Simply, a board or a deck on which an individual can skate can be defined as a skateboard. For moving or to make a specific movement on any surface, you can use the board. It has different shapes and sizes. Based on this shape, size, several technologies and features, we can be able to categorize the skateboard into different types.

Apart from a recreational sport, skating can be used as personal transport for travelling around anywhere. Moreover, teenagers can go to school using skateboards. This activity is always good for your health. Some users apply this as like any other game to perform various tricks with the boards. Some apply the board as an additional way to go out for buying anything from the grocery shops.

Even, some people go for the morning walk with the skateboards. Whatever your intention behind the skating would be, you should always understand the types of skateboards. For getting the proper idea of using, brief but basic knowledge can be gained if you read the article. And this post might be the perfect to answer all your questions on buying a skateboard.

Different Types Of Skateboard

Skateboards may seem to you all the same but if you dig a depth, it will have different types. They can be categorized

into many types based on the features, shape and size of it. Besides, we can classify them based on the operating methods. Let’s dig deeper into today’s classification of the skateboard.

Skateboard Classification- Based on Operating Methods:

We can divide the skateboards into two types based on the operating mode. One is the electric skateboards and the other one is the non-electric one. If we look at the history of the skateboard, the non-electric one was invented first. Then, the electric skateboards are the updated latest version in this field.

Electric Skateboards

The title of this category is self-explanatory. They operate electrically with an engine or motor attached to the board. The skateboarding future will be the electrical skateboards. Although, hoverboards are getting popular day by day. The main difference between them is mainly about the wheel. Instead of a wheel, the hoverboards have a hover.

Non-Electric Skateboards

They are the traditional ones which are operating without any engine or motor. The deck of a non-electric skateboard moves with the push by the rider. The wheels can rollover the plain terrain smoothly. However, they can be categorized based on the shape and size of the deck.

Skateboard Classification- Based on Size And Shape

The skateboard design has gradually changed over periods,  various phases and eras. There are different types of skateboards available that have wonderful design options to select from. Moreover, this massive collection can widely be categorized based on specifications like wheel size or deck size. Based on size and shape, longboard and shortboard type of skateboards are categorized.

Shortboard Skateboards

Shortboards are popular for their flexibility and agility. Multiple tricks can be performed with this skateboard. The deck is short or small in size. For this, it is named as the shortboards. They can further be classified into mini skateboards, double-kick popsicle skateboards and old school skateboards. We will discuss them later in the post.

  • Mini Skateboards: The mini skateboard can be used by all kinds of skaters. It is an ideal board for kids and beginners. Although, the adults also enjoy the ride. People find it easy to use the mini skateboard because of the size. The small size will help to do different types of tricks. You can perform stunts in the backyard or the park.
  • Old School Skateboards: Old school shortboard skateboards can be identified by notifying at the tail. It has a distinctive tail which is slightly similar to any fishtail. The shape of the deck is designed in a particular way. Therefore, it will look old fashioned but classy. So, we called it the old school skateboard. The total size of the board is bigger than the ordinary ones.
  • Double-Kick Popsicle Skateboards: Another widely and popularly used skateboard is the double kick popsicle skateboard. Like the previous skateboards, this one is perfect for all kinds of riders. The name indicates that it has popsicle features. Plus, it is lightweight. For the smaller size, skaters can do tricks grinding, getting airborne, shred curbs and stunts. Indeed, the double kick popsicle skateboard will be a great companion for skating.


In terms of size, they are longer than the shortboards. Particularly, the deck length is easier to control and balance. Due to reliability, the toddlers can start skating with the longboards. They have smooth wheels which helps in rolling over in the riding streets easily. We can classify the longboards into two types. One is the classic longboard. Another is the downhill longboard.

  • Classic Longboards: The classic longboard skateboards have similarity with the surfboards which were very popular during the time of  1950s to 1960s. Usually, the deck length of a classic longboard is 33 inches or more. Certainly, this length will be a preferable option for beginners to maintain a good balance. For having a boardwalk, laid-back and fun rides, a classic longboard is the best.
  • Downhill longboards: Downhill longboards have a unique design for a certain special purpose. Although, we can see them in many racing events. They provide more speed and better comfortability than the classic longboard. You can easily control them in the downhill. The reason for creating this specific design is providing the cutaway fenders and wide wheelbase to control the riding speed.


Indeed, skateboarding is one of the most famous extreme sports. In this post, we have figured out all possible types of skateboards. They were created by the surfers who needed to thrill. With having a large selection of various shapes, looks and styles to select from, picking up one skateboard may seem easy for you. This buying guide will help all the riders to make the right decision to buy a good skateboard. Therefore, you can perform stunts and tricks with it. Whether you are a beginner or pro user, selection is very essential. Let’s enjoy your skateboarding!

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