Scootering which also known as freestyle scootering, scooter riding, or riding means an extreme sport that involves using stunt. Scootering tricks are those basics that one needs to know before starting scooter riding. There are many scootering tricks that can be performed. In this article, I will discuss about some of the best scootering tricks that can enrich your riding skill if you want to learn how to ride on a scooter skillfully.

Bunny Hop – Both Wheels Leave The Ground At The Same Time

The bunny hop is the most important scooter stunt. It is the start of all stunts. Let’s start with how you can make this stunt.

  • Push off with back foot so that you can move the scooter. But the push cannot be too hard or too petit.
  • Bend both knees and push up with both legs which will be like jumping into the air.
  • Pull up the handle bars with arms so that you can lift up the scooter at least one foot from the ground.
  • Get back to the ground after bending knees. But you have to confirm that both wheels hit the ground at the same time and you cannot lose your control over the board. Then continue riding forward.

Fakie – Riding Backward

Sometimes riders need to move backward. Fakie will help them when facing such situations.

  • For practicing the stunt you need to approach a ramp or pipe
  • Roll up towards the quarter pipe
  • Keep your eyes on the front wheel in order to keep balance
  • Slightly turn your front wheel and gently pull the handlebars up so that you can lift the scooter from the ground
  • Push the deck with legs and rotate it by 180 degree
  • Always try to stay in a straight line

Manual – Riding On The Back Wheel With Both Feet On The Deck

Manual is a very basic beginner trick. It is also one of the five most important tricks.

  • Roll your scooter on a flat surface
  • Pull your arms and lift off the front wheel with your arms but it cannot be lifted too high or too low
  • In this process, your both feet will stay on the deck
  • Try to straighten your arms so that you can lock them into position
  • Press your brake sparingly to put the front wheel back
  • Then roll your scooter away

Nose Pivot – Spinning Deck By Using Front Wheel Without Jumping

If you want to be a master rider, nose pivot will be a very useful trick. This stunt is a stylistic stunt. So let’s learn how to do a nose pivot.

  • Place your front foot near the handlebars
  • Shift your weight to the front wheel so that you can lift the back wheel
  • Spin the scooter 180 degree quickly
  • Then smoothly land on the ground

Tailwhip – a good tailwhip depends on three facts. These are bunny hop, arm motion, and foot motion. Before practicing tailwhip tricks on a scooter, you should practice bunny hop until you’re confident enough to do it. Arm motion to move the deck around and foot motion to kick the deck around individually. You should remember that if you stand regular on the scooter, spin the deck clockwise and if you stand goofy, spin the deck counterclockwise.

  • Place your front foot on the front of the deck and the other behind the front foot.
  • With your back foot, push off the scooter and get enough speed
  • Make a jump as high as you can
  • Kick the deck with toe
  • Move the handlebars with your arms in the same direction that the board is moving on
  • Catch the deck with your back foot and return to your original stance
  • Drop back the scooter to the ground

One Hander– Takes One Hand Off The Bars

This trick is needed to be practiced more and more if you want to be a master scooter rider. The quest is to stretch your arm off the scooter as much as you can. The process of doing it is given below.

  • With the back foot, kick the deck and jump as high as you can
  • When you are in the air, take one hand off the grip and stretch it as much as you can
  • Your other hand must hold the grip unwaveringly all the time
  • Before landing, you should grip the handlebar again
  • Then land and smoothly roll away

No Hander – Take Off Both Hands From The Bars

This trick is almost like the one-hander trick mentioned before. So let’s see how to do it.

  • Roll away smoothly and make sure that you have a good control over your scooter
  • Make a bunny hop and try to get as high in the air as possible
  • Clamp your knees around the handlebars
  • Take off your both hands and stretch them as far as possible
  • Hold arms as long as possible
  • Before landing on the ground again, bring back your arms towards your grip and grab the handlebars at the same time
  • Un-clamp your knees from the handlebar and land smoothly on the ground, then roll away

No Footer – Take Off Both Feet From The Scooter Deck

This is a cool trick for beginners. It is a very eye-catching trick but not so hard to do.

  • Before playing this trick you have to take good control over your scooter
  • Jump to get a comfortable height
  • Take off your both feet from the deck at the same time and stretch out as much as possible
  • Bring back your both feet carefully and place them on the deck and make a smooth landing.

Air – This Trick Is Performed In The Midair

  • First, build up your scooter speed. Then jump. The more your speed, the higher you can reach
  • Then denote the place before landing and land in the spotted place smoothly

These tricks are very helpful for beginners as well as master riders. We hope these scootering tricks will be helpful for you.

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