Longboarding is a superb sport for all ages of people. Apart from ordinary recreational activity, this beautiful board can be utilized to commute regularly. Like the other riding activities, the fundamental way for getting desirable performance is going out to practice more. While spending time onboarding, you can adopt every single detail.

Today we will focus in-depth on longboarding in San Diego. You might have a work trip here. Whether you are a traveller or dweller of San Diego, this analytical article is for you. We would talk about some good places where you can go longboarding. Without any further delay, let’s jump on the post.

Riding In San Diego

During your stay in San Diego, longboarding should never quit. After proper research, we found quite good locations to go for riding. Desired longboard spots for distance pushing and flatland cruising can be done precisely across anywhere in the city. This includes the never-ending bike trails of Mission Bay, Balboa Park and Coronado Island.

Along with the Mission and Pacific Beach, the country mile boardwalk will be perfect places for boarding. The only exception should be on extremely crowded days. Also, San Diego offers various spot options for longboarders. You can do downhill and freeride on the Black’s Beach, Mount San Miguel or UCSD campus. Below we will discover many attractive areas for longboarding in San Diego.

Cruising Longboarding In San Diego

Coronado Island

Silver Strand Bikeway is located around the San Diego Bay on Coronado Island. This place has long roads for cruising smoothly. The broad bike paths have straight pavement and curves. It goes all the way down towards Imperial Beach. In total, the 12 miles long round trip is for a longboarding roll.

Although, you can easily turn around to go back anytime. The scenery is relaxing and cool. Besides, the path is perfect for pushing and skate jogging. You will encounter minor and minimal traffic signals on the crossings. Besides, you do not have to face many bikes or joggers. However, beginners should be careful about falling into the bay.

Downtown & Coronado

Another preferable path is starting at Harbor Island Drive North of Coronado. You can begin longboarding from the South alongside downtown San Diego. Then, ride in the same direction of the 5 freeway. Lastly, riding can be done from West into the Coronado while backing up into the Northside.

Balboa Park

To get an enjoyable ride, longboarding in Balboa Park is a wonderful option. Sometimes, the area gets crowded. Nevertheless, you can carefully cruise on the pavements or walkways. Certainly, you will be amused by the nice scenery. We will prefer you to use bigger and softer longboard wheels for the terrain. As the roads might not be smooth like the bike paths.

Mission Bay

The Mission Bay is another great area for longboard slogging and cruising. Nearby the Information Center on Bay Drive, the path can be considered at the termination of Clairemont Drive. And, you can do longboarding on the road near the Hilton Hotel and Fiesta Island. These bay sides have an elongated boardwalk which is less crowded.

Beach Boardwalks

The boardwalk of San Diego runs along the Mission and Pacific Beach, thoroughly ending with the La Jolla. This area is a versatile scenic place for longboard riding. It is a 3-mile path from Palisades Park to the South Mission Beach pier. Additionally, the southside of Mission Beach provides a nice distance for longboarding sessions between Point Loma and Ocean Beach.

Freeride Longboarding In San Diego

Black’s Beach Road

There are lots of hills for freeriding in San Diego. A famous boarding spot is a hilly path that accesses Black’s Beach from La Jolla farms. According to some riders, this is the best freeride spot in the entire San Diego. You should be cautious while skating on the path.

UCSD Campus

The UCSD campus has nice freeride spots. For mild freeriding, you may start from the Seuss library’s front door. Then, ride thoroughly towards the engineering buildings located in Warren. Apart from these particular spots, neighborhood roads can allow you to take a similar experience of longboarding. Therefore, UCSD Campus will be able to fulfill your expectations.

Laws & Regulations

  • There are some city and state regulations for longboarding in San Diego. First of all, any rider under 18 years is required to wear a CPSC or ASTM certified helmet at the time of longboarding on a bikeway, street, public bike trail or path. You are not allowed to longboard on the open sidewalks.
  • Also, you can not ride on the roadways and public plazas in the business districts. Moreover, inclined surfaces or structures are not perfect if there are no signs of skating. Apart from this point, there are fixed time schedules in a few places. The legal time is between 07 am to 10 p.m.
  • After and before this, you are not permitted to do longboarding on the boardwalk between Palisades Park and Mission Beach or in their adjacent streets. If you perform longboarding on a sidewalk or pedestrian street, you should not exceed the speed. The pedestrian’s right must be prioritized always in a correct way.
  • Moreover, longboarding in the school areas are strongly prohibited. Similar activities like skateboarding are also prohibited. Children under the age of 12 are required to be accompanied by a guardian or parent when riding the board. Riders must wear all kinds of safety gear. This includes helmets, elbow and knee pads designed for longboarding.
  • No alcohol or smoking, drinks, glass containers, and foods are allowed inside any skate park. Besides, littering and graffiti are prohibited. Any unauthorized obstacles, ramps or jumps are not granted inside or outside the park. You will not be able to bring any animals into the skate park. This is a summary of a few relevant regulations.

Wrapping Up

In sum, the suitable spot for distance skating and cruising is stretching along the La Jolla North coast towards the South of Imperial beach. In the case of freeride longboarding, there are many great hills available in San Diego. One of the popular spots is Rutgers Roadon. It is located on the South portion of Mount Soledad.

Moreover, there are large skateparks available. Surely, you can do longboarding here without any problems. We hope you will consider these paragraphs for longboarding in San Diego!

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