Excessive calories in our bodies can be harmful. It can lead to serious health complications in the long run. Not many people, however, are aware of this fact. It is because of that knowledge gap that I am writing this piece of information. The article shall have a brief introduction and an in-depth look and comparison between various bikes. It shall touch on both stationary and real ones. In the end, there shall be a brief conclusion. It has all you need to know about burning calories. Please read through the article for more information.

What is the source of the calories in the human body?

The main cause of excessive calories in our bodies is overeating. Some of the common foods that can cause such are junk foods. These include foods that have high sugar content, such as soft drinks. Eating too much bread (starchy food) can also bring a lot of calories to our bodies. Another category of food is deep-fried food, such as French fries (chips). In essence, foods that contain a lot of sugar, fats, or starch are the leading cause of calories and being overweight.

Calories burned by bikestationary bike

You can always burn excessive calories by riding a bike. Both stationary and real bikes are excellent for burning calories. However, the intensity might differ between the two. It is, therefore, better to establish the best type of bike for exercise to burn these calories.

Which one between stationary and real bike is more effective?

A comparison between the two will reveal that the real bike is more efficient than a stationary bike. The real bike is more irregular in exercise, and hence leading to more physical activity. On the other hand, a stationary bike is more regular and predictable. It burns calories in a constant trend.

Please note that both bikes are excellent for cutting weight and for burning calories. If your aim, however, is to be fast in bike riding, then you have to forget about the stationary bike and ride the real (exercise) bike.

What amount of calories can you burn if you ride a stationary bike for one hour?

If you keep all the factors constant, you will burn close to 800 calories. However, much depends on the intensity of the training. If you ride continuously, then you will achieve that target, but if you have breaks in between, then it will be hard to hit the target.

What About a Real Bike?road bike

If you circle a real bike, and at a high-speed, you will be able to burn 850 calories in one hour. This amount is much higher than that of a stationary bike because a real bike involves a lot of exercises. It is also more involving physically when you ride a real bike. I would, therefore, recommend this bike to anyone who wishes to shed some weight and energy in their body. It serves the purpose of the expectation of the user.

A real bike is beneficial in several ways. It enables you to cut both on weight and calories, as well as having a fitness training exercise. You also get to change the training environment by moving from one location to another when exercising. That is not a feature with the stationary bike. The environment around it is fixed and conditioned. It is imperative, therefore, that you choose a moving bike over the stationary one.

How much time does one take to burn a high amount of calories?

That also depends on the type of bike that you are riding. If you are on an exercise bike, then you will burn enough calories in the first half an hour of the exercise. On the other hand, if you are on a stationary bike, you will burn between 200 to 300 calories. However, much depends on the weight of the user.

Weight determines the rate at which you will do the exercise. If you cycle with energy and vigor, then you will burn more, and less when you do less cycling. Lightweight persons are likely to achieve this faster than their counterparts.

How long on stationary bikes will you begin to achieve results?

It does not take long before you begin to achieve the intended results. You should be able to achieve the results in the first hour of training. However, this will be on the lower side. You will require more than one hour to do an efficient job. A one hour time is for the complete exercise cycle of increasing and decreasing speed, as well as cooling.

As a reminder, you have to adhere to the rules of the exercise if you are to achieve the target. If you don’t, then you are likely to take longer to realize the objective of burning the calories.

Can biking reduce weight?

Yes. The bike cuts weight a great deal. As the calories burn out, the weight also reduces. Burning of fats and sugar (calories) will cut the weight. These factors form part of the calories in our bodies. Since they are not easily digestible, they increase the weight of a person. When one does an exercise such as biking, these excess calories get burnt and hence effectively reducing the weight.

The intensity of the exercise will always matter when either exercising to reduce weight or to burn calories.

Between walking and cycling, which one if efficient?

Both of them are effective for burning calories. However, the bike, especially the exercise bike, is more efficient because it is more involving. With the bike, you will burn more calories and cut more weight than walking. Cycling will give you results in a short while, unlike when doing the exercises by way of walking.


It brings no doubt that cycling is efficient for cutting weight. However, between the two types of bikes, I would advise you to choose the exercise bike. It will help you to reduce the weight and calories in a short time as compared to a stationary one. A session of one hour is fit for a day. If your instructor has given you an exercise schedule, adhere to it so that you can achieve the best outcome.

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