A longboard is a popular way of transportation for all age groups. But, searching and finding the right one is not easy work. In the skating world, there are many big names. While the majority of the names are emerging with elite features, few will perfectly stand out. You may want to know about a specific product that is great for riding.

Among thousands of brands, today we are going to tell you about the best one. Quest longboard is a durable product of choice.

It has a long deck of 44-inch in size which is suitable for average people. The weight load capacity is 200 lbs. Today’s Quest super cruiser longboard review will provide you with enough information.

Specifications Of Quest Super Cruiser

Model Quest QT-NSC44C
Length 44 Inches
Deck Width 9 Inches
Deck Material Wood
Ride Style Cruising, Commuting
Wheels 70mm, Polyurethane
Wheelbase 26.378”
Trucks 7” Reactive Reverse Kingpin Trucks
Bearings ABEC 7 speed bearings
Weight Limit 280-300 Pounds
Board Weight 7.6 Pounds
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Key Features

  • Equipped with precision ABEC 7 bearings.
  • 7-inch durable sturdy aluminium trucks.
  • The deck is made of wood material.
  • 70 mm polyurethane wheel with 80a hardness.
  • Well built for beginners and experienced riders.

    • Perfect for downhills and cruising.
    • Provide stability in sharp turning.
    • The bearings are great for balance.
    • A dependable board allows higher speed.
    • The wheels provide opportunities for new tricks.


    • Slower bearings.

Brief Review Of Quest Super Cruiser

First of all, the Quest longboard is super lightweight. It makes riding more fun. Also, you can commute from one point to another without any problem. Kicktail noses and tails are vital for manoeuvring the longboard. You will not be able to turn quickly without their aid. The unrivalled engineering keeps proper balance on downhill or an uneven surface.

Beginners struggle to control the speed. But, artisan bamboo boards allow stopping whenever you want. Apart from this, the bearing is comparatively slow. It will help you to direct the board with enough precision. As a consequence, you can get a comfortable ride. Nevertheless, Quest brand longboards are amazing for performing new tricks. Without putting much strain on the muscle, it rolls smoothly.

Furthermore, the deck is brilliantly beautiful. The shiny bottom finish is enhanced by a simple design. As we mentioned earlier, the board is constructed with maple wood. Besides, durable polyurethane wheels are attached with aluminium trucks. Indeed, better performance is accurately acquirable. This cruise board is eco-friendly. The designers guarantee the overall works. It is highly recommended to buy this classic super cruiser longboard.

From today’s Quest super cruiser longboard review, you can understand more details about this excellent product. From narrow turns or sharp turns on the hills to regular commuting, this masterpiece has been built to serve you. Wheels are larger to ensure an advanced level of longboarding. Most importantly, the item has an affordable price range.

Features In Details Quest Super Cruiser

Quest Super Cruiser Deck

quest super curiser deck

Longboard comes with various shapes, types, different construction and features. They are designed for enhancing riding abilities and styles. Typically, the decks are about 33″ to 60″.The unique shape and length distinguishes our one from traditional boards. The decks are made from various materials. The Quest super cruiser longboard has a deck of maple wood.

It is the most used material for constructing decks. This kind of wood is quite sturdy and very enduring. So, the deck remains reliable and solid over time with hard riding. So, the deck is

perfect for cruising around anywhere. If we focus on the deck size, it is 44 inches in length. Your feet will easily fit in the board.

Quest Super Cruiser Trucks

quest super curiser trucks

Longboard trucks are very important in providing the best performance. Even the feelings of the ride can be changed significantly based on the truck position. High-quality trucks will enable you to control the speed. Also, you can manage the direction effortlessly. The baseplate angle contributes to longboard handling or turning. Now, we will talk about our one!

Quest super cruiser longboard comes with the best trucks. Better components allow greater performance according to your expectations. The trucks are 7 inches in length built with aluminium. In addition, they have dual cone bushing. It makes the board turn hard. Just remember to tighten them when you need to get better work.

Quest Super Cruiser Wheel

quest super cruiser wheelsThe diameter of the longboard wheel is measured in the mm range. So, a lower number indicates a smaller wheel. It has a slower riding pace. On the contrary, larger wheels allow a faster riding experience. For commuting smoothly, wheel diameter affects the acceleration. Usually, the size begins around 54mm to 60mm. Let’s understand the Quest wheels.

Quest super cruiser longboard comes with a 70 mm polyurethane wheel. Additionally, it has 80a hardness. Certainly, they will roll rapidly to go at a desirable speed. Although, the wheels may seem hard to beginner riders. Sometimes, they can not handle the obstacles. Eventually, you will be able to get better control in the longboarding.

Quest Super Cruiser Bearing

Generally speaking, the bearing is one kind of machine which is helping the motion patterns. It depends on the specific purpose. Commonly, the bearing is used to facilitate movement and minimize friction. Besides, it determines the direction of a motion. However, the main important function is reducing friction. Renewed brands have quite strong bearings.

Quest super cruiser longboards are popular for precision and speed. Even new longboarders get enough flexibility due to the bearings. They have a rating of  ABEC 7. Additionally, the bearings use specific generic components. To perform some new tricks, you may need to upgrade the bearings. Moreover, intense turning is hard to do.


From this Quest super cruiser longboard review, you can say the product will act as a user’s dream with joy. To perform different tricks or take narrow and smooth turns, you can do all of them. Without tripping into the surface, this board is a great choice. Moreover, it is preferable for both experienced riders and beginners.

Super cruiser longboard comes at an affordable price. Whether making a ride on the rough or smooth surface at a higher speed, the board can fulfill your expectations. Hardwood maple-built deck provides durability and flexibility. Aluminium trucks are corrosion and rust-resistant. They can handle high jumps. Ride happily!

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