Longboards are the bigger version in the skating universe. Their length is around 40 to 75 or 80 inches. The boards allow the riders to gain a speed of 30 mph. However, downhill riding can be faster. Plugged with performance and pace, invulnerability is a common concern for the users. The initial attempt on safety protocol is wearing the qualitiful protective gears.

Helmets are the most effective way of saving heads. Wrist guards and pads should be worn. Also, other equipment can enhance the overall self-defence. You may perform cruising or dancing with the board. Even many of us love to use it to commute. Besides, freeride longboarding and downhill riding is equally popular. Therefore, we are going to analyze the matter in today’s longboarding safety review.

Safety About The Cruising

For doing relaxed riding on the mild slopes or flat ground in a park, longboarding is supremely safe. Although, some people get injured while performing this type of riding. Undeniably, you may run into the tiny rock. Even sidewalk crack sends you flying off the board. Eventually, a regular longboarder will become adjustable with this.

As the issues arise and happen frequently over time, you will be reasonably alert and fit. In effect, top-speed riding will bring no danger for you. However, you might not always be able to maintain balance.

In some conditions, falling can occur. Whereas this possibility should never be counted.

Later, we will focus more details on the proper protective gears. Longboarding safety entirely relies upon them. Likewise, you can prevent bruises on the elbows or hands. Experienced riders know that wearing protective equipment is the smartest idea. A helmet can be worn for riding at 5 to 15 mph speeds.

Recommended Longboard For Cruising

Safety About Longboard Dancing

Longboard dancing is a versatile discipline. It involves crossing and walking feet on a flexible and longboard deck while rolling on the flat surface. Knowingly, dancing is a super skilled activity. It will not involve top speeds. In terms of safety, few injuries may occur.

Mainly, this riding can injure ligament and muscle, strains and sprains around the feet, ankles and lower legs. Of course, you have to spin and twist around on the longboard. As a consequence, you might fall off. Therefore, helmets and knee pads should be considered wear. So, longboard dancing can be performed securely.

Recommended Longboard For Dancing

Safety About The Commuting

Long-distance riding or commuting is dangerous without safety precautions. Often, this style involves longboarding on the public highway or open roads. Hence, the main focus should be on road safety. Wearing protective pads and helmets will save you from severe injuries. If you hit and fall on the pavement, they will guard you.

To maintain adequate safeness, you should focus on other vital points. As you use the riding for transportation, learn how to stop the longboard reliably and quickly. Before getting into the traffic, practice foot braking for mastering the crafts. If you find any bike lane on the road, use it. Always prepare to stop whenever you require.

Recommended Longboard For Commuting

Safety About Freeride Longboarding

The basic focus of freeride is controlling the downhill speed by sliding and carving. With this longboarding style, you should never try to move too fast. However, sliding might be a risky movement. In case you miss the mark while not being able to push the board properly towards the sideways, it may bring danger.

Even if you push the board hard or miscalculate the weight you require to shift into the rail, you will get off the ground at great speed. Undoubtedly, safety should be taken with the proper gear. A durable certified helmet, some elbow and knee pads are the best companion. Besides, you have to think about the safety of your hands.

For putting the hand on the surface when drifting and sliding, you need slide gloves. There are great quality gloves available on the skating market. Triple 8, Sector 9 etc are few renowned gloves. To reduce the risk, learn the rolling process. This skill is hard to learn but extremely effective.

Recommended Longboard For Freeride

Safety About Downhill Longboarding

Generally, downhill racers and riders get speeds more than 50 to 60 mph. In effect, this kind of riding is dangerous. Although, riders always remember safety consciousness in their mind. Before participating in downhill longboarding, a full face cover helmet must be worn. Strong body leathers and back gear can be used for serious riding.

Sturdy and strong slide gloves are needed for sliding effortlessly. With this kind of equipment, potential injury risk is reduced. In the case of organized racing, the events are well planned. The roads will remain closed off with emergency preparation.

Recommended Longboard For Downhill

Longboarding & Skateboarding: Which One Is Safer?

Now, we will get a depth into the safety issues of longboarding vs skateboarding. Recently, research concluded that longboard riders suffer more injuries than skateboard riders. Based on some hospitalized patients samples as a result of longboard or skateboard accidents, longboarders are found to suffer more severe head fractures, intra-skull injury and traumatic injury than skateboarders. To perform skateboarding, you may have to ride inside the skateparks. Helmets are compulsory to wear. On the contrary, longboarders ride on the open roads. They tend not to wear helmets. When riding on the open streets, few factors like a signpost, light post or curbs create additional risk.

Even, skateboarders perform crazy stunts and jumps, they do it in a controlled and safe environment of the skatepark. Longboards can become fabulously fast and super stable quickly. So, the only solution is wearing the right protective gear. There would be no alternative to this essential equipment. Let’s have a view into them.

Proper Protective Gears

Using proper protective gear is mandatory. The beginner especially tends to fall. However, advanced longboarders can skip wearing them. Undeniably, the risk is remaining. We suggest you wear all of them. Nevertheless, you might have to sacrifice comfort. We will focus on a few essential protective types of equipment. Besides these crucial gears, mouth guard and ankle support should be granted into consideration.


The helmet is the most vital longboard safety equipment. Knowingly, the head injury will be a major reason for severe fatal injuries. Without any sign, you may all. Ultimately, a head injury can occur. To prevent the risk, choose the best fitting helmet.

Recommended Longboarding Helmets

Knee Pads

Using the knee pads will prevent you from breaking your knee while longboarding. They vary in colors and sizes. You should try to purchase the perfect one for you. Inside the knee pads, foam can provide extra protection and comfort.

Recommended Longboarding Knee Pads

Elbow Pads

Saving the elbow is not equally important as your head. But, consider their importance as nobody wants to hurt the elbow. While buying one, you should give the pad breathability. Besides, weight and flexibility are also major priority points to consider.

Recommended Longboarding Elbow Pads


Sliding gloves should be worn for downhill riding. By providing protection, they help you to bring different styles in sliding. On the other side, wrist guards have foams to absorb shocks. Besides, they protect your wrist, palm, finger and back of the hand.

Slide Gloves: YS Sport Adult Longboard Slide Gloves

Wrist Guards: 187 Killer Wrist Guards

Shoes: Adidas Men’s Original Seeley Shoes

Padded Shorts: Triple 8 Bumsavers Padded Shorts

Backpack: GoRide Skateboard Longboard Backpack


As a wise rider, you should always take adequate precautions before longboarding. First and foremost, the board has to be well suited and of decent quality for your style. To ensure longboarding safety, all kinds of protective equipment need to be used. Traffic road rules should be followed by the riders.

Certainly, longboarding is a versatile riding style. In addition, you will require practice more patiently. With having balancing skills, you can adopt the crafts of riding level. The basic tricks should be considered before getting into the wonderful discipline. Happy longboarding with ensuring supreme shedding!