-made longboards cannot hold much weight. But for the alluringness and stability, it is one of the best materials for a longboard.


The maple deck can hold up to 220-250 lbs. To clarify, maple-based longboards are more popular for their features. However, its only disadvantage is that it is a heavy-weight material. In other words, for beginners, the longboard made from maple wood is the best and the safest one.

Vinyl Plastic

Above all, in the longboard markets, vinyl is not as popular as others. It is very suitable for moving rides. But it is not for the carrying riders. In other words, for those who want to bear weight using their longboards, it is unsuitable for them. This type of material-based longboard can hold only 200 lbs. of weight.


The main reason for the popularity of this bamboo-made-longboard is the low price. And collecting and making a form of this type of wood is very easy. In addition, the combination of maple and bamboo can take 300 lbs. of weight. So, it is comparatively better than others by the capacity of holding weight.

Deck Size, Shape And Truck

We know very well that the deck size and shape play an important role in bearing much weight. The larger your deck is, the more weight it can hold. The deck between 7 to 9 inches can take all but 200 lbs. weight. And the truck, the foundation of a longboard should be very strong. The stronger truck or the longboard can carry more weight.

Wheels And Bearings

Certainly, for carrying a lot of weight, the most two important parts of a longboard are wheels and bearings. Those who are experts, keep a serious lookout on wheels and bearings, and their solidness while buying a longboard. So, be careful about them and you have already found the answer in today’s article on how much weight can a longboard hold with size table.


Well, many of us ignore the bushings. To say in short, bushings are the main and overall construction of a longboard. Only by looking out at this feature, you can think whether the longboard is good or not. Above all, the bushing with 93a can withstand the weight of about 170 lbs. That’s why, we can say that the more level of the bushing, the larger it can hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can a longboard hold about 300 pounds?

Answer: Well, the weight capacity of a longboard depends on its all parts such as the deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, and so on. On average, a longboard can hold 150 to 250 lbs. of weight. But a quality longboard can hold 300 lbs. Sometimes more than 300.

Question: Is a longboard supposed to bend?

Answer: Of course, a longboard is supposed to bend. Because manufacturers have designed some longboards to bend. Generally, this feature differs from a longboard from a skateboard. But many of us are not aware of this feature. However, it ensures some advantages while riding on a longboard.

Final Verdict

To know about the weight capacity of a longboard is a common question. Hence, we have discussed in the article how much weight can a longboard hold. Besides, we also have discussed the measurement on which the weight capacity of longboards greatly depends. Again, by going through this article, you can find a table in which we have depicted the serial and all information in a nutshell. That is why you should ensure a lucid glance over this content before buying one or to know about the weight capacity.

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