Nobody can always be prepared for any unwanted incidents. The tough situation can appear at any time anywhere. So, we need to be appropriately guided to beat the tough time.

Imagine you need to remove your bike crank in the middle of the road, and you do not have the puller. What will you do? No worries. We have made a step by step guideline of how to remove bike crank without puller.

What is Crank Puller?

This is a particular sort of tool which is mainly used for disassembling and dismantle to collect the crankset of the bicycle. It is designed for removing bicycle crank. It is made of aluminum for lightweight and comes with stable performance. It comprises nuts and bolts and pulls the crank off from the engaged axle.

It can be used for some essential repairs as well.

What Is the Entire Process of How to Remove Bike Crank without Puller?

Removing Bolt

Wear gloves before starting the project to avoid hand injuries. Now remove the crank bolt or nut. You have to do this by turning the nut in clockwise. Try to do it slowly to spare you from the chain, which may jump off suddenly and hit your hands.

Get free from any washers

The washers are metal discs with large holes in the center, which is placed firmly below the nuts and bolts. They are for supporting the movements of wheels in a particular direction with the help of its levers. Use any spanner or a bolt to get rid of the washers.

Checking the Crank Bolt and Choose the Suitable Tool

This step is mainly for selecting the right tool for removing the arm and the bolts of the crank. For this, CCP-22 or CWP-7 might be a great option to remove M8 crank. If you have a bigger crank bolt like M14 or M12, then you can go for CWO-7 or CCP-44.

Rotating the Threaded Coupler of The Puller

Move forward to turn the coupler of the puller until it recesses in the hex connection. You need to do this with a screwdriver or spanner for engaging 22 mm thread into the arm properly.

Threading the Spindle Driver

With the help of your bear arms to turn the threaded coupler of the puller. All you have to do is entering the spindle driver into the slot. After that, slowly turn the drive anticlockwise until it gets taut firmly.

Rotate the Spindle Clockwise

When the spindle driver is wholly tightened, then turn it clockwise. Keep turning it until you the crank disengages fully. Make sure that you are doing it slowly and meticulously to avoid damages.

Unthreading the Crank Puller

In this step, you have to unthread the crank puller tool from the crank. While you are excluding the tools, take care of your knuckles, which may hit the crank’s side.

Repeating the Process

When you are done with the above steps to one side of the bicycle, then get ready to do the same for the opposite side as well. Try to follow the mentioned steps accordingly. At this time, you will find yourself more potential and expert than before to redo the entire process again.


And this is the end of the instructions, which are very easy to apply. So, how to remove bike crank without puller is a no-brainer. We would like to recommend you have all the necessary tools and equipment that are mentioned above before starting the job. It will provide you the hassle-free working experience.