Longboarding is one of the most popular extreme sports nowadays. It’s similar to skateboarding and takes influence from skating and surfing. A longboard is used for longboarding; the board is longer than the skateboard and has a variety of shapes. You hear about it, but what is longboarding?

When you are looking to go into longboarding, we will discuss everything you need to know about longboarding. Let’s dig deep into all the facts about longboarding, longboarding history, and some names of famous longboarders.

What Is Longboarding?

Longboarding is a sport of riding on the longboard. As the name implies, the longboard is longer than a skateboard. Longboards are used for cruising, carving, downhill, freeride, or freestyle racing. There are different types of longboards and a wide variety of their disciplines.  Longboarding has races downhill where the riders can reach a top speed of 60 mph (97 km/h).  The wider turning ability of longboards makes it more appropriate for cruising on streets than skateboards.

Longboarding History In a Nutshell

The idea of longboarding originated in Hawaiian surfers. They tried to bring surfing boards to the land when sea waves were too small to surf. They made a small version of the surfboard, this new type of board is known as a skateboard. The small group of skaters will communicate with each other and allow the sport to grow further.

Preston Nichols built the first longboard in time 1940-to-50s. Therefore, the new experiment begins.

Longboarding is starting in the early 1950s. However, this sport gets popular when it was profiled in the ”Cult of the Longboard” title in 1978. Longboarding continues its successful journey in the 1990s. Sector 9 started producing and selling the longboard at this time.

This was the story of longboarding sports and where do the culture comes from. So, all riders should thank those successful surfers back in previous days. At present, the internet has allowed this extreme sport to grow further than any other period.

Types of Longboarding

There are different types of longboarding. Below, we will discuss the main type of longboard and how you can use it.

Cruising: Cruising is one of the most common types of longboarding, and everyone can do it. Cruising longboard comes in different shapes and sizes; however, these all are the same thing. Usually, drop through, drop mount, and top mount is used for the cruiser deck. This deck is built with wood and is flexible for riding comfortably.

Downhill: Downhill is all about going fast on downhills with your longboard. The downhill longboard is usually stiff, which is better for stability when going fast. Downhill involves hill high and going down at the fastest speed. So, the rider needs to use protective equipment to ensure safety.

Freeride: Freeride is slightly similar to downhill, but it’s trick-oriented and technical. The concave shape longboard with mid.-stiff is best for freeride. That means you can ride high with speed when sliding.

Freestyle: Freeride and freestyle both are confusing as they have the name of-‘free’. Freestyle is the art of doing almost all tricks with any skill level. This creative style is suitable for beginners as they learn individual tricks. Drop through and drop down are mainly used for freeriding.

Longboard Deck Styles

Longboard deck styles have played a significant role in longboarding. Below, we will discuss different deck styles and which one is for you.

Top-Mount: Top mount is the most traditional deck for longboarding and is less expensive. As the term Top Mount indicates, it’s mounted on the top and has a higher center of gravity than other decks. Top mount deck is versatile and widely used for cruising, carving, downhill and freeride, etc.

Drop Through: The truck is mounted through the deck in a drop-through deck. The deck has better stability and reduces fatigue of the longboard. These are best for downhill, commuting, freeride style.

Drop Deck: Drop deck is strange looking in such a way that feet under the truck. This deck is effective for the lower center of gravity, has stability while pushing. Drop Deck is mainly used on downhill or freeride longboards.

Double Drop: Double drop is a combination of drop through to drops deck, termed “double” drop. Although it’s more stable, the drawback is it’s expensive. Double drop deck is mainly used for downhill longboarding.

Facts About Longboarding

  • A longboard is stable, safe, and comfortable than a skateboard. Although its weight makes it less suitable for doing some tricks, it is smooth for cruising.
  • The actual speed of longboarding will depend on the riding style, ability to pump and push body weight, and how well one can break the longboard.
  • Longboarding has some health benefits, strengthening the muscle, supporting cardio health, stress relief and refreshing the mind, increasing flexibility and sound sleep, etc.
  • Famous longboarder Justin Quintal is considered one of the best longboarders in the world. In the town of surfing style, the Justin Quintal is the best name on a longboard.

Most Asked Questions:

What Is The Purpose of Longboarding?

Longboarding has two purposes: cruising and transportation. Its shape is suitable for street riding; soft wheels and flexible trucks make it easy on even rough surfaces. Also, a longboard is comfortable for commuting like long trips.

Is longboarding good for beginners?

A drop-through longboard is suitable for beginners because they have multiple flex options for individual rider styles. Its bamboo blend with fiberglass construction is highly durable and ensures to keep going!

How is longboarding different from skateboarding?

Longboard wheels are wide and soft for a smooth, fast ride. On the other hand, skateboards have small and hard wheels. When you want to cruise onboard, the softer wheels are suitable for a smooth and coordinated ride.

Final Verdict

Above all, we discuss what is longboarding and everything you need to know about longboarding. All the facts about longboarding, longboarding history, and names of famous longboarders: hopefully, our guide will inform you of everything you need to know.

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