If you are a longboard rider then you know very well how important losing trucks of your longboard is. This is because we are here with some exclusive tips. However, many riders remaining with us don’t know how to loosen longboard trucks though they are good enough at the time of riding.

Well, you can both loosen and tighten your board. But while riding it, the tips of loosing a board’s trucks are quite necessary. So, we have exemplified these pivotal tips for your better riding. If you really want to learn the special and dormant section of longboard riding, don’t miss this article.

Tools You Need

Every process needs some tools for getting finished properly. The loosing and tightening progress of a longboard also needs the same thing. So, in this case, we are describing the necessary instrument. For having your longboard loose, you must need Pliers, Wrench, and a Screwdriver. These tools will help you to easily complete work.

Preparing Of The Board

Well, in this case, we are suggesting you turn or set off your favorite riding board. To start working, first of all, you must put the longboard by the other side. But be careful! Consider keeping that board on a stable or plane working area. Otherwise, you may have to face unfair conditions.

Wrenching The Board

After putting off your board, entitled you with a wrench. Make sure that you have the proper wrench to fix the nut. Usually, 14mm socket wrenches are perfect for most longboards and work very well. To clarify, keep the wrench on the nut of your longboard and wrench it clockwise to loosen and wrench on the left side to tighten.

First Truck Loosening

Now, in this phase, you are going to learn how to loosen longboard trucks. To clarify, the longboard’s first truck needs turning clockwise. Thus, you can easily loosen your board’s first truck. However, continue this activity until you get the appropriate dimension. Go on loosening.

If you face the situation of having trouble with the loosening phase, then you also need a screwdriver in order to fix that problem. Undoubtedly, loosening the first truck with both instruments will be very easy for you. But this act needs a careful lookout. Because of the lack of heeding, your truck may go astray.

Second Truck Loosening

To say frankly, the second truck loosening step is very easy. Because we have discussed the procedures above. So, in this case, carefully read out the cautions and steps mentioned above and perform the same thing to loosen your longboard’s second truck. But ensure one thing that you have the same portion of loosening.

Checking Looseness

After terminating the act of loosening procedures, you must have to check or read out the looseness of the longboard. You also should bear in mind that too much looseness or too much tightness can cause harm to you. If they are not in an appropriate portion then do the same thing again and fix it.


Finally, the most crucial part comes. It is nothing but the checking truck of your longboard. After having your favorite longboard loosen or tighten, check it out whether it is too loose or tighten. For this part, first of all, you have to bear in mind the appropriate proportion. Then set your legs onto it and ensure the needy proportion of looseness or tightness.

After that, using a wrench and screwdriver, set up the trucks into appropriate looseness or tightness. Remember one thing that too much looseness or tightness can bring harm to you. Thus, a longboard rider can easily fix his/her problems.


Question: Can a longboard truck be loosened or tightened?

Answer: Yes, a longboard rider can easily loosen or tighten his/her longboard truck. For controlling the board or turning in the appropriate direction, riders must loosen or tighten the board. Of course, it should be on a moderate scale. And this article will let you know about the proceedings.

Question: What kind of wrench do I need for a longboard truck?

Answer: For a longboard truck loosening or tightening, you can take a socket wrench or adjustable wrench. If you research then you will be able to find that generally, a 14mm wrench is the best option for a longboard. Again, an adjustable wrench will also do. Turn the nut clockwise to loosen and ante clock to tighten.

Final Verdict

As longboard riding is getting so popular nowadays, the number of riders as well as spectaculars is enlarging. To be honest, the demand for learning these skills and their tips is also increasing. Among them, loosening the trucks is one of the special tips. But many of us don’t know how to loosen longboard trucks.

That is why we have exemplified the tips of loosening a longboard truck. If you follow the rules mentioned above, then you will be able to loosen your longboard trucks very easily. Remember that, if you want to focus on sliding, cruising, and others, you must have to know the loosening procedures.

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