Compared to other sports, skating is the safest one to participate in. It is also a great physical exercise which will help to relieve mental stress. But, people are concerned about the injuries or accidents. When skating, protective gear should be an absolute priority.

Wearing these gears will reduce most injuries while improving the proper safety. Besides, you can be able to experience the enormous enjoyment of skating. Usually, a complete protective gear set consists of four pieces. They are the helmet, wrist pads, elbow pads and knee pads. We will discuss elaborately about them in today’s post on “skates protective gear”. Let’s start.

Skates Protective Gear

Skating Helmet

skateboard helmet

The first important piece of protective gear is a helmet. Our recommendation is to invest enough in this equipment. Because it will provide great protection if the user falls backward. Although, you may use a bike helmet. But, it is particularly designed for the biker. As a skater, you should purchase a quality skating helmet. For getting long-term benefits and the desired safety, the helmet is the most essential equipment.

When wearing it, the chin strap is positioned securely around the chin. An improper or loose-fitting helmet can slip off at the time of falling. This may result in a severe injury as you will grab the helmet instead of bracing for the fall. Ultimately, the head will be exposed to maximum injury. So, the helmet size should be fitted with your head.

Skating Knee Pads

skateboard knee pads

After the helmet, the next piece of vital gear is the knee pads. You should always wear this protective equipment. They are soft and flexible pads that have a strong shell exterior. It will help you to prevent the knees from scrapping if you fall. As with other pieces of essential equipment in today’s skating industry, skating pads have developed over the times.

While the primary purpose is protecting the knees. But, the materials have been modified to allow the best protection for you without being heavy or bulky. Besides, it won’t get too hot. A perfect knee pad has extra cushioning beneath the plastic shell. Some pads even have a wicking material for keeping the moisture. Indeed, these advanced features increase the comfort of using the equipment around the legs.

Skating Elbow Pads

skateboard elbow pads

In addition to the knee pads, elbow pads are the third piece of protective equipment, you should always consider and wear. They are like the knee pads but have little basic difference. The main exceptions are about the size and the placement of wearing them. Similar to the knee pads, they have evolved gradually in advanced fashion. To reduce sweat, many offer additional cushioning beneath the plastic shell.

Skating Wrist Guard

skateboard wrist guards

Skating wrist guard is the final piece of equipment on our list. A wrist injury is most common among the skaters. You can prevent almost every injury of the upper arm region by wearing wrist guards. They are available in various styles. Some use a firm plastic sheet on the upper and lower side. While some have soft pads inserted with the plastic.

Moreover, you will find some of them which have the wicking material for reducing moisture or sweat. Certainly, wrist pads will increase the safety of skating. Although, you may have a hard time wearing it. So, the thumb hole and the plastic panel needs to be located. Place the thumb in the proper place. Then, secure the gear by pulling it in the correct place. This is the simplest way!

Learn The Skating In Safe Places

As a beginner, you should look for obstacle-free places to learn skating. Empty parking areas, a sidewalk, and tennis courts are ideal for you. Also, we recommend any flat piece of pavement accompanied by grass. Because it will offer a smooth surface to fall at the moment of learning to ride. Besides, you should avoid the well-traveled parks and trails initially. By following these instructions, you can skate safely.

Certainly, this will enhance your skills of maneuvering the skating easily. Once you have learned it, moving on to any new area is possible. Additionally, a local outdoor or indoor skating rink is a safe place. These areas may maintain adequate cleanliness. Although, they may remain busy. With constant practice and patience, hopefully, you will become a master of the intricacies of riding. Therefore, just focus on learning to skate.

Advantages Of Skates Protective Gear

Protecting The Limbs

Purchasing elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads will prevent breaking any vital parts of the body while skating. You can fall frequently when you are a beginner. Even, the chances of falling will never decrease with time. Because it is an unwanted accident. For keeping yourself safe and well protected, always wear protective gear.

Protecting The Brain

When skating, it is vital to use a helmet for protecting the brain and head. The skull injury is very sensitive and requires urgent medical attention. Whereas, a helmet can prevent the maximum physical stress and pressure. In case of an extreme hard fall, you may get a concussion.

Protecting The Mouth

In this point of skates protective gear, we are going to pinpoint another important advantage. For getting ultra protection of the month and tooth, you can use a mouth guard. Our oral cavity has many soft structures. They are very vulnerable as sometimes the ride brings accidents. Like other protective gears, you will get an additional advantage.

Skating Safety Tips

Apart from wearing the protective gear, you should follow some additional things for assuring full safety. We briefly enlisted two of them:

  • Never skate in the dark or at night. An improper lighting will make it extremely hard to see anything. If you want to skate in any dark area or during the evening, always try to be dressed in reflective clothes to make yourself visible to other people.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings. Whenever you skate, you should be conscious of other skaters, vehicles, people or bikers that are in front of you. Select safe locations for skating. Avoid unsafe neighborhoods, debris and uneven surfaces. Also, you can raise your safety level by watching out for cracks or rocks.


For having great fun with safety, we have discussed skates protective gear. I hope you will be able to understand and learn our outlined discussion. Indeed, skating is a wonderful sport with lots of benefits. As far as safety concerns, purchase quality protective gear. If you are just a beginner in the skating field, get proper instruction from any experienced skaters. You have to learn every point of skating. For formal training, you can go to the skating rink to get better lessons. Happy skating!