For a diehard skating fan, components of a skateboard are equally important to get the desired riding experience. With Sector 9, gullwing sidewinder is a well-known brand of skateboard. The manufacturing industry always tries to come up with remarkable products. Also, the trucks are designed with carve specificity. Today we will take a good turn into the item.

This Sector 9 gullwing sidewinder ii longboard truck review will cover everything you need to know from the expert’s point of view. Firstly, these board trucks are built with aluminium. In effect, they are durable, well-grind, lightweight and strong. Many experts describe the product as the gold standard of the skateboarding industry. To understand more, let’s begin.

Specification Of Gullwing Sidewinder II

Model Gullwing Sidewinder II
Size 159mm Hanger / 9” Axle
Board Range 9.5” – 10.5”
Height 72mm
Weight 2.3 Pounds
Riding Style Carving/Cruising
Bushing Shape Barrel/Cone
Hanger Style Dual Pivot Hanger
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Main Features

  • Product comes with 2 sets of trucks.
  • Barrel combo and 89a cone bushings quality.
  • Hanger style is the double pivot.
  • Bushing shape is a barrel or cone.
  • Have dual-stacked conventional geometry.
  • Trucks are built with sturdy 356 aluminium materials.

    • Strong trucks enhance the overall performance.
    • Both carving or cruising riding styles are available.
    • Much softer ride than the regular truck.
    • Entirely adjustable for raising and mounting pads.
    • Have a quite affordable price range.


    • Not preferable for downhill skateboarders.

Gullwing Sidewinder II Review

Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II

Now we will briefly overlook the Sector 9 gullwing sidewinder longboard truck review. This product has a double kingpin setup. On the other hand, most trucks only have one pin. The dual kingpin setup allows quick handling of the rotation more than ordinary ones. This facility enhances steering with the narrower curvature compare with the regular longboard.

Along with the supernormal steering, the double kingpin feature is efficiently functional for the kickbacks. Moreover, you can make quick turns and gain top speed. For installation, the product package comes with extra nuts. As a result, you will be able to use these for attaching the wheels to the truck’s handle. Furthermore, the manufacturer builds this attractive truck set in various colours.

The colours are very lovely. You can get a delightful view with a wonderful performance. Additionally, the truck is pre-packaged. Thus, we do not need to spend more time putting the different components and parts together. Just attach the thing to the board and then attach your wheels with the handles. To assemble, this little work will require less time.

Main Features In Details

Double Kingpin Setup

In today’s skateboard market, many kinds of trucks are available. A double kingpin setup is the best significant feature that separates our Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder longboard truck from the regular ones. These trucks can provide two distinctive points to turn. This allows you a smoother and higher deck riding experience than normal skateboards.

These kingpins will allow the steer to be narrower and further for magnificent manoeuvring on the sidewalks and streets. Also, they are effective in bringing out the best kickbacks. While double kingpin setup makes skateboarding effortless. Moreover, changing into a single kingpin truck will be quite easy. You need to eliminate the mid joint.

Dual Hanger Sizes

In digging deeper into the Sector 9 Gullwing truck review, we will see the dual hanger sizes are available. This fabulous feature comes with many benefits. Two sizes of gullwing truck’s hangers are 9 inches and 10 inches. In general, we measure the hanger from one tip of the axle to another.

Additionally, it is built with durable aluminium. This material is solid enough to withstand rough bumps at the time of performing crazy road tricks. To dive into any deep carves, you can do this effectively. Besides, the hanger is constructed with metal. Therefore, you will sustain the trucks steadily. With different sizes, you can freely choose your suitable one.

Durometer Bushings

Getting the right durometer for the bushings is another important part to get proper performance. The trucks of the skateboard will function in the same way you drive them. Gullwing Sidewinder trucks have a wide array of durometer bushings. This thing makes the trucks a great choice. Usually, the durometer tells how hard or soft they are.

We all know that harder bushings will provide better resistance. They are best for the larger riders. On the contrary, softer bushings will provide lower resistance. Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder longboard has pretty hard durometer bushings. They will secure a one step ahead lifespan. Certainly, top bushings will allow you to get an outstanding carving on the streets.


What are Gullwing Sidewinder trucks?

Gullwing sidewinder trucks have a great patented design. These particular tracks are providing many attractive benefits. Dual pivot points allow these trucks to take sharp and fast turns with twice the speed of the standard truck. Since they were first manufactured till today, their unique construction makes the skating experience more enjoyable.

Are Gullwing Sidewinders Trucks Good?

Gullwing sidewinder longboard trucks provide an easy-going ride. The travel experience will be softer than the regular truck. The rotation mechanics work very quick but effortlessly. Therefore, you can expect smooth and sharp turns by using this truck. If you buy their products, the Gullwing brand will not disappoint you.

Why Should You Buy Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder Truck?

This solid performer product you should consider buying for many reasons. The truck design is quite stylish. It will look good even in an inverted view. The Sidewinder truck is adjustable using different raising pads and mounting pads. Due to metal construction, it is very durable. The build helps in stabilizing the motion.


With the excellent demonstration, today’s Sector 9 gullwing sidewinder a longboard truck review will be a good source to gain adequate knowledge. When riding, you have the desire to get an outstanding performance. Reliable trucks allow you to make a perfect balance on any sharp turns. Sector 9 truck has a dual kingpin setup. However, most of the longboard trucks have just one pin. With this skateboard, you can do carving and cruising. Last but not least, the product is quite affordable. Happy skating!

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