Rollerblades and roller skates are popular types of skating. Rollerblading arouses interest in lots of people. Whereas, roller skating seems much fun for any individual. The rider travels on the surfaces using roller skates. It is a great sport which provides recreation. You can use this as a way of transportation.

Contrastingly, rollerblading is particularly manufactured in different forms of skates. You may use them for recreational purposes. Additionally, it is utilized as aggressive or fitness skating. So, if you think about both of them confusing, today’s post will certainly help you. In this article, we compare as well as contrast “Rollerblades vs Roller Skates”. Let’s start exploring it down.

Key Differences

The main difference between the rollerblades and roller skates are the set up of the wheels. This has a distinctive effect on appealing to any users and how the skates function. For example, roller hockey and roller derby are some sports using one pattern of skating instead of the other. Amazingly, it determines which type of riding the rider wants to learn.

When we talk about roller skating, there we can see four wheels. These wheels are in 2 rows similarly to any skateboard or a car. They are thick wheels having rubber brakes above them. Additionally, the skates are lacing up to be utilized. You may think of it similarly to wearing any leather boot. If the boot has wheels beneath it.

On the other side, rollerblades also have four wheels. Whereas, the wheels are set up all in one row. The wheels on rollerblades are thinner compared to the roller skate’s wheels. This indicates less stability. Situation of the rubber brakes are on the rear side. Moreover, rollerblade’s body is hard. This allows more air space for ventilating your feet. This enables the feet to breathe easily.

Roller skates are used for artistic skating, roller derby as well as jam skating. On the other hand, rollerblades are used for roller hockey, speed skating and freestyle.

If you prefer to spend time outside skating, rollerblades are the best choice. Reversely, roller skating is usually done inside.

Which One Is Easier: Rollerblades or Roller Skating?

If you want to pick up one side, it may not be simple for you. The size and design of the wheel allowing a smooth ride for speed skaters and downhill. For outdoor riders, roller skating is very user-friendly. It always provides faster going with ease.

Moreover, this ride will be perfect with any style. Whereas, if you are a beginner with concerns about falling, you may fall over easily on both rollerblades and roller skates. Categorically, roller skates are potentially prone to fall over. It may be due to the wheel not extending behind your boot perfectly. Reversely, it may not be easy to maintain balancing on rollerblades initially. As the wheelbase is comparatively thin. It will not provide much ankle support.

Which Will Get You Fitter: Rollerblading Or Roller Skating?

Rollerskating will allow you to skate with more speed. Because of this, it is an active recreational activity for fitness. On the other hand, rollerblading is not harder compared to roller skating. As a form of riding, both will burn a significant amount of calories.

To stay fit, you may use any one of them. Although, this ride can never be able to burn calories like cycling or running. But, they are far more better than a brisk walk or any lighter type of exercise.

Which Should I Choose: Rollerblades or Roller Skates?

Choosing anyone between Rollerblades vs Roller Skates is absolutely up to your circumstances and preferences.

Moreover, the purpose of riding the skates is also a key factor for selecting accordingly. If we discuss the learning curve, both have it.

Besides, the dissimilarity is not significant. For young children, you should go roller skating. Because they are easy to balance on and stand up. Young children have less developed leg and ankle muscles. Therefore, they may struggle in stabilizing the rollerblades.

If you prefer any particular sport, it will be clear what type of skates you buy. Roller derby is using roller skates. Meanwhile, speed skating is using rollerblades. Finely, roller skates can be used for dancing.

However, you can choose either, if you are searching for leisure skating. Roller Skating is easy for going faster. This doesn’t say, you can speed around after learning for the first time while unskillful to control you. But, it uses the muscles efficiently for covering the distance.

You can have a perceptible preference for any skate’s associated style. It is completely fine to make decisions based on visual observation. Probably, you can be pleased by the look of the rollerskate, you may purchase it. But, you have to invest the time for learning it. Reversely, rollerblades can move around more efficiently. Therefore, they are better for using every day.

Which Specific One Is Better?

Well, it is technically difficult to answer. Because you can like anyone. Both make working for you. For gaining fitness and losing weight, you can go with roller skating. Rollerblading is good for your amusement and fun.

Rollerblades Advantages And Disadvantages


    • Workout of almost all muscles.
    • Fast manoeuvring and movement.
    • Excellent for rapidly moving sports.
    • Improvement of cadence and balance.
    • Gives a happy and stress-free life.


    • For a beginner, balancing is hard.
    • Not perfect for rough terrains.

Roller Skates Advantages And Disadvantages:


    • Well-balanced and decent hub of gravity.
    • Require less body agility and training.
    • Perfect for upper body workout.
    • Comfortable shoes than rollerblades.
    • Less possibilities of tripping.
    • Rapid change of pace.


    • Manoeuvring is difficult for heavy wheels.
    • Not ideal for sports like racing.


So, this is all about “Rollerblades vs Roller Skates”. We hope this post will help you to understand the discussion. Honestly, both rollerblading and roller skating will be fun for riding. You can have a great time and exercise by using either. When you have an interest in aggressive skating, go for rollerblading.

On the reverse side, if you want to find a way of transportation along with amusement, roller skating is good for you. Then, choosing a specific ride may not be difficult. Once you select one, you can go out having fun. Happy skating!