As a mountain biker, you must love riding it on your journey. But when you face off-road trails, it will come off as a different experience. And the solution is an all-terrain hero, Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike. It will provide you with the high traction, but with a very comfortable and relaxed ride.

Finding a fat tire bike with a versatile capability and a smooth ride can be a very tricky task. And this bike checks almost all the traits of that list with a few little extras. So stay with us in this Mongoose Dolomite review, and find out if this is the perfect one for you.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Review

The Mongoose Dolomite is the ultimate bike for Men who loves to go off-road with their bikes and loves the rush of mountain biking. The bike effortlessly survives hurdles and obstacles which are very common in the off-road trail.

The bike comes with massive sets of tires that will easily absorb the bumpiness from rock, pebbles. This results in a very comfortable ride with a minimum effort. Although the weight of the bike can be a bit overwhelming, once you get the hang of it, you will not go back to any other bike ever, PERIOD. You can conquer the road full of snow, sand, or mud easily with a Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike.

Without further ado, let’s go through some of the significant and key features of this bike.

Specification Of Mongoose Dolomite Bike:

Brand Mongoose
Frame Size 18 Inch/ Medium
Frame Material Steel fat tire frame
Color Red, Blue, Navy Blue
Gearing 7 speeds with Shimano rear derailleur for all types of riding
Brakes Dual disc brakes provide all-condition braking
Wheels 26″
Rims Alloy 4″ wide rims for lightweight durability
Speed 7 Speed
Price Check Latest Price

Features of the Mongoose Dolomite Review:

Build quality

The build quality of mongoose dolomite fat tire bike is one of the finest available on the market. The bike itself is made with very lightweight material but the build is quite strong and sturdy. Instead of focusing on the aesthetic like other mountain bikes this one actually focuses on the long-lasting build. The bike is built with a steel frame which makes it perfect for surviving heavy impact and influences of off-road trails. The high-quality finish of the welding components will give you a long time partner for your adventures.

7-Speed Shimano GearMongoose Dolomite Gear

Every veteran Mountain biker will know that when you are biking uphill it will be easier for you to paddle using small gears on the front. And you must use big end cogs. This will give you the power you need to overcome the uphill battle or any headwind. On the other hand, if you are going down, it is advised to use the big gears upfront with smaller rear cogs.

And the 7-speed Shimano Gear found on The Mongoose dolomite will give you the versatility. To do all that and more. 7-speed Shimano is one of the best gear shifters used in high-end bikes. This gear will make all your bike riding experience much more efficient. And let you do what this bad is meant to do, which is riding on rough terrains.

A Massive wheel of 26 inchesMongoose Dolomite wheels

The 26-inch wheel will be the first thing that catches your eye when you look at this bike. And not only that but the tire also has a width of 4 inches. This measurement is way larger than the everyday bikes you see on the road. And it also comes with its own advantage.

These massive wheels are really strong and design to withstand all the abuse you may face on the rough tracks. And the thick tires will let you keep balance and plow through all the snow, sand, pebbles, or stones you may face on the road. This wheel will make your ride enjoyable regardless of the road condition.

Dual disc brakemongoose dolomite brake

A very strong and sharp brake is a necessity when it comes to Mountain bikes. While biking, You may face many kinds of obstacles along the way. And the ability to instantly brake will come in handy and save you from accidents.

Safety should always be the number one priority of any mountain bike user. And keeping that in mind, Mongoose Dolomite is designed with dual disc brakes. The dual disc brake provides more than enough tension and power to stop your bike whenever you feel the need to, immediately. So you can go through all your adventures without having to worry about a safe experience.

FrameMongoose Dolomite frame

The main thing that sets any bike apart from another model is its design of the frame. We know that an elegant and aesthetic frame can catch everyone’s attention and makes you look snappy while riding the bike. But it has a bigger objective. The angles and the size that the bike is designed with controls the level of comfort and the aerodynamics of a bike.

The mountain bike does not come with a suspension in it. So a good design of the frame to have a better yield at control and comfort is highly important. The frame of Mongoose Dolomite provides everything mentioned above in a compact cruiser-style frame.

Chain FunctionalityMongoose Dolomite fat bike

All the Mongoose dolomite review from the users all around the world was very positive when it comes to the high functional chain. The chain used on this bike enables a very smooth change of gear. The power delivery from the paddle is also enhanced by the chains, so the process becomes effortless with the right gear.

Also, the placement of the chain restrains it from falling off. The high power delivery and great placement of the chain makes this mountain bike one of a kind.


    • The diversity of gear choice from a 7-speed Shimano gear makes the riding experience much more pleasing.
    • The 4 inches wide aluminum rims let you have better control of the ride.
    • The knobby fat tire allows you to ride through tough obstacles with minimum effort.
    • The steel frame of the bike is lightweight and strong.
    • Dual disc breaks provide increased stopping power to avoid accidents.
    • The assembly of this bike is considerably easy.
    • The mongoose dolomite is one of the least expensive fat-tire bikes available in the market.
    • Comes with three different color variant, so there’s a choice for everyone.
    • Allows you to ride it over all kinds of terrain.
    • The cushioning from the thick tires lets all the users on the heavy side to ride the bike without any complications.


    • The bike was designed to be used by a tall person. So it will be tough to ride the bike if you are low in height.
    • With big tires comes big weight. The increased overall weight of the mountain bike may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
    • The powerful dual-disc brake can make an unpleasant noise.

Final Verdict

The mongoose dolomite fat tire bike is a great choice for anyone with a small budget. It is also one of the most convenient mountain bikes to ride on bumpy and undesirable surfaces. Without losing a fortune, you can get a very strong and sturdy bike that will be your long term partner in your voyage.

For people who look for uniqueness, this will be a great choice. The overall design of the Mongoose Dolomite bike is sure to catch everyone’s attention while you ride it.

Although the weight and the huge size can be a downside for some people, you are sure to enjoy the experience if you can handle the bike properly. With so many functionalities those downsides are insignificant. So without any regret, you can be assured to buy the product.

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