When you are through with your daily exercise on a razor scooter, you will need to store it safely. It is wise to fold it and place it in its carriage. How is this done?

In this article, I am going to highlight the ways to do the folding. We are also going to look as to whether all of them are foldable or not.

The article shall tackle a variety of question and answer sessions about the topic. There will also be a conclusion at the end. Please read keenly through the article for more information.

To fold a Razor scooter, follow these easy steps:

  1. Stand the scooter upright and grasp the handlebars with both hands.
  2. Locate the folding mechanism, which is usually a lever or button near the base of the handlebars.
  3. Push the lever or button to release the locking mechanism and allow the handlebars to fold down.
  4. Once the handlebars are folded down, the scooter deck will also fold in half.
  5. Continue to hold the folded scooter with one hand and use your other hand to grasp the folding mechanism and lock it into place. This will ensure that the scooter stays folded and does not accidentally unfold while being carried.

Note: The exact folding mechanism and steps may vary depending on the specific model of Razor scooter. Consult the user manual for your scooter for detailed instructions.

What is this Razor Scooter machine?

A Razor scooter is a type of small, lightweight, and portable scooter that is popular with children and teenagers. Razor scooters typically have a narrow deck with a handlebar at the front for steering, and are propelled by pushing off the ground with one foot. Razor scooters are designed for use on smooth, paved surfaces, and are not suitable for off-road use. They are known for their durability and affordability, and are a popular choice for children and teenagers who want a fun and easy way to get around.

It is a compact folding pro scooter that has been in existence since the year 2000. The product was developed initially by Micro Mobility Systems (MMS), and the manufacturers are JD Corporation. People of all walks love Razor scooters and use it worldwide.

Several other corporations are coming up with their brands, but the original idea was from MMS.

How To Fold a Razor Scooter?

razor folding scooter

You can do this in three easy steps. These are:

  • Slide the grips on the outward direction.
  • Push down the t-tube.
  • Fold, pack it, and go.

The Procedure

  • Release the locking levers

The levers keep the bike the way it stands before folding. It keeps the t-tube standing horizontally from the footgear. When you release these levers, the t-tube can then slide down for folding.

Place the razor scooter on an even surface before you begin the process. Step on it using one foot and apply pressure firmly as you put your hands to the handlebars. It is to prevent the scooter from moving when releasing the locking levers.

There is a specific way to fold the razor scooter, and that is the procedure that you should follow. It can be problematic if you do not do so.

Be careful not to get hurt by the moving parts. They may not appear to be harmful, but it is better to observe precautions.

  • Push the release buttons

It is the next step. Do this once you have secured the scooter firmly. While at that, slide out the grips. Behind the handlebars are two small buttons.

Push one of them and pull the closest grip away. Do the same procedure for the remaining button. Again, pull the grip away from the rest of the scooter.

Some scooters can fold without removing the grips. However, you can do this by first removing the levers, but if it does not work, pull out the grips first.

  • Open the clasp

It is a circular piece of metal that lies in the middle of the handlebars. Pull away the clasp from the scooter.

  • Push the steering column

Apply some pressure to push it down. Do that for as much as the column can go. You can do this by releasing the clasp. Once you release it, it will allow you to push the column down.

You are now ready to fold the scooter. To begin, lower the handlebars. Hold the handlebars with one hand, and the other hand holds the steering column. Push the handlebars down gently but consistently. The steering column, will then, lower down, and join the main part of the razor. It will disappear in there. Close the clasp to keep the steering column in place.

You have now done the job, and you can store I for future use, or even travel with it. When you want to open it, follow the reverse procedure of folding it. It should be a direct reflection of the clamping process.

Watch Video Tutorial: How to Pack And Fold Razor Scooter

Do all razors fold?

Yes. All the razor scooters fold. There is, however, a specific procedure that you must follow to complete the process. If you don’t making it steady before you begin to fold, you may end up not doing the process. The procedure of folding is simple since it follows the same process.

Is it possible to fold a razor bike half-way?

Yes, it is possible. You will need to slide out the grips. After that, you will need to slide down the t-tube. Finally, fold the tube and go. I would not, however, advise you to do that. You better fold it completely, especially if you are to store it or travel with it.

Is it possible to lock the scooter?

Yes, it is possible to lock it. The procedure is quite simple. Run the lock cable through the front wheel spokes. Secure it to a stationary item that will keep its place.

Most of the scooters do not come with locks, and hence you will purchase them separately. However, some kick scooters come with holes on the frame. These holes are for use in securing the lock to the bike. They also do not come with locks.

How do you fix a scooter that does not fold?

In some cases, the scooters may fail to fold. The scooter’s handlebars could be blocking the process scooter from folding. If that is the case, you will need to readjust and repeat the procedure. Confirm also if the alignment wheels at the bottom of the handlebars are in line with the folding mechanism.

If you fix the two problems above, the scooter should then be able to fold easily. However, if you fail to do it, you will need to troubleshoot the system. You can also get someone who understands the process to help you. Always refer to the user manual if you are not sure about anything.

Is it possible to fix a razor scooter?

Yes, it is possible to fix it. As you continue using it, the parts will wear out, including the folding system. When this happens, you will need to carry out the troubleshooting of the system. If it involves repairs, then you should take it to a certified care center for the repairs to be fixed. However, if you can handle the repairs on your own, then you should fix it at home.


There are several instances when you will need to fold the bike. The procedure of doing so is simple and straightforward. If you deviate from the steps, as explained in this article, you may not manage to fold the bike.

If you get into trouble with the procedure, repeat it, and avoid the earlier mistakes. Should you face total failure to fold, troubleshoot the system, and it shall be okay.