Suppose your wheels don’t let your longboard forward easily but with much pressure. Then remember it is high time to rinse the wheels as soon as possible. Of course, The wheels may get jam-packed by tiny rocks, dust, pollen, dirt and so on. That’s why your longboard is slowing down day by day.

But there is nothing to worry about. As cleaning wheels is a basic phenomenon, we are going to exemplify how to clean longboard wheels. After reading this content, you can easily cleanse your longboard’s wheels without any expert & expertise. So, keep with us to know about the pro deed.

Let’s begin the discussion.

Tools And Materials

The tools and materials are very pivotal to manipulate a process. You can not think of progress without them. To clean a longboard’s wheels, you also need some tools and materials. These are dish soap or detergent, a wrench, oil, and if need then an Air compressor. Just these materials will do for cleaning wheels.

Detach The Blinker From Beatings, Wash and Drench

First thing first, hold the longboard and flip it. Then using a wrench, detach the wheels from the longboard truck. If you do it properly then spit out the Blinker from bearings.  After that, using dish soap or detergent, erect a conglomeration and rinse and soak the blinkers for 10-15 minutes.

Pop The Bearing Shields And Rinse Out

Well, you have filtered out the bearings from wheels in the above phase. After that, it is high time to pop the bearing shields. To clarify, every bearing has a shield to save its balls from outsides. In this case, you can demeanour a sharp blade or anything such as an acute knife.

After picking out the shields, launder the bearings and their balls. To do it, Dish soap or detergent is mandatory. But there are many cleansers you will find in the markets. In short, wash them for 5 minutes. However, in this phase, you must be very circumspect or be in a fix.

Soaking Process of the Bearings

You know the most pivotal part of a longboard is the bearings. Because riding in a race depends on bearings. So, cleaning a bearing is nothing but the obligatory one. In the above phase, you have severed the shields and washed both of them. Now you have to soak the bearings.

For soaking these, use a clean towel or a fresh cloth. To clarify, make sure that you have soaked them quite well and quickly. Because taking a long time to asperse these bearings can demolish both bearings and wheels greatly. If you want to speed up this drenching process, you can use an air compressor.

Dropping Oil Into The Bearings

Above all, dropping oil is a necessary point of the cleaning wheel process. Of course, if you don’t want to have a cacophonous sound then you must drop the oil into the bearings. In other words, oil or dubbin can speed up any longboard by smooth cycling of the balls of a bearing.

However, a question may bear in your mind. The question is how much measurement should you drop the oil into a bearing. Well, you can exude 2-3 drops of oil. In addition, you can also use sewing machine oil or electronic oil. But don’t exude too much oil. It will be the main reason for getting your longboard oily.

Snap The Bearing Shields and Insert into Wheels

If you have already terminated the above steps, then you have conquered half the battle. Now it comes to re-join all the parts. Undoubtedly, this phase is the most crucial part of the article on how to clean longboard wheels. First, of this step, snap the shields with bearings very carefully.

After that, you have to insert the bearings into the wheels. That is to say, the bearings will be submerged by plastic jackets. Most importantly, make sure that the bearings are set up perfectly in any case. Because the plastic jackets will guard all bearings against outsides and any troubles.

Attaching Wheels To Longboard’s Truck

The final phase of clearing wheels is to re-join all wheels to your longboard’s trucks. Certainly, you have overcome the 6 steps, detaching, soaking, inserting wheels into the bearings. This time, take the wrench again. By using that tool, reset all wheels to the truck in a vigilant manner.

In a nutshell, some axle nuts will be set clearly to attach all wheels to the trucks. But you must bear in mind two mandatory things. Firstly, don’t over-tighten the nuts. Over tightness will reduce the wheel’s spinning. And the final thing is that your wheels will spin easily without any grinding.


Question: How Do I Make My Longboard Wheels Smoother?

Answer: Firstly, you must detach the wheels from the trucks by using a wrench. Then, uncover the bearings and wash them and soak them. Mix oil into it, readjust to the trucks again. The cleaning process of bearings will make your longboard wheels smoother. If you want to learn in detail then read this article below.

Question:  What Materials Can I Use To Clean My Longboard Wheels?

Answer: Excellent question! Every procedure needs some instructions and some materials or tools to complete. The process of cleaning wheels also requires some materials. In that case, you can use Dish soap or Detergent, a wrench, oil, and if need then an Air compressor. But you can buy alternatives to soap or detergent and the air pressure is optional.

Final Verdict

As a rider, beginner, or pro, you may like to cleanse the longboard and its wheels. Because this will speed up your rides. This is because we have explicated some directions on how to clean longboard wheels. In any case, this article will help you to clear a longboard’s wheels effortlessly. Also, according to the experts, a longboard and its wheels need to be cleaned after 50 hours. Therefore, as a deal rider, knowing all processes of cleaning wheels is nothing but a compulsory phenomenon.

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